Pinehurst Police: Same — um — STUFF, different chief


Well, the election is over. There is a new chief at Pinehurst PD. And it appears NOT much has changed from the old regime.   We now have the added touch of a speed trap at the village limits sign on Highway 5.  That’s certainly a welcoming sight for all the visitors passing through our town.

( Earlier today, I drove real slow-like past the officer running the speed trap at the city limits sign on Highway 5.  He appeared to be reading a magazine instead of watching the radar.  Judging from the look on his face, the magazine HAD to be something the likes of Maxim or Playboy.)

Over the holidays, downtown Pinehurst hosted the annual Holly Day Fair, which drew tons of visitors into town.  Instead of getting out of their cars to mingle among the visitors on foot, the guys and gals from PPD set up speed traps on all the major entry points into town.  Welcome to Pinehurst. 

I also noticed that a Pinehurst PD SUV has been parked for most of the day at the ABC store on Highway 5.  The officer,who I caught sleeping in her patrol car in the America’s Carpet parking lot on NC 5, told me the PD has had to devote a lot more time and attention to the ABC store since it moved out of downtown.

That seems like a GREAT  deal to have a police vehicle parked outside your business all day.  I wonder how other local businesses can partake of this service.

Also — are we having to pay for this special attention at the ABC store because Manager-for-Life Andy Wilkison and Planning Princess Andrea Correll would not let the folks from ABC put up a canopy to block out the sun at their former downtown location?

In the wee hours of the morning, the other day, I had a woman in her PJs ring my doorbell.  She was babbling incoherently.  I sent her on her way, and I called Pinehurst PD.  The dispatcher had no idea how to get to my house.  Thank goodness I was not hiding from an ax murderer.  The dispatcher DID say he had received other calls about this woman.

Later that day, I called to see if the PD got this woman.  They said NO, and that I was at fault for not detaining her until they got there.  I can imagine how tough it might be to locate a woman in pajamas walking the streets of Pinehurst in the wee hours of the morning.  Now, if she had ONLY walked past the speed trap at the city limits sign … 

I talk to friends of mine in law enforcement in other locales about the Pinehurst PD. They can’t believe it.  I think I will have to start taking photos and shooting video with my iPhone.  And posting them on some blog …