Piling on.

The hits keep coming in Hasan-gate. An email has gone out “signed” by several former NCGOP chairmen:Baby-Says-Shut-Up-Picture

Please see below for a letter from the Past Chairman’s Leadership Council:

Dear Fellow Republicans,

We are disappointed and even appalled at the actions of current NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett.

The multiple inaccurate statements being spread by Hassan Harnett, undermine the work of our grassroots activists that have long been dedicated to our Party.

He has demonstrated time and time again that he is not capable of being chairman. We, as former chairmen, respectfully and sincerely ask you to vote to remove Hasan Harnett as Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.


Jim Hastings
Jane Rouse
Tom Fetzer
Robin Hayes
Claude E. Pope, Jr.
Ferrell Blount

*Nice.*  Basically, the Craig Collins campaign steering ncgopcommittee.  They did such a bang-up job last June, didn’t they? 

Let’s take a look at this motley crew sitting in judgement of Hasan Harnett.  I’m going to give Jane Rouse a pass.  She’s elderly, and likely being taken advantage of here. 

Robin Hayes is likely jealous.  So far, Harnett has outperformed Hayes.

And we all remember Jim Hastings, don’t we?: 

[…] Hastings left his post with the N.C. Republican Party after beingdog-poo indicted for failure to file federal income tax returns from 1988 to 1991. He eventually pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to four counts of failure to file income tax returns, misdemeanor charges. He was sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation and fined $20,000, according to court records.[…] 

With that track record, I can’t believe he has the cojones to raise his head and partake in this.

Ferrell Blount.  He resigned early following a dismal election showing. 

And Claude Pope.  He of the golfing trip to Scotland during campaign season.  He regularly hit up cousin Art and other deep-pocketed family friends for big checks to cover monthly payroll while he was chairman, and has the gall to criticize Harnett’s fundraising.  He endorsed Collins, and has been on Harnett’s case surl_crop_northince last June.  Pope minions have been trying to spin that Pope has “tried to help Harnett” during these past nine months, but Harnett has rebuffed him. 

When you hear the word “help” from these people — it means them strong-arming you to see things their way.  Refusing their, um, “help” signifies uppityness that warrants the kind of smears and smackdowns you see Harnett being subjected to right now.  (Pay attention, Michele Nix. You’re NEXT.)

If these people had spent this much energy building up and uniting the party — instead of trying to forcibly reverse the results of June’s chairman election — the GOP would be looking like a juggernaut for November.  Now, we have a circular firing squad.  And for what?  Some useless placeholders in the NCGOP hierarchy trying to hold onto their piece of “turf.” 

(Oh, by the way. Anyone else notice the rather conspicuous absence of former chairman Linda Daves from this emailed hit piece?)


I am STILL looking for evidence of a crime.  In fact, I am still looking for evidence that this needs to continue for ONE MORE DAY.  The people pushing this narrative have really descended into middle-school-girls-clique-slapfight territory.