SCV returns fire in flag fight

The Sons of Confederate Veterans don’t appear to be ready to reprise Appamattox in response to the attacks on “The Stars & Bars” by the far left, spineless Republican pols, and mayor governor Pat:scv

Given the present, often ill-tempered, discussion about the display of Confederate symbols in North Carolina, in particular the formally approved Sons of the Confederate Veterans custom license plate, we believe it is important to correct certain misapprehensions and misstatements of fact that have appeared in the news media recently and that have been made by some political leaders.

In recent days our cemeteries have been desecrated (Durham’s Maplewood Cemetery) and our monuments defaced (in Asheville). Calls have been issued by Governor Pat McCrory to in effect punish thousands of Tar Heels who have no connection whatsoever to the dastardly event that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina. Their only “sin” is to have had Southern ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, whom they memorialize with a custom license tag. […] 

The McCrory administration has opened the door to ending distribution of the SCV’s custom license plates.  Reportedly, state House Democrats are crafting a plan to outlaw license plates bearing the image of the Confederate flag.  MORE: 

[…] The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) is like other civic groups that have customized North Carolina plates.  We were founded in 1896 by the sons (and descendants) of those Tar Heel soldiers who left their homes and families to go fight for their states in a long, very brutal and bloody war between the states. We are a civic, not-for-profit, and charitable organization, an organization dedicated to conserving the heritage of our state. We do considerable work in supporting the preservation of North Carolina’s history, including significant support for historic restoration, through participation in the activities of our historic sites, and by our contributions to artifact preservation. We have contributed more than $100,000 for these projects, plus countless man-hours of our time. Paramount for the SCV is our mission to commemorate our ancestor soldiers. We believe that by our civic activities, we honor our ancestors.

Fifteen years ago, after a long court case and after a favorable decision by the Court of Appeals, the SCV legally won the right to have the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles issue custom license plates for our members. The SCV’s specialized license plates bear the exact registered seal of the organization, as is normal for those civic groups that possess the right to custom plates.  Since that time until the past week or two, there has been no controversy about our licenses.tumblr_mkh7fyWKAE1rd3evlo1_1280

The registered emblem of the SCV is the square Battle Flag, with the historic Cross of St. Andrew (the cross of the Scots who settled in the Southern colonies prior to the American Revolution) emblazoned and surrounded by our name. The Battle Flag was carried by soldiers in 1861-65, and historically it was a soldiers’ flag. Of course, regrettably, it has been misused and abused on occasion during the past 150 years by a very few deranged individuals and hate groups. The SCV has repeatedly condemned in the strongest terms this misuse by such groups as the KKK, which we feel dishonors our ancestors and the flag they carried.

But consider: the United States flag has been misused as well, and even more so. For eighty-eight (1788-1866) years the US flag flew over slavery, even worse, over the legal buying, selling, and brutal importation of slaves. Do we ban it because of that history?  The US flag flew over the concentration camps where our government imprisoned the Nisei Japanese civilians during World War II, it flew at the Sand Creek massacre of peaceful Indians in 1864 and at Wounded Knee. Are we ready to say that the US flag represents “hate” and “racism” because it was badly misused on those occasions?

We don’t think so. Rather, we believe that Americans of good will can distinguish between a few misguided and hateful individuals and instances in our past, and the symbols of what is true and good and honorable in our nation. It is just so with the SCV emblem which is as American as the Maryland flag with the historic arms of Lord Baltimore, the California Republic Bear in the California flag, or the Algonquian Native American in the Massachusetts banner.

