Reports: Grassroots move against GOP establishment

Quite  a few details are leaking out about the NCGOP executive committee meeting in Cary on Saturday.  The long-rumored ascent of Wayne King to the party chairmanship has been put on hold — FOR NOWParty sources for months had been suggesting that NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes would step down today and vice-chairman King would fill the chairman’s post until the state convention, where King would run for a full term.

Sources  familiar with high-level NCGOP discussions tell us that those plans were changed  thanks — in large part — to THIS STORY we broke a few days ago.    Party sources tell us that Hayes will try to finish out his current term and — possibly — run for reelection at the state convention.  Oh goody. Maybe we’ll get more delicious video clips like this and this to share with you in the months to come.

This development can be viewed as a victory for Tea Party and other grassroots activists who were at odds with King during the campaign season.  Two more events at Saturday’s meeting will likely also provide some  good cheer for grassroots activists.  Sources tell us that resolutions (1) seeking action from state Party leaders on resisting the establishment of a health care exchange for Obamacare, and (2) demanding the Republican National Committee rescind rules changes passed at the 2012 national convention  WERE BOTH APPROVED by state party committee members.