GOP women’s group blasts Berger & co.’s meddling in SD-25 primary

One of the largest Republican Women’s groups in the state, Moore Republican Women, is speaking out via president Pauline Bruno about the activities of the affiliated committee controlled by Senate president Phil Berger:

Moore Republican Women is very unhappy with the intrusion

of the North Carolina Senatorial Committee in our redistricted

North Carolina 25 election.

We have two members (Tom McInnis and Michelle Lexo)

running against each other. The use of the frank (reduced

cost mailing) of the North Carolina Senatorial Committee is a

de facto endorsement of one candidate over another.

We, as a unified club, resent this meddling into our decision

making. It is an infringement on our rights as “of the people,

by the people, and for the people.”

By use of the frank, an unfair financial and psychological

advantage is given to one candidate.

The statement appeared in the May edition of the group’s newsletter.  The newsletter also featured THIS piece of unsigned “poetry”:

‘Twas the month fore election,

when all thro’ Moore County,

a trio were working,

toward a Senate seat bounty.

Mailboxes were jammed,

voters blinded by glossies,

touting talents of all,

“some” paid by GOP bossies.

When what to our wondering eyes should appear,

but nifty campaign signs on roads far and near.

AND THEN THEY WERE least Michelle Lexos’s

signs were removed; the rest intact.

No rhyme or reason, just plain dirty politics.

I don’t know about you.  But I would hazard a guess that these ladies are a wee bit upset. 

16 thoughts on “GOP women’s group blasts Berger & co.’s meddling in SD-25 primary

  1. It is more than just the postage permit. These mailings show on their face that they are coming from Berger’s committee which is a defacto endorsement. Boss Berger needs to get his comeupannce in the the primary.

    And hooray for this GOP Womens’ Club for speaking out.

  2. Thanks, ladies. Would that the County GOP and the Men’s club delivered the same message to Berger. Even Reagan finally abandoned the 11th commandment.

    Next question: Who is removing all the MICHELLE LEXO signs along our roads. Seriously, do a few road signs threaten so much?

    1. Stealing campaign signs is a criminal offense. Catch them and prosecute them. That is just dirty politics whoever does it.

  3. Republican Women are not only the life of the Party, they are the only ones with cojones! VOTE FOR OUR OWN MICHELLE LEXO, COURAGEOUS REPUBLICAN WOMAN STANDING UP TO THE ESTABLISHMENT!

  4. Just in with the noon mail is a subsidized mailing from the Swamp, e.g. McInnis, Berger and Woodhouse, claiming Michelle Lexo is a proponent of Gun Free Zones. If McInnis will lie here, he’ll lie to us with impunity. Vote Michelle Lexo. She is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. Reject this vagrant, Swamp supported, dead wood senator searching desperately for a place to park and milk for the next several years.

    1. It is the Berger crowd, including McInnis, who is weak on the 2nd amendment. They have bottled up in committee in the Senate the gun rights bill that passed the House.

      Is it true that Berger promised to support the primary campaigns of any Senators who would join him in betraying our Christian Conservative base on bathroom privacy (HB2) and that is why he is pushing McInnis so hard? As a payoff for stabbing the GOP base in the back?

    1. If these “affiliated party committees” have gotten one of the same mailing permits that the party has, did the party object? It should have, because controlling that permit is the only way to keep them honest on staying out of primaries. The fact that the permit says “non-profit” instead of “bulk rate” certainly makes it look like they have one. Those permits are only supposed to be issued to national and state parties and the Senate and House affiliated party committees are not state parties. They just pretend to be.

      This also reflects the poor judgment of those in top positions in not fighting tooth and nail against David Lewis’ bill that created these committees.

    2. If they are not part of the NCGOP, why do they go by the name “North Carolina Senatorial Repubican Committee?” There have to be a few NCGOP members in there somewhere, don’t you think?

    3. How can we tell? After all, they are specifically called PARTY AFFILIATED Committees. The HB 373 language was specifically crafted to create counterfeit North Carolina Republican Parties exclusively for the use of the Tim Moore and Phil Berger, and a lot of warned even back then that these would be abused in Republican Primaries.

    4. Then you need to tell Hayes to clear the air by issuing a press release in the Senate district stating that the Republican Party had nothing to do with those mailings. Allowing the voters to be confused by not setting the record straight is almost as bad as doing the mailings yourself. This is absolutely unconscionable.

  5. Conservatives in Moore County…. Look at the low voter turnout numbers for Early Voting and realize that your efforts on the ground can make a huge difference. Mailers aren’t going to win this, people are. Get out there and work for your candidate and send the establishment a message. This nonsense has gone on long enough.

  6. The biggest mistake the voters in this Senate Race could make is to elect Tom McInnis as your senator. He likes to tout how responsive he is to voters and how he has Christian values. When a little pressure was applied about an issue of concern to local constituents McInnis proceeded to make a vulgar phone call to a young person in our county and whined about us exercising our right to lobby him. The only thing with more hot air than McInnis is a smoke stack. Lets go with LEXO..

  7. If this happened in my district, I would be pushing our county executive committee to adopt a resolution denouncing the legislative “leader” involved in the strongest possible terms, stating that it is up to GOP voters in the district to determine who their nominee will be, not party bosses in Raleigh, and that there has been a long history of the party staying out of primaries. That resolution should then be delivered to the media both in the district and in Raleigh. And if they keep on meddling, keep hammering them from the county party. Run radio ads denouncing the outside interference if necessary.

    For the next set of primaries, party leaders should take stock of the probability of meddling in their district, and be proactive. Contact the legislative leadership and draw a line in the sand that there will be very strong local pushback if such meddling occurs, and it will be balls to the wall, in the district as well as in Raleigh. Tell them there will be a serious price to pay if they meddle.

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