In North Carolina there are license plates that commemorate the NRA, that honor tobacco, that declare “In God We Trust.” And just like the NRA and other organizations, the fact that we have custom North Carolina DMV tags in no way indicates an endorsement by the state.16778972-standard

These symbols are for some people controversial and perhaps objectionable. Which license plate is next on the chopping block? Is the state of North Carolina going to censor groups that some people may not agree with? Suppose you are a UNC grad and hate North Carolina State: are we going to deny NC State grads a license plate? Just how far into political correctness are we willing to go? Is this truly the American spirit of liberty and mutual respect? Does this bring us together as a nation; or rather only sow increased division? Does dishonoring our ancestors of over a century and a half ago who had absolutely nothing to do with the very sad events in Charleston do anything to prevent in the future a deranged and misguided young man, a loner, truly intent on killing innocent people? Does stigmatizing the ancestors of one, very large group of North Carolinians help heal and resolve the issues affecting all Tar Heels today?

We of the North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, ask our political leaders, including Governor McCrory, and our fellow citizens, not to give in and react unreasonably to the deranged, hateful actions of one crazed gunman by punishing and stigmatizing thousands of law-abiding Tar Heel citizens who only wish to honor the bravery of their ancestors.  The attempts to ban our symbols could well become a slippery slope for an agenda that seems to be developing to ban other symbols and incriminate other portions of our nation’s diverse population, when what is sorely needed today is mutual respect and toleration.

If a rabid fox comes out of the woods and bites someone, the solution is not to burn the woods down, but to stop the rabid fox.



It’s pretty clear that the left sees straight, white, church-going, arms-bearing Southern men as a prime target this election season.  They have nothing positive to run on.  (And, besides, we don’t riot and we won’t vote for THEM. We’re a safe target.)  They HAVE to scare up some bogeymen.  Isolate and ridicule.  Obama and Hillary’s hero, Saul Alinsky, would be sooooo proud. 

43 thoughts on “SCV returns fire in flag fight

  1. Thank God for the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans who refuse to yield to leftwing political correctness while performing great historical service for the state and honoring our ancestors. Sad that our carpetbagging governor just does whatever the liberal RINO Republican Establishment orders him to do. It’s time for all Tarheels to stand up to the nonsense that has pervaded our country these past several weeks. As General Lee said, “God bless those Tarheel boys!”

  2. Lower Confederate Flag to half-staff before removing it!
    Soon after the murder of nine innocent Black parishioners
    at their church and arrest of the young man who killed
    them, the media took the opportunity to once again call for
    the removal of the Confederate battle flag, wherever it was

    Not surprising, there was immediate and uniform agreement
    from politicians, businesses and organizations it was “time”
    for the flag to be removed.

    Although not surprised, I was disappointed not one prominent
    voice rose in defense of the flag and what it represents to millions
    of Southerners who are equally proud of their heritage as any
    “Connecticut Yankee” is of his!

    As the flag quickly disappeared from Amazon website, NASCAR
    events, Walmart shelves and even individual states, before it
    was removed, something else should have been done.

    The Confederate flag should have been lowered to “half-staff”
    for a period of mourning, a fitting recognition that Southern
    pride has also been “removed”!

    No longer will someone knowledgeable in the history of the
    flag be invited to speak, as anything he might say will be tainted
    for honoring a racist symbol.

    The ignorant and hate-filled will call the Confederate flag a
    “racist symbol”, but it was much more to many more, it was a
    symbol of “states’ rights” and political liberty, even if limited!

    For those pleased the Confederate flag will no longer be flown
    take a moment and think of the more than 300,000 who died
    fighting the Union Army. Very few if any even owned slaves or
    benefited from the practice. They had no reason to leave their
    families and give their lives for slave owners. So why did they?

    The reason most Americans today will never understand. Those
    300,000 who gave their lives loved their states first and felt the
    Federal intrusion was no different then the threat of England
    which our Founders fought!!

