Pro-Amnesty Group praises Ellmers, Pittenger & co. for their “courage”

pittengerThe establishment crowd is pulling out all the stops to save Big Government Barbie and her friends:

The American Action Network, a group allied with House Republican leadership, is placing a six-figure buy for television advertisements to thank several GOP lawmakers for voting to fund the Department of Homeland Security.
The beneficiaries of AAN’s $350,000 TV campaign are Reps. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, Susan Brooks and Todd Young of Indiana and Dan Benishek of Michigan. The group’s ad, tailored for each Republican, tells constituents to thank their congressman for “fighting for a stronger and safer America.”

“It starts with conservative champions like Congresswoman Renee Ellmers,” the ad states. “Fighting to beef up our national security, enhancing cyber security and securing our economic future by fighting for less debt and greater fiscal accountability.”[…]

“Conservative champion” ???? (Whaaaaaaaaaa ….?)  

Was it all of those votes to raise the debt ceiling and give Obama and Harry Reid an endless supply of blank checks?  Is it her efforts to sabotage attempts to actually secure our national borders and enforce existing immigration laws? Was it her back-stabbing, lying, weaselly maneuvering to help sink a ban on late-term abortion?  Maybe it was the countless stupid statements she’s made in front of live cameras and microphones.  I don’t know.  I wish they could clue me in on exactly WHAT qualifies her as a “conservative champion.”  But wait, it gets, um, “better”:

[…] The ad buy will run from Friday until March 12 on Fox News and during sports broadcasts this coming weekend. The spots will run 175 to 185 times in each district, a large-scale run.

This is the second round of television ads this week for the group. In the heat of the DHS fight, the organization ran ads urging conservatives like Reps. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to vote for DHS funding. Conservatives decried the move, and the House Republican leadership distanced itself from the campaign.Renee Ellmers

“Our interest is in educating voters on these important issues,” AAN’s president, Mike Shields, said in an interview Thursday. “There are certain members of Congress that have been proven effective conservatives. That’s an important message for voters in those districts to understand.”

The sustained presence on television represents a new phase for AAN. The group, which describes itself as “center right,” is trying to become an active participant in the legislative process in Washington. In addition to trying to educate voters about positions it considers problematic, the organization is also looking to reward members who take tough votes.

AAN officials say they will spend millions of dollars in the coming years.

“There are certain members of Congress that have been proven effective conservatives,” Shields said. “That’s important for voters in those districts to understand.”

“We want to make sure voters know [these members] are doing what they were sent to Washington to do,” Shields said.maxresdefault

The 16 members of the House Republican Conference who will benefit from digital ads sponsored by AAN include Reps. Vern Buchanan of Florida; John Carter, Kay Granger and Mike McCaul of Texas; Tom Cole of Oklahoma; Chris Collins of New York; Devin Nunes and Jeff Denham of California; Tom Emmer and John Kline of Minnesota; Candice Miller of Michigan; Kristi Noem of South Dakota; Robert Pittenger of North Carolina; Joe Pitts and Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania; and John Shimkus of Illinois.


AAN’s leadership includes the former chiefs of staff to House speaker John Boehner and RNC chairman Reince Priebus.  Of course, Boehner’s office says House leaders are “disappointed” in the ad campaigns. 

10 thoughts on “Pro-Amnesty Group praises Ellmers, Pittenger & co. for their “courage”

  1. How downright Orwellian of these leftwing Big Government Republicans who try to masquerade as ”conservatives”. North Carolinians should recognize the AAN from its vicious and dishonest attack ads against former State Senator Woody White in the 7th CD GOP primary in 2014. AAN are thuggish counterfeit conservatives, whose nominal head is liberal Republican former Senator Norm Coleman, but actually run by Fred Malek (who must be the son of a notorious Nixon operative of the same name).

    It is good to see that real conservatives like the Senate Conservatives Fund are fighting back against this campaign by these AAN phonies:

    With absolute stinkers like the Ripon Society and AAN behind her, it is absolutely essential to defeat Renee Ellmers in 2016.

  2. “Fighting to beef up our national security, enhancing cyber security and securing our economic future by fighting for less debt and greater fiscal accountability.”

    Less debt and fiscal accountability, seriously?

    She voted to fund Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty and the CR back in the Lame Duck Session without hesitation. Now Boehner has Democrats speaking openly about supporting him if Conservatives try to oust him. Yeah, she’s quite the Conservative.

  3. “The establishment crowd is pulling out all the stops to save Big Government Barbie and her friends:”

    That would imply that she plans to extend her congressional career instead of leaving for a cushy lobbyist gig as some have suggested.

    In any event, we mustn’t forget the less obvious Boehner-supporting weasels like Holding, Foxx, and McHenry.

  4. Can anyone cite a single spending bill that Obama signed into law that Ellmers or pittenger have voted against? It seems like both of them have voted for every single penny of new federal spending since they have been in office. correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. If you look at Renee’s votes in committee, she is even worse than what her votes on the floor reflect. Ellmers is a wild eyed big spender.

  5. We live in special times, watching the actual betrayal of his base by the House Speaker and self proclaimed most conservative man in congress. In a time where men of honor were more prevalent, you would think the circumstances would make for a Shakespearean tragedy, but in our hollowed out society this is more of a WWE Baby Face turn Heel. That’s about as much as you can get out the pathetic losers who comprise House leadership. As far as Renée, she doesn’t really have the class and style to play Miss Elizabeth, more like a groupie who got to stand in during a tour stop in Sanford when Miss Elizabeth got injured in a scuffle.

    1. Boehner really takes the mask off in that video and shows which side he is on, and it is Obama’s side, not that of the GOP as set out in the Platform. ”Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is liberal code for Amnesty for illegal aliens.

      Of course, that should come as no shock, since a couple of years ago, Boehner hired as his principal immigration adviser a woman who has been in the thick of the pro-amnesty movement, working for John McCain and for a pro-amnesty organization. Boehner has been playing loyal Republicans for suckers.

      Boehner’s actions have facilitated Obama’s amnesty by decree, starting with his CRomnibus gambit, because fundamentally Boehner supports amnesty. We ought to refer to him as Boehner the Betrayer or as Oboehner. Boehner is an Obama Republican who facilitates the implementation of Obama’s radical policies instead of fighting them.

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