RINOs showing their hind parts

RINO123Remember how, in –oh — 2008 and 2012, the Republicans nominated guys for president that were not all that exciting to conservatives? GOPe types lectured us repeatedly about the importance of sucking it up and standing with the party.  Never mind that McCain spent most of 2008 sneering at us and our platform.  ObamaCare was a huge issue to beat Obama over the head with in 2012.  What did the GOP do? They force-fed us the guy who inspired ObamaCare. 

I, for one, did my duty and voted for each of those GOP nominees.  I wasn’t excited to do it. But I was sure — hoping — that they might be better than Obama.

Now, in 2016, the GOP has a nominee that makes the GOPe uncomfortable.  Are they practicing what they preached in 2008 and 2012.  (Oh, HELL NO. )

We’ve got the drivebys touting a list of Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton like it’s a winning Lotto ticket. (Funny.  Most all of those names would draw puzzled, blank stares from anyone less of a political animal than I am or some of you are.) CartmanButt

Meg Whitman was the Republican nominee for governor of California the last time around.  The GOP rallied around her.  Of course, she got clobbered in leftist hellhole California. (AND it didn’t help that she didn’t do a lot to differentiate herself from Jerry Brown.)  

This year, she’s endorsing AND aiding Hillary Clinton in her bid for the presidency.

Susan Collins is arguably the most liberal Republican in the US Senate.  The GOP has regularly aided her at election time — with votes AND money.  This year?  She’s announced she’s voting for Hillary Clinton.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of these people were as aggressive and cut-throat against Democrats as they are against members of their own party? 

Stuff like this screams for a conservative alternative to the GOP.  Despite the electoral successes of good conservatives like Jesse Helms and Ronald Reagan, the GOPe is feverishly scrubbing every la160720232714-01-donald-trump-with-mike-pence-rnc-convention-july-20-2016-large-169st vestige of that winning conservative formula from the party.

Everything Hillary Clinton has gotten has been as a result of being the wife of (1) the attorney general of Arkansas, (2) the governor of Arkansas, (3) the president of the United States, and (4) the former president of the United States.  From Whitewater, to the Tyson cattle futures scandal, to the sordid details surrounding the Clinton Foundation, and the private email server scandal, it’s clear that she and her husband have spent a lifetime trading the influence from their public positions for a whole lot of cash in their pockets.  For God’s sake, they ripped off a bunch of sick and injured Haitian children!

With her email server,  Madame Clinton put our national security at risk and arguably endangered lives.  As secretary of state, she pushed policies in The Middle East — at the behest of her crony Sidney Blumenthal — that led to even more terrorism and turmoil and the rise of ISIS.

This woman is a walking disaster.  And she and her followers have the gall to describe a man who built a multi-billion dollar real estate Hillary-Clinton-hereicomeempire, created thousands upon thousands of jobs and all kinds of economic growth UNQUALIFIED.

The Establishment — leftist zombies + GOPe types scared of losing their influence in DC to the new Trump crew — is acting out of fear.  Bill and Hillary Clinton attended Donald Trump’s wedding.  Now, they paint him as a white supremacist.  All of these driveby media and Hollywood types who used to fall all over themselves to cozy up to Trump are now ripping him and his family new ones.

Despite the low-life professional politicos infesting both parties, this country is STILL worth saving.  Standing with Trump & Pence, and slamming the door once and for all on the Clinton criminal conspiracy is a great way to move forward on that worthy objective.  Forget the R.

 It’s all about the A.  



7 thoughts on “RINOs showing their hind parts

  1. Those ” low-life professional politicos” are deserving of having their spouses legs grow together. Thank God for humor and the ability to participate.

    Browny Douglas

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying the DEATH of the “establishment” GOPe!

    Next will be the diminishment of the US Chamber Of Commerce and their President Tom Donahue!
    It is actually the NWO Chamber of Commerce!

  3. The Chamber of Commerce was once a bastion of free enterprise and supported conservative candidates. Now they support crony capitalism and big government. Tom Donohue is a statist of the worst order.

    Conservatives who run a business should bail out of the Chamber of Commerce, especially if they can take local chamber as a unit with them. If they cannot take the whole local Chamber, then set up a rival, perhaps affiliating with someone like the National Federation of Independent Business. The Chamber of Commerce has before a very evil organization that needs to be destroyed.

  4. Our local Chamber of Commerce has little or nothing to do with commerce. Just another civic club promoting the expansion of government. Where is John Galt when we need him?

  5. It’s rather hard for me to read this when there’s a great deal of hypocrycy at the very beginning. I see this trend all over the place and it is all built around the assumption that Trump is a conservative simply because the establishment is quasi afraid of him. There are so many problems with this Theory. The establishment WED Donald Trump at the convention. Anyone who missed that should go back and take another look. The fact that there are few flaky Republicans out there who are supporting Hillary does not qualify Donald Trump as a conservative. The establishment was more fearful of Ted Cruz than Donald Trump because they know they can work with Donald Trump. This type of thinking where you can point one facet improve clean the rest of the gem Superior is mind-boggling to me. When trumpers actively joined in with the establishment and shooting down the grass roots that should be a signal. When Donald Trump supportes anti tea party packs that should be a signal. That people can rationalize Donald Trump as our nominee because a few left leading Republicans have given flight is an exercise in delusion. To assert that the establishment is afraid of Donald Trump breaking up the Good Ol Boy network is absolute lunacy . When the prince of graft wants to sit in the seat of power and we posit him breaking up the system…. somebody’s been smoking something funny .
    Forgive me if I misconstrued anything I was reading this on my phone while under a truck. As this essay seem to follow the same theorems that many people whom I thought were strong conservatives are now caring trumps water , positing I’ve considered it to be in the same vein.

  6. The reality is this: Either Trump or Clinton will be president. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell of a third party being elected so get over it. Secondly every former government flunky and former flunky including the National Security types jumping on the Never Trump band wagon are the very morons who got us in the quagmire we’re in globally so all of them lack credibility and just need to sit down and shut up. Lastly, the Clinton legacy of constantly being on the periphery of scandal after scandal means that she is dirty (or crooked) and anyone refusing to accept that is either an empty headed moron or a dupe and anyone willing to vote for her because they “don’t like” Trump is an idiot. You don’t vote for a Marxist power hungry tyrant who hates this nation regardless of how bombastic or annoying the other candidate is. Anyone with such purist attitudes to continue a futile effort for a third party needs to grow up and get real. Trump at least understands the consequences of a deal gone bad. Hillary on the other hand is a dangerous megalomaniac. It’s about electing either Hillary or Trump – all other bets are off and the consequences of electing Hillary are severe and KNOWN.

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