    This is why they fought against the North. The knew why our
    nation was created, independent governance and individual

    The removal of the Confederate flag is yet another effort to destroy
    any trace of anything of value the intolerant refuse to accept.

    ajbruno14 gmail

    1. In 1929, The Communist Party International put out a fiat that all party members everywhere were to start working on destroying all American Icons, heroes, history and religion. This would leave nothing for us to hold on to and we would become sympathetic to a Communist takeover of our government..
      In recent years our schools have stopped teaching our true history and substituted “political correctness” for it, and true Christian Religion is under relentless attack..
      Now all southern heroes and symbols are being attacked using half-truths and lies, and the US Constitution is under attack by our own President.
      The United States Flag will soon “have to go” then all the “Slave holding” founders of our country will be relegated to the trash heaps of “politically incorrect” history.
      During this time, they will have to take our guns lest we resist.

  3. Very moving comments, Anthony. It is very clear now that Republican politicians are no better than Democrats; in fact, they are worse. They promise to stand and fight for conservative values, but then cave. At least the Democrats are being honest. The Republicans are just out and out liars. We will support them no longer. McCrory is the worst of the worst!

  4. Keep the license tags! Protect monuments! The Confederates deserve to keep their history and this article makes the case.
    Come on gov, support the folks who voted for you!

  5. the SCV is a wonderful organization dedicated to the honor and dignity of the soldiers who fought. The logo has nothing to do with slavery or racism but simply honors the symbols that the soldier fought under for freedom from Federal tyrrany. I encourage our elected leaders not to give into emotional hysteria but do the due diligence of research and listen to the people of NC not the carpetbaggers and race baiters who only seek to divide us for selfish purposes.

  6. It is absurd to connect the CBF to this dastardly act in Charleston, while the SCV has time and again stood against this and all hate related activities. All press releases plainly state our beliefs. Many do not know their history, don’t know the history of our Flag, and certainly do not know the truth about Lincoln. Leave our Flags in the rightful hands (SCV) of those who protect our heritage and history.

  7. The SCV make’s very valid points in their statement and should be commended for standing up against the attack on the Confederate Flag fueled by the Left wing Liberal (ironic moniker) Drive By Media and their power brokers.

    Our Confederate Flag is not a flag of hate but one of Southern Pride and Heritage. National Polls have revealed the majority of Americans see the flag as one of Heritage and an even larger majority want Confederate Monuments and Memorials protected. The public sees the Flag as a source of Southern Pride. NASCAR failed in their attempt to ban the flag at Daytona. Flag rallies are spontaneously popping up all across the South.

    Those on the far left want to label our Confederate Flag as a singular symbol of Hate and label Southerners as racists for flying it. We are not!

    The New York Times said the recent SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage is bringing the South “in-line” on gay marriage. Having the horrific tragedy in Charleston pivot so quickly and decisively away from the victims and murderer to a nationwide assault on the Confederate Flag seems too be a coordinated effort to further bring the South “in-line”.

    To attack our symbol of Southern Pride and regional identity which stands for Independence, 2nd Amendment support, Christian ideals, Family and racial harmony, is an attack on us as a people.

    The Drive by Media couldn’t believe we didn’t have rioting in the streets following recent tragic events as has occured outside the South, so they had to manufacture this. Unfortunately, some of our GOP leaders fell right “in-line”.

    It’s time to stand up and be proud Southerners and live the American Spirit our Founding Fathers gave us and have lived up to here in the South that we’ve always stood for. Our Confederate Flag represents that spirit and that is why the Left has attacked it and us.

    Keep our Flag flying and end this attempt to purge the South of our pride in our Confederate Ancestors and the Independent Spirit that defines us as a people.

    1. If the despicable NC RINOs, McCrory, and the Dems insist on taking down the Confederate flag, then why not also force them to ban the TV series, “Roots”?

      Shouldn’t “Roots” be stripped off the store shelves, too? Also, why don’t we keep the pressure on eBay and Amazon, until they stop selling it? Why not boycott all sponsors of any network that rebroadcasts it?

      Start force-feeding the Left and the RINOs some of the same sh*t sandwich that they’re always trying to cram down our throats.

      Tit-for-Tat works, so Fight Back!

