Vice-President HALEY ????

The Palmetto State governor is out hawking a new book all over the country.  She’s been campaigning for Romney all over the country. She’s been hitting Fox News and The View.  What’s up with this burst of national visibility?

Some in the national media believe Governor Nikki Haley is being floated as a potential running mate for nominee-in-waiting Mitt Romney.  BarryO and his team have been leading this ‘War on Women’ nonsense against Republicans.  Some polling has been floated suggesting that female voters are not so hot on The Mittster.  Many in the Romney camp see her as an antidote for all that.

Picking Haley may not do much to get The Tea Party to warm up to Romney.  Tea Partiers are already rather — ahem — lukewarm toward Romney.  They were a big part in elevating state Rep. Haley to the governor’s mansion in Columbia.  But Haley’s early endorsement of Romney, and some of her activities in Columbia, have caused Palmetto State Tea Partiers to cool off toward her.

Haley could not deliver the South Carolina primary to Romney, but the state will definitely be in the GOP column in November when Obama is on the ballot.

There’s still a lot of time.  But this is definitely a story line to keep an eye on.