Robin Hayes: INDICTED !!!


It appears there WAS more to the resignation story than falling down and going BOOM or “complications from hip surgery.”

Here’s the latest from MISTER Ochsner:


A federal grand jury has indicted multiple people in connection with an ongoing investigation involving donations made to the North Carolina Republican Party.


NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes, who spent a decade in Congress representing a district that stretched from the Charlotte area to Fayetteville, surrendered himself to authorities and made a first appearance at the US Courthouse in Charlotte on Tuesday.[…]


How did they expect to hide this?  Put out  a letter one day saying you’re quitting due to “complications from hip surgery” and then  making your first court appearance the very next day?  Personally, I think it’s going to be tough to keep a federally-indicted state party chairman onboard EVEN ONE MORE DAY.  


The vice-chairman slot is already vacant. (I believe, if Hayes leaves, the state party’s mathematically-challenged treasurer Jason Lemons is next in the line of succession.  Hoo-boy.)



[…] The charges center around a wealthy Durham businessman named Greg Lindberg, who has been under the microscope of federal investigators for white collar crimes related to his business empire and, later, for contributions he made to politicians in North Carolina.


Hayes and Lindberg were both indicted Tuesday on charges related to honest services wire fraud for attempting to bribe NC Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey. Causey is not being charged.


There have to be some pretty tight-puckered sphincters walking around Raleigh right now.  Media reports have confirmed that Lindberg gave money to the state Republican Party, the state Democrat Party, a PAC tied to Lt. Gov Dan Forest, and NC Democrat Party chairman Wayne Goodwin.  Will even more big political names comes to the surface? 





[…] Lindberg was also indicted and made a first appearance in court. Two other people who worked for Lindberg, John Gray and John Palermo, also appeared in court in connection two the indictments.[…]


Palermo is the former chairman of the Chatham County Republican Party, which got also got a sizable contribution from Lindberg during Palermo’s reign. 





Lindberg made sizeable contributions to both political parties, campaign finance records show, including a six-figure contribution to the North Carolina Democratic Party and nearly $2 million to the North Carolina Republican Party. […] 


A portion of Lindberg’s contribution to the NCGOP—$240,000 –was then forwarded to North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, who is also a Republican.


In October, NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse confirmed to WBTV that the party sent Causey the money but said it was legal because, he said, the party steered the money to Causey after Lindberg made the contribution.


In March, WBTV reported that Causey made a secret recording of a meeting between Lindberg, an associate, Causey and Hayes.


During the meeting, multiple sources familiar with the recording told WBTV, Lindberg and Hayes reached an agreement for the NCGOP to pass $240,000 of Lindberg’s contribution to Causey’s campaign. […] 


In addition to making political contributions, Lindberg also had a business relationship with former senior officials at the North Carolina Department of Insurance, including former Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, who lost to Causey in the 2016 election and who is now the Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party.


WBTV first reported in October that Goodwin worked for Lindberg, along with two other former NCDOI employees.

12 thoughts on “Robin Hayes: INDICTED !!!

    1. Hayes was always the figurehead, and Woodhouse the real head of the party operation, so I do not see how they would miss Woodhouse.

  1. Good riddance. Hayes and Co. have always thrive on power and absolute control. Hayes-skeptics and Womack supporters were dismissed as the remnants of Harnett supporters. The prior arguments over Harnett are void with this display of leadership. Perhaps this is what they meant when they wanted a good fundraiser?

    Hayes has always been a friend of the big money and the power players over the concerns of the grassroots. I’m glad to see another crony caught red-handed, but I am sure there are many other bigwigs in Raleigh that are caught up in similar schemes and agreements. It’s interesting how easily they cling to Trump’s message of draining the swamp while they actively make the waters murkier.

    It looks like the end of the road for the Hayes and Woodhouse party. These past few months have been horrible for North Carolina Republicans. Power corrupts and I’m sure the party grassroots will bare the consequences — somehow.

  2. This *should* be an embarrassment for NCGOP.

    There are those who had nothing to do with anything resembling this sort of behavior – they have nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Then there are those who aided and abetted such behavior – they aren’t likely to be embarrassed by anything.

  3. Meel-yuns will need to be returned…Dan Forest’s committees will be dinged big-time…they will not want that taint. Hope they did not stumble with any “promises” made.

  4. Hayes did say in his withdrawal he had “mobility issues”. I guess if you are in the clink, then you do lose your mobility.

    Hayes needs to resign, but then technically, the State Executive Committee should elect a successor. I am not sure there is a line of succession beyond the vice chairman, and that office is vacant.

    Woodhouse also needs to resign. He is part and parcel of the Hayes regime, and actually the one who pulls the strings. We need a full house cleaning. The General Counsel for this operation is certainly not a fitting successor. He was at the very least asleep at the switch.

  5. Is this the same Robin Hayes who lied about not voting for CAFTA? And then cast the deciding vote.
    I truly believe that Robin is a pawn to take the heat from one of the strongest and well funded lobby
    groups in Raleigh. Thanks to Mike Causey for standing up to these strong arm tactics. Character matters.
    Right Robin? Right Mike?

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