  8. The liberal mindset has invaded the South much like the Yankees did during the war! It’s a disease that is out of control. Thank the Lord the SCV stands up for our proud Confederate heritage.

  9. I opinion in this matter is don’t take this away from our history. My great great grandfather fought in this war. Its want slavery at all. It was about change. The south didn’t want industry in the south and north wanted the souths resources. That’s truly what happened. The north turned it into slavery to add man power and a way to turn the war around. I would encourage people if the try to take it fly it in your back yard. Private property. Show the that we love our family.

  10. The smart politics of this issue are really quite simple based on two polls released last week, after all the media furor over the flag, so all of that negative hype has been factored in and accounted for. Being national polls, they probably also underrepresent the support for the flag in southern states like North Carolina. I mentioned both in a previous post on another thread.

    The smart politics coincides with the conservative position.

    First is the CNN poll which found that 57% of Americans consider the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of southern pride and only 33% considered it a symbol of racism. This was almost unchanged from the numbers on the same question fifteen years ago.

    Second is the USA Today / First Amendment Center poll that fouind that 56% of Americans believe that a state should not be able to refusal an organization that wants to put the Confederate flag on a specialty license plate.

    The 57% / 56% plus the undecided represent almost entirely potential and actual GOP voters. The 33% represents almost entirely hard core Democrat voters who would never vote Republican anyway..

    Voting for the flag is voting with the GOP base. Voting against the flag is voting for the Democrat base and kicking your own base in the ‘nads.

    If Jack Hawke were alive he would have explained the age old political principle to McCrory that you do not piss on your base. Obviously whoever he gets his advise from these days must get it off of a fortune cookie. We can only hope that there is better political savvy in the legislature to avoid a horrible mistake that will have adverse consequences on election day. The key to this whole thing is what the Republicans in the legislature do. Republican voters are sick of weak sister sell outs. We see too much of that from Boehner and McConnell.

    1. Speaking from the perspective of the base being pissed on, I do actually look forward to the day we will turn the electricity to the stream coming from that carpetbagger, phony conservative dog governor we are presently stuck with.

    2. And, the weak sister sell-out whizzes on his base, again! Boehner rushes to block funding to sell the flag on special occasions — yet, he never deprives Obamacare of a nickel.

      (Brain-dead stunts like this is why your Republican brand is wrecked, Mr. Priebus. And, you all wrecked it, long before Donald Trump jumped into the presidential race. Don’t blame the label, sir. Blame the nasty crap inside the can.

      Boehner wants review of Confederate symbols in U.S. Capitol

      “Boehner (R-Ohio) said he would soon create an informal bipartisan group to review all matters related to the display of Confederate memorabilia, likely to include in the U.S. Capitol. . .

      Boehner also sidelined legislation that would provide annual funds for the Interior Department after Southern lawmakers pushed to get a vote that would allow for brief displays and sales of the flag in national cemeteries.

  11. Why dishonor the men the State of North Carolina asked to fight and die for it 150 years ago. I just don’t understand how you can rewrite history and live with youselves. God help you if you dishonor those brave soles and we will remember at the poles.

  12. As a person with common sense,I have to say what a show of ignorance SC govt has made. A flag has no mind, hands or fingers. Thus , I submit, it cannot think nor put into motion any sort of plan, nor physically kill. So, Why, South Carolina, are you stepping on the history and heritage of the voters who trusted you to represent them, not the political agenda of a few. Your ancestors would be ashamed of you, as are all of the voting southerners who put you where you are.
    I am a firm believer in the fact that those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it…

  13. Out nation is enriched by our history and diverse heritages however it appears due to some American’s opinions and the lack of tolerance for others opinions and beliefs, our nation is out to destroy a part of our history as it relates to the South. This madness must stop! A person or if you will A Country without a past has no future.

    If this Political Correctness continues it will destroy our trust in man and country. God help us all.

