Rubbing those sanctimonious driveby media faces in their putrid piles of lies. (I love it.)

Most of what you get from the driveby FAKE media is either (a) cobbled together in a haphazard, half-assed manner with little to no real effort, or (b) completely fabricated.

We do our part to call out and shame these slimy snake-oil salesmen. (And it appears to have an effect on some of them.)  But for so long, so many conservatives and Republicans in Raleigh and Washington have allowed them to get away with it.

It looks like that stops in the new Trump administration.  I’ll have to admit I was not pleased with the announcement of Sean Spicer as White House press secretary.  His background is one of an RNC toadie.  But he came out swinging today in his first official press briefing to the White House press corps.

Spicer hit the assembled drivebys on a number of their shameful acts:

  • Falsely reporting that Trump tossed the MLK bust out of the Oval Office as soon as he got sworn in;
  • Crowd sizes: Spicer hit a number of outlets for altering their camera shots to make things look smaller, and for reporting false numbers.  The National Park Service, he said, had not done a count.  So, anything reported would have been a really rough estimate or an outright lie.

Spicer made it clear that this White House will be there every day to call them out on their lies and poor performance.  The driveby FAKE media talk about holding the president accountable.  This administration will also be holding the press accountable.  Hallelujah.