Saul Alinsky comes to Sanford.

The nationwide trend of trolling Republicans’ Facebook pages, twisting something there to appear racist, and then beating them over the head until they APOLOGIZE is making its way down to the local level. (Radical leftists scoop this stuff up and then hand it off to their lazy useful idiot accomplices in the driveby media.)

The latest “victim” is a conservative Republican county commissioner in Lee County: 

Lee County District 3 Commissioner Andre’ Knecht is facing criticism after sharing what many felt was a racist meme on Facebook.

“Many,” huh?  Let’s read on to see just how MANY ol’ DeJuan from ABC 11 could find:

The text of the meme reads: “This is a Muslim. They don’t use toilet paper, they use their hands. This is Starbucks. They vow to hire 10,000 Muslims. Enjoy your coffee.” The meme also depicts a man of Middle Eastern descent sitting on a toilet adjacent to the Starbucks Coffee logo.

Many have found Knecht’s posting to be controversial. Knecht’s social media pages have since been made private.

Click here to see the meme Knecht posted.

“I don’t agree with [the meme] a bit,” said Lee County resident Kincaid Stone. “You should have a professional look if you’re in a seat like that.”

Stone spoke to ABC11 News as he was leaving Starbucks early Wednesday afternoon.

“Politics-wise,” Stone said, “that shouldn’t be going on. You should be professional and equal across the board.”

Okay, that’s ONE.  (And he didn’t use the term ‘racist.’ )  While we’re focused on Mr. Kincaid Stone being the arbiter of what IS and IS NOT racist or appropriate, let’s check out a few REAL posts on his personal Facebook page:

For the record, Mr. Stone appears to be WHITE.  (I don’t believe he gets an exemption – a pass – on the notorious n-word.)   Here’s another:

Wow.  One for the ladies.  (And they say chivalry is dead.)

*Kudos to ABC11 and ol’ Dejuan for picking quite the spokesman for manners and civility and all that.*  

Still waiting on examples of those “many” who found what Mr. Knecht shared to be “racist.”

[…] Several Starbucks patrons leaving the store declined to comment on camera. However, most said off camera that they found the meme distasteful. Several had no opinion whatsoever.

Okay.  Note to ABC11 and reporter DeJuan:  “distasteful” and “racist” are NOT the same thing.    MORE: 

Jane Apparis, also of Lee County, said she feels public officials should be held to a higher standard.

“A public official probably shouldn’t post something like that,” Apparis said. “If someone personal wants to do it, that’s their opinion. But a public person, I don’t feel they should do anything like that.”

Okay, so we STILL do not have anyone going on record describing Mr. Knecht or his post as “racist.”  So, DeJuan’s thesis on this story is starting to look a lot like FAKE NEWS.

Knecht’s post comes on the heels of a #BoycottStarbucks movement, started by conservatives, after Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz vowed to hire 10,000 refugees at the ubiquitous coffee chain in 75 countries during the next 5 years. Schultz made the move after President Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban to the United States against seven predominately Muslim countries.


In a message to employees, Schultz says “we are living in an unprecedented time … where the promise of the American Dream is being called into question.”

“[Knecht’s] got an obligation as a public official to represent his public persona in a certain way and it shouldn’t be offensive to anybody,” Apparis said.

Don’t offend ANYBODY?  In this climate? ( *Good luck with that.*)

Attempts to reach Knecht at his business, Knecht Chiropractic, were unsuccessful. An employee told ABC11 that cameras were not allowed inside the building because of HIPAA restrictions.

ABC11 also reached out to Starbucks Corporate for a response. They declined to comment.


The man was trying to see patients.  Why on Earth would you need to barge inside his office to ask him about his Facebook page? Second of all  — why in the hell would you expect Starbucks corporate to comment on the Facebook postings of a Lee County commissioner?

The Islamic Association of Raleigh released a statement to ABC11, saying:

“The Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR) is aware of the increase in “fake news”, derogatory memes and inaccurate content circulating on social media and “so-called” news sites. We have always held that it is our compassion that unites us as Americans and that our strength as a nation lies in our diversity. We are committed to continuing to be a beacon of light for our community and the Triangle area at large.

“We encourage anyone who has questions or would like to learn more about Islam to call, email or visit us. Our doors are always open and we look forward to constructive and engaging dialogue with our community.”

Oh, good.  I am sure they’ll tell us all about how Muslim women can be beaten within an inch of their lives if they leave the house unaccompanied or without a head-scarf.  Or how about all the preaching about beheading infidels?  Or about how the whole so-called religion is still operating like it’s the ninth century?

Knecht’s term expires in 2018.

So, DeJuan wants you to remember that so Mr. Knecht can be voted out for being mean on Facebook. 

I STILL want to know when the shaming of WRAL’s Laura Leslie will begin.  I mean, she posted all over Facebook about how  Christians were responsible for the mass murder at that gay night club in Orlando.   (Never mind the shooter was a dude named Omar who loved ISIS and whose dad was a big Hillary fan.)   She disrespected the dominant faith in this country, suffered no repercussions at work, and still is loved and adored by her colleagues in the press corps.   Never mind that most Christians would — in a New York minute — rush to help her in a time of crisis, while a typical Muslim would contemplate either (a) stoning her to death for her lesbianism, or (b) leaving her to suffer where she is. 

I won’t hold my breath.

One thing I’m glad I didn’t see here?  An Apology.  Mr. Knecht did not cower and apologize.  He is likely taking my advice.  Don’t apologize until WRAL and Laura Leslie apologize.   (They’ll never do it. So, you’ll be off the hook.)