  14. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is not a racist organization. They are in the cultural and heritage fight to stop cultural cleansing. The Political Correctness of the Liberals has run amok for they cry out tolerance yet it does not apply to Confederate symbols of our heritage. As a Pastor I find the Sodomite flag offensive yet I am told that I have to be tolerant of it. Last time I checked this Politically Correct type of “so-called” tolerance is nothing but a destruction of liberty and freedom. Since I am offended by the Sodomite flag what do I do? I respect the RIGHT of those to fly it and then I TURN MY HEAD and move on. It seems that if you stand for traditional American Values long cherished in this country and especially in the South you are stigmatized by the Left. It is time for the Politicians to stop the knee-jerk reaction to being “tarred-an-feathered” by race-baiters, the Politically-Correct crowd and the misinformed and to Live and Let Live. I am proud of the leadership of the Sons of Confederate Veterans as they are standing in the gap to preserve the truth of American History and the injustice being waged against American Veterans (per public statutes passed by the US Congress in 1958) – I urge those reading this to research and see TRUTH instead of being swept up in a “mindless” flash mob of those who seek to cover up and eradicate our history and heritage as Americans. If it’s good for the goose its good for the gander right? Apparently not in this modern-era of “tolerance” in which we live.

  15. As a descendant of a brave Confederate Soldier and a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I appreciate the insightful and informative information contained in the aforementioned article from Commander Bolick, NCDSCV and I would hope that our elected officials, especially Governor McCrory, would take a moment to consider, not only the ramifications of the proposed decision but also the precedent that they will be setting if the SCV logo is prohibited from being shown on NC license plates. The mere lack of knowledge of true history and reasons for which the confederate flag once flew and flies today has become too much of an accepted norm. If folks in our society would take the time to do their research and make a valiant effort in seeing “the other side” of the story of the War of Northern Aggression and the REAL reasons for it, then the issues about the flag that we face today would be non-issues. They would see that we – proud southerners – have real reason to feel the way we do and have the pride that we share about our history and ancestry. And knowing the truth themselves would probably install that same pride!

  16. It appears the politically correct left has taken control of all decision making in government, now including the House of Representatives. Their attempt to make the SCV look like the enemy of the American public merely shows that voters have to be rallied to remove them from office. We know who they are. Now it’s time for them to find future employment elsewhere. I expect we will have to remove the Washington Monument when they figure out Dear Old George was a slave owner. What will happen when they learn Lincoln did not like blacks? How about the U.S. Grant Family and their slaves, even until 1866? It appears this is another attempt by the left to re-write history to satisfy the liberal media and crooked politicians. God save the Flag; may it fly proudly.

    1. Why isn’t the leftist Big Media campaigning to take Grant, a slave owner after the Emancipation Proclamation, off of the fifty dollar bill.

  17. I and the vast majority of southerners am just plainly sickened by the pure ignorance that’s pervaded our way of life. May the God of Jacob strike any person down harshly that invokes their vile nature upon such a caring hemisphere as the south. Evil triumphs as you do your dirty deeds of oppression. We’ve been warned as to the end of times and I am certain and without a speck of doubt you will be at the very feet of my lord and savior JESUS Christ begging for forgiveness at the time of your disposal.

  18. I am shocked by all these people wanting to erase our history. 20 of my ancestors. Wore grey and gave thier all in defense of thier homes. None owned slaves yet four never made it home dying in battle. Our flags, monuments and our sxv tags are apart of our history and scc members heritage. I am keeping track of the elected officals who want to bury my heritage and my part to have them replaced come November.

    1. I’m a transplant and my ancestors wore blue but I’m a North Carolinian now and I couldn’t agree more about the mendacious Marxists who incontrovertibly infest the media, and the slippery buffoon in the Executive Mansion who disgraces our Party and our State.

