Raleigh’s ‘red light district’ apparently runs through Jones Street

I’m not talking about traffic lights.  Think AMSTERDAM.

What roared into Raleigh as a ‘conservative revolution’ is starting to look more and more like a fire sale at a brothel. There’s clearly no serious agenda for the GOP majority on Jones Street. Relieving taxpayers of the burdens of regulation, taxation and government in general has fallen by the wayside in favor of kissing on the mouth    manipulating the gears of government to pay back high-dollar donors.

A very generous PAC representing beer and wine wholesalers is having some success in blocking the expansion of some craft brewers and startups.    I guess the Grand Ol’ Party is no longer the voice of entrepreneurs and small business. 

In the Senate, an effort is gaining steam to force Internet-based businesses to start collecting sales tax.  (I thought we had a surplus. Why are we still trying to suck more money out of the economy?)  Jerry Tillman, who represents Moore County, is at the heart of this effort.  As more and more states take this route, you’re going to force startup home-based businesses like the old lady down the street who sells crafts on eBay — who can’t afford an army of accountants like Belk can — to become tax collectors in multiple states or face bankruptcy, litigation or other forms of pure bureaucratic wrath.  Proponents like to mouth platitudes about ‘fairness.’ In reality, it’s a ‘happy ending’ resulting from whoring oneself and oneself’s vote out to the Big Retail lobby.  

Meanwhile, Jason Saine (R-Tom James Co.) is introducing a bill to have the secretary of state’s office regulate fantasy football leagues.  Really?  Supposedly this is aimed at controlling the influence of Big Gambling.  Actually, it’s a sop thrown to lobbyists FOR Big Gambling. (To kill off competition.)  And, in reality, it can be turned against you and your buddies’ small-time fantasy football competitions if this thing actually gets off the ground. 

Remember, folks with the R next to their name are not necessarily your friend.  Many of them love the perks that come with being in charge.  Many of them love all of this sleazy cash that comes with selling your soul.  Many of them will sell you out just as quick as the guys and gals with the Ds next to their name will.