Pilot owner a sponsor for Walter Dalton fundraiser







First we learned that Frank Daniels, Jr., majority owner of our local Nobel Prize-winning thrice-weekly paper here in Moore County, cut a nice check to BarryO in 2011.  Now, it appears he’s one of the “big name donors” lining up for Walter Dalton, one of three leading Democrat candidates for governor of North Carolina:

Democratic Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton is looking to raise thousands of dollars to fuel his gubernatorial campaign in the final weeks before the May 8 primary with a big-name fundraiser on the day early voting starts.

The April 19 event is hosted by Lou and Burley Mitchell. Burley Mitchell is a former N.C. Supreme Court Justice who serves on Gov. Bev Perdue’s judicial nominating commission.

Hosts for the event gave $4,000 and the cheapest ticket costs $100. Other big names on the list include a number of prominent Democratic lawyers, such as Wade Smith, Eddie Speas, Robert Zaytoun, Josh Stein and Mack Paul. (Read the full list below the jump.) Dalton faces two Democratic challengers in the primary: former Congressman Bob Etheridge and state Rep. Bill Faison. His fundraising supporters include some overlap with an event held the night before Gov. Bev Perdue announced she wouldn’t seek re-election.

The full list of Dalton’s supporters for the fundraiser, according to the invite:

Catharine Arrowood • Sandra and John Atkins • Joe Austin • Margaret and Phil Baddour Mary Ann Baldwin • Taurus Becton • Bill Bell • Laura and Warren Bingham• Suzanne and Rob Bizzell • Lucy Bode • Jean Boyles • Donnie Brewer
Carson and Bryan Brice • Carol and Martin Brinkley • Gina Cammarano
Linda and Jim Carlisle • Rick Carlisle • Kent Christison • Colleen and Tony Civello
Jimmy Clark • Betsy and Gene Conti • Meilia and Gerald Cox • Jane and Keith Crisco• Elizabeth and Cal Cunningham • Scott Cutler and Sepideh Asefnia • Julia and Frank Daniels• Margaret Dardess • Martha Debrule • Peggy and Don Davis • Patsy and Fred Day• Ann Reed Dunn • Laura Edwards and Elaine Andrews • Peggy and Jim Fain • Victor Farah• Mike Fox • Emily and Dee Freeman • David Fussell • Rosa Gill • Grant Godwin• Ann Goodnight • Marvin Hamrick • Ken Hankinson • Nighat and Waheed Haq• Holly and Stephen Hill • Nina and Robbie Hill • Mark Holt • Linda and David Hoyle• Ken Howard • Jeanette and Wallace Hyde • Verla Insko • Darren Jackson • Leonard Jernigan• Sarah and Bob Jordan • David Joyner • Keith and Chancy Kapp • Ramey Kemp• David Kirby • Nina Szlosberg-Landis and Kel Landis • Marvin Lee • Lee Levinson• Betsy Levitas • Gerald Lipscomb • Pat and Duane Long • Andy McDougald • Ron McFarlane• Jed McMillan and Khaki Parks • Lou and Burley Mitchell • Patsy and John Mitchell• Powell Nanney • Priscilla and David Nanney • Laura Neely • Jamie Norment• Bob Page and Dale Frederiksen • Bill Pappas • Joe Parker • Carl Patterson• Julie and Mack Paul • Florence and Jim Peacock • Mack Pearsall • Mike Petty • Mike Priddy• Steve Rao • Gerald Roach • Pat Rogers • Donna and Bert Rosefield • Kelley and John Russell
Ann and Wade Smith • Melanie Soles • Eddie Speas • Josh Stein • Caroline Sullivan
Shirley and G.A. Sywassink • Liz and Tom Taft • Allen Thomas • Joe Thomas • Billy Warden• Jimmy Warlick • Betsy Watson • Eugene Weeks • Cissie and Allen Wellons • Larry Wheeler• Katherine White • Ben Whitley • Elaine and Richard Williams • Carole Wilson • John Wilson• Bob Winston • Flo and Charlie Winston • David Vtipil • Reuben Young• Robert Zaytoun • Steve Zaytoun