      1. Hey. I want to be perfectly clear. All I said about carpetbaggers, dogs, and electricity, wasn’t directed toward you or any other transplant in general. True enough I have lots of Confederate ancestors, but I also have one set of great great grandparents from the North. I honor all my heritage and value all people not hostile to me and my family.

        I agree about “…the mendacious Marxists who…infest the media, and the slippery buffoon [our governor].” I’ve had my fill of those dudes. This ol boys ’bout had enough of being dumped on.

  19. I applaud the efforts of the SCV to set the record straight as well as the media that presents an unbiased record of cause.

    I am a proud lifetime member of the SCV and proud descendant of many Confederate Soldiers. These attacks must end as well as attempts to purge our society of our Confederate History.

    I encourage local, state and federal leaders to show political courage and not bow to winds of political correctness. Your attempt to erase our heritage will only lead to a future of propaganda.

  20. Pat McCrory has a long history of removing Confederate symbols. Being from Ohio, he has no personal concern for Southern history. Fifteen years ago, he had the Battleflag removed from the Confederate section of Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte when he was Mayor. He did it while hiding behind the skirt tail of his Nothern born city manager. He should never have been elected Governor of North Carolina, if he is the best NC has to offer, it’s a sad day.

  21. Why did the Southern States Secede?

    In 1861 Karl Marx, like most European socialists of the time, favored the North, but he published an article saying, “The war between the North and South is a tariff war. The war, is further, not for any principle, does not touch the question of slavery, and in fact turns on the Northern lust for power.”

    At the time, Charles Dickens. who was a strong opponent of slavery, said, “The Northern onslaught upon slavery is no more than a piece of specious humbug disguised to conceal its desire for economic control of the United States.”

    Five years after the end of the war, prominent Northern abolitionist attorney and legal scholar, Lysander Spooner, summed it up this way: “All these cries of having abolished slavery,’ of having ‘saved the country,‘ of having preserved the Union,’ of establishing a government of consent,’ and of ‘maintaining the national honor’ are all gross, shameless, transparent cheats_____so transparent that they ought to deceive no one.”

    How then did the role of slavery become so exaggerated as the cause of the war? In the words of President Woodrow Wilson: “It was necessary to put the South at a moral disadvantage by transforming the contest from a war waged against states fighting for their independence into a war waged
    against States fighting for the maintenance and extension of slavery.”

    Kearney Smith,

  22. It was encouraging to witness these good Christian folks, black and white, coming together in Church after this tragedy in their community. But it was disheartening in the following days to witness the total disrespect by certain groups, media and politicians who used this tragedy as an opportunity to promote their ideological and political motives. As these families were coping with the loss of their loved ones so many could not understand their faith, forgiveness and togetherness after this tragedy. Those using this tragedy as a reason to attack our heritage as well as America are an insult to these families.

    These same people scream tolerance but are the first ones to attack anything they do not agree with or doesn’t fit their ideology. There playbook is not to ever let an opportunity go to waste by using a tragedy to attack guns, our heritage or anything that stands in the way of their goal of transforming America. That is of course only if a tragedy fits their motives because many tragedies all over nation are ignored every day by the media if it doesn’t fit this agenda.

    We hear the word “Diversity” every day but I suppose that only means if it is not Christian or especially if it is not Confederate. We are told that we must not judge the Muslim faith just because of radical groups using the religion to do evil things. Yet the battle flag of our ancestors is attacked because of an evil person despite it has no more to do with his actions than the Gold’s Gym shirt he was wearing.

    The battle flag is also an “object” of hate for many who do not know what it truly represents. It is accepted as a “symbol” of hate because of the history of being used by racists. The proud descendants of Confederate Veterans do not condone racism and we detest the battle flag being hijacked by these groups which is disrespectful to our ancestors. It is ironic that these groups also use the United States and Christian flags but only the battle flag of our ancestors is the object of their attacks for something it does not represent.

