Rob Christensen: NAILED !!!!

Since the popular Fox series ’24’ was canceled, Agent Pierce has needed something to keep him busy.  The swashbuckling Secret Service agent has taken up residence inside the head of The N&O’s chief resident leftist bootlicker Rob Christensen.

The establishment has anointed Rob as the go-to-guy on state politics.  Never mind that Rob followed John-Boy Edwards around for months on his presidential campaign and NEVER noticed THAT blonde with the video camera and the baby bump.   Never mind that ol’ Rob missed Lame Duck Bev’s “suspend the election” nonsense, as well as the current mess at state Democrat HQ.

When I was part of the drive-by media, I occasionally bumped into Christensen at news events.  He regularly ignored / missed developments that would have embarrassed Democrat politicians — such as the time then- Lt. Governor Dennis Wicker had a Domino’s Pizza  delivered to a Democrat Party dinner  in Lumberton, and tried to stiff the delivery guy.

Is Rob slipping, or is he merely showing his true colors as a hypocritical bootlicker for the left –ready to pounce on Republicans but giving a wink-and-nod to Democrat misfortunes?   I tend to concur with Agent Pierce that the latter is the most plausible:

  GangMcClatchy’s primo political hit man – Rob “Reille Who” Christensen – swung his little shillelagh at the eeeeevil telecommunications industry this week.  Robbie has his tidy whitties in a twist because broadband providers TWC and CenturyLink contributed $$$ to eeeeevil Republican legislators who opposed municipalities controlling broadband in their cities.  But Robbie neglected to reveal that…..

Robbie’s wife was a long-time senior staffer at the NC League of Municipalities, recently retired after 20+ years.   Ooops, forgot about THAT did you Robbie.   McClatchy’s version of journalistic integrity descends further into the crapper along with their revenue streams.  How low can you go McClatchy?  NOTE:  GangMcClatchy publishes The N&O and Charlotte Observer.

Rob wears many many hats at McClatchy’s N&O office.  He is a reporter AND a columnist ergo he can mingle facts with his own opinion whenever it suits his and his employer’s agenda.  And he does so with regularity.

Q: Why do we call him RobReilleWho? 

A: Because Rob, while imbedded in the John Edwards Presidential campaign, was the only reporter to NOT see/report what was going on twixt Johhny Reid and his videographer – Reille.  As Edwards’ hometown print media, the N&O was two weeks behind the world media in reporting the John&Reille Scandal; doing so then only when their “ostrich journalism” became too much of a joke to ignore.  “Reille Who”?

The NCLofMuns, aka Margo Christensen dear friends, is the lobbying cooperative for NC cities.  The League wants its member municipalities to be able to control broadband within its borders.  There are umpteen reasons that citizens of North Carolina should not want their local officials in the broadband business.   Reason #1 is that local municipalities know zilch about this high-tech business.   Reason #2 – do you want your local crooked city councilman having his finger on the on/off switch of your Internet?

Wilson and Salisbury are two NC cities that enacted this “law” WITHOUT A PUBLIC REFERENDUM and immediately increased their soaring red ink flow.

Using the Obama Rule of Thumb:

“when you are digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole, get a bigger shovel.”

AgentPierce kudos to the eeeeevil Republican legislators who put the quietus on this latest stoopid plot for government control of media.

Another raspberry to RobReilleWho.  RRW recently celebrated his 1,000 column for GangMcClatchy by announcing “My Repub friends (??) think I am pro-Democ and my Democ friends accuse me of being pro-Repub….”.   Don’t put me in either camp Robbie.  I just think you are a tired “punch line” for media hypocrite.

UPDATE: As this report was being posted, and after a related on-line comment by yours truly AgentPierce  – The N&O REMOVED ROB’S STORY from their Home Page, burying it in their archives. !