    It was very troubling to see the reactions of many businesses, people and politicians going along with this political correctness ignoring first amendment rights, discriminating against pride in Southern heritage and the erasing of history.

    This is the result of a version of history being taught over the past 150 years about the reasons of the war with the facts intentionally ignored because it contradicts the myths. How else would any American not take a stand against this madness of erasing history including symbols, changing the names of buildings and streets and now discussion of actually removing memorials and monuments? This cultural cleansing is no different than the actions of ISIS destroying ancient symbols because they do not represent their beliefs.

    The attacks are not only against anything Confederate either with the growing assault on Christianity and our rights established by the founding fathers. All Americans should be concerned but many may not awaken until the attacks turn to something they value. “Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history or denies them their symbols, has sown the seeds of their own destruction.” – Sir William Wallace, 1281.

    Businesses and politicians have lost the support of many hard working Americans in the past week because of their actions. Many have realized they mis-calculated support against this insanity. Sorry I can’t resist, but the new definition of NASCAR should be changed to Not A Single Confederate At Race! But seriously there is encouragement by the support shown by those who do not have Southern heritage but respect American principles and values. Also despite enduring more attacks than ever in history, we are excited by those taking a stand that had not thought much about their heritage in the past.

  23. If the United States Congress can rule that every man woman or child who fought in the War Between the States is to be considered an American veteran, why aren’t our flags likewise admitted to human society?

  24. These liberals have (1) one last symbol that is still irritating them and its the Confederate Flag. They think that them taking them down here & there and banning them to be sold here and there is going to make everything OK. Well We southerners, whose ancestors fought & died under that flag ( 300,000 ) are not going to let it go. After this FLAP about the FLAG there will be more & more Confederate Flags, & more businesses producing them.
    Like the Charlotte NC Activist, who climed up the Flag pole in SC the other weekend., TWC interviewed her & she said as long as the flag comes down in SC, there will be no more racism, kind of nieve, wouldn’t you say. God Save the south from the idiots that are attacking our symbols.

    1. “These liberals have (1) one last symbol that is still irritating them and its the Confederate Flag.”

      The Leftists (they’re Leftists, not “liberals”) will always find something else to make war on. It isn’t just about a flag, or a cake, or a license.

      It’s always about control and forcing everyone to not just tolerate, but actively take part in their putrid lifestyles and despotic government.

      They live to mangle and destroy, force and bully, create chaos and fear, spew their fact-free propaganda, and try to make us feel defeated and powerless, so we’ll give up and let them turn America into another third-world socialist sewer and dictate to us how we’ll live, think, eat, speak, worship, and raise our children.

      And, each time we let the Leftists win, they ram another piece of their bullsh*t socialist agenda down our throats, thanks to the spineless, Vichy-Republicans in Congress–yes, those same lying vipers who always promise to fight for conservative issues, while they’re groveling for our votes. Those same smarmy sell-outs who never meet an aisle they can’t and won’t “work across.”

      Purge the RINOs at every opportunity!

      Patriots, we can’t afford to wait for 2016, and just hope we can elect a conservative president. Start fighting back, right now. Repeal the Left’s oppressive legislation. Can’t repeal it? Then do what Obama and the Left do with laws they don’t like: ignore them. (Remember, the Sedition Act of 1918, the Jim Crow Laws, and Prohibition were all bad laws of the land, too, until they were sufficiently ignored and repealed.)

      Start defunding/dismantling Fedzilla’s cancerous regulatory agencies, and refuse to pay all those shiftless, incompetent, unelected “czars.”

      Order your congress critters to stop passing more laws, until they clean out and clean up the abominable, incoherent messes, already on the books.

      Read your Constitution, because it clearly states that we don’t just have a right, but a DUTY, to take down any tyrannical government that no longer rules by consent of the people.

      What are you going to do? Get rolling, or lie down like a bunch of whipped dogs, and take it?

      It’s your call.

      If you decide to fight, then don’t ever back down or give up. A good place to begin resisting is by reading, “Rules for Radical Conservatives” by David Kahane. Then, get out there, and start demolishing every oppressive Leftist operation you can get your freedom-loving hands on.

  25. It’s great to see a someone provide the SCV response. The mainstream media is to busy fanning the flames and providing coverage of activists and politicians rants to cover any rational responses to the unwarranted attacks on Southern Heritage and Confederate symbols. Those that would use the lives of innocent victims to further their personal and political agendas are no better than the perpetrator of the crime.

  26. Our country is soon to be lost unless all men of good will put an end to the progressive (Marxist) agenda. Today it is the Battle Flag but tomorrow it will be Washington, Jefferson, et. al. They smell blood and will not stop until their mission is complete. Who will stand up?

  27. Agree with all supporters of the Confederate Flag. Two family members died and fought in the Civil War. Confederate Soldiers fought for Liberty and freedom to prevent homes and property destroyed. We did not have slaves we were Commercial Fishermen and Captains that operated ship Vessels along the coast and to England for trade and others were Commercial Fishermen. Captain Mason fought on ship along southern coast and died in Gettisburg Battle, Fulcher died at Fort Macon in battle. As the North came to kill, destroy, burn, rape women, and killed slaves that did not want to follow the North. Then ther Carpetbaggers came to steal businesses. Governor is very wrong to go along with Media Freze. Flags can not kill people Killers kill people. Stop following the Liberal media, they do not support Conservatives and Republicans. I will not vote again for this Governor that does this to the people that voted for him the first time. Continue to follow the Liberal Media Governor or you will be as unpopular as President Obama that goes to creating crises constantly, but does not follow the Constitution of the US.

  28. Southern heritage voters need to form a political action committee (PAC) to coordinate efforts against politicians who attack our heritage and raise money to defeat them at the polls. We need to get organized and then kick some liberal butt. Heritage voters have punished anti-heritage politicians in South Carolina before, and it now is certain there needs to be a repeat in 2016. The SC legislature is filled with too many establishment types anyway, so there are lots of other reasons they need to be replaced as well. Lets pick some targets and show them what happens when they attack our heritage. Even though I live in North Carolina, I would be glad to send a contribution to punish the anti-heritage politicians in SC. We do not need to lay down for the thugs of the PC thought police.

    Hopefully, saner leaders like Phil Berger will prevent the same sort of nonsense in North Carolina.

  29. I AM YOU – an African-American who has been the brunt of racists in my own life. Violence, hatred and discrimination against my family causes pain too much down through the years.

    Removal of Confederate reminders such as their flags and monuments
    will not remove the pain caused by racists. It will not end violence, hatred and discrimination. It will not save black lives.

    It will widen division and create new divisions among Americans.

    The original Confederate Veterans and their sons treated my southern black family with dignity after the war when we were freed and left to fend for ourselves. The federal agents of the time treated us like dirt. I’d feel safer today walking among members of the Sons of Confederates than walking near the police.

    Police in uniform are more dangerous to blacks than Confederate dressed men with muskets who wave their flags.

    Leave the Confederate Sons, their flags and monuments alone and focus on real threats to the safety of black lives.

    If we do that we will free ourselves from fear mongers.

  30. Leave the Confederate Battle Flag alone. It’s about the honor and memory of our dead ancestors. I challenge the media to show that killer’s photo burning the US Flag every time they show him with the Confederate Battle Flag.

  31. It is obvious that our yankee, carpetbagger governor is on a vicious and vindictive crusade to destroy the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans. He is acting like a deranged caged animal. Hopefully, the legislature will keep McCrory’s cage door locked! The voters can lock him up permanently in 2016. In the meantime, all of us must resist McCrory’s madness with all the strength we can muster.

  32. Which candidates will stand up for our Southern Heritage and which ones will cower from liberal attacks?

    We already know where the carpetbaggers stand….or hide.

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