Pedicures: For when you just can’t keep your foot out of your mouth

CIHojkxWwAADnjsPat McCrory never ceases to amaze me.  I have never seen anyone in elected office work so hard to tick off each and every possible segment of his or her base.  Let’s run through the checklist:  the religious right,  Charlotte-area commuters,  fiscal conservatives,  gun owners,  gay marriage foes,  and ObamaCare foes.  Now, he’s aiming for Civil War history buffs:


Gov. Pat McCrory plans to seek a change to state law that would allow the Division of Motor Vehicles to stop issuing North Carolina specialty license plates bearing the Confederate flag, his spokesman said Tuesday.

“The time is right to change this policy due to the recent Supreme Court ruling and the tragedy in Charleston,” spokesman Josh Ellis said in an email to WRAL News.

Soooooo — the Sons of Confederate Veterans tag in North Carolina caused that freak in South Carolina to shoot up that church in Charleston?  (*Um, Riiiiiiiiiight.*)  MORE: 

[…] Long a flashpoint for racial tension, the Confederate flag has seized headlines in recent days after a white supremacist opened fire inside a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., last Wednesday night, killing nine people at a Bible study class.

Since then, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and other politicians in that state have called for the removal of the flag from the state capitol grounds in Columbia, and retailers from Wal-Mart to eBay have said they plan to stop selling items bearing the image of the flag.

The state DMV said it has issued 2,064 Confederate flag plates to members of the North Carolina chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Senate President Pro Tem ‘s office said McCrory doesn’t need legislative approval to remove the flag from the tags, noting DMV is in charge of approving specialty plate designs.conf

Ellis said, however, that state law requires that plates for civic groups must include a group’s name and insignia, which would be the Confederate flag for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. So, unless someone can persuade the group to adopt a new insignia, he said, the law would need to be changed.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans calls the flag an important piece of history and their heritage. Paul Graham of the group’s South Carolina chapter said the flag shouldn’t be conflated with the Charleston church shooting and that removing the image from public places won’t change people’s actions.[…]

Team McCrory is certainly showing its ignorance.  I’ve been to Sons of Confederate Veterans events.  These people are honest-to-goodness history buffs paying respect to their heritage.  Lumping them in with the Klan or this nut in South Carolina is a despicable travesty.

laughWow.  The GOP is certainly living up to George Will’s nickname for it:  The Stupid Party.  We’ve got a gold mine to use against the left — ObamaCare, big government, taxes, amnesty, defense cuts, and weakness overseas.  Yet, here we are scraping and shuffling in embarrassment over the left’s revival of a tired old issue that hits the drive by media every two to four years.

This is just like 2012.  George Stephanopoulous hit Mitt Romney early on with birth control questions.  And that led to the GOP dealing with “women’s issues” for most of the campaign — instead of more substantive things like the economy and ObamaCare.

Why are we letting the left set the table AND the agenda? The Left is using tried and true Maoist tactics of wiping certain things they don’t like off the face of the earth, out of the news and the pages of history.  Yet, here we are, with the alleged party of freedom and individuality falling all over itself to help them accomplish their mission. 

(On the bright side for the SCV, this could be a blessing for their organization.  Everything that “Mr.0-for-4 vetoes” comes out against tends to advance and prosper. ) 

25 thoughts on “Pedicures: For when you just can’t keep your foot out of your mouth

  1. The problem with him is simple; he is A Democrat in all his actions with an R in front of his name. I will not vote for him as I believe he is the biggest disappointment as a State leader. As a registered Republican since I was 18 I shall not vote for a Governor in 2016 and I just fine with a Democrat Governor, due to I feel we already have one now. Pat McCrory is only concerned with your donations he has no core principles.

    Grassroots are important he just don’t know it.
    But he will !!!

  2. Ya know… I was pretty happy to see Bev hit the road… but this guy.

    Ugh…he’s not running again is he?

  3. McCrory demonstrates his idiocy every day. No Republican in NC can figure out where he gets his political advice from. He has turned off so many Republicans and conservatives lately, it is hard to figure out how he plans to run for re-election. He is despised by the legislature and most his former campaign workers. He has no understanding of NC history and no respect for honorable organizations such as the Daughters of the Confederacy and Sons of Confederate Veterans which do great historical work for the state. McCrory should go talk to his own Department of History and Archives and learn how much they appreciate the work of these civic organizations. I suspect, however, he is too high and mighty for that.

  4. McCrory is working hard to be a one term governor. I keep trying to justify holding my nose and voting for him again, but he has just made it harder. He has insulted my ancestors, and to a southerner, that is hard to forgive.

    He will not gain a single vote from his idiotic position, but he will lose quite a few.

    Caving in to the liberal lynch mob like Haley did in SC is bad enough, but voluntarily joining it when you are not even a target like McCrory did is just unacceptable.

    It does not look like McCrory will have a serious primary opponent, but I hope a Billy Bob Shmo files, just so I have a way to register my anger at this clown McCrory by voting against him in the primary. Screwing up on policy is bad enough, but insulting ones ancestors is not forgivable.

  5. Pat McCrory’s political methodology has and continues to be working the unaffiliated. Thinking of him as the GOP standard bearer is not only an illusion, he is actually the opposite. Were it not for the GOP House and Senate super majorities, he would spend more time in the Democrat camp negotiating and cutting deals, than talking to Republicans.

    If would seem the logic behind his four vetoes was aimed at appealing to the independent liberal voters. Silly rabbit.

  6. Even though I really grew up in Washington, I am an old Tennessee boy and I have to laugh at North Carolina.

    What do you think is going to happen when you elect a Governor who comes from Ohio? Do you think he is going to respect or even care about southern heritage? Do you think he is going to care about your precious ancestors? Did you pick up the signal when he appointed a liberal Democrat to be Secretary of Cultural Resources? McCrory’s inner yankee came out in this decision, as you would expect it would.

    The only places McCrory has ever lived in North Carolina were major urban areas where there are lots more of his fellow yankees.

    Expecting McCrory to care about sosuthern heritage is about like expecting those two progressive Republican consultants we in the hard core environmental movement have bought, Stewart and Shumaker, to care about conservative principles.


  7. When people across the country see a license plate from NC with this flag on it they don’t associate it with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. They associate it, correctly or not, with racists groups who have used this symbol since the end of the Civil War. THAT is what the governors of SC and NC are trying to avoid. As long as that flag has any attachment to a state’s “brand” it will do far more harm than good. I find it hard to believe that the Sons of Confederate Veterans could not find a different symbol.

    1. The same racist groups use and have used the US Flag and the cross. Do you want to ban them, too? Actually probably you liberals do. There are photos out there of KKK activities with not a Confederate flag in sight but dozens of US flags.

    2. I don’t give a flying flip what you or “people across the country” think. You want the Sons of Confederate Veterans to find a different symbol! Go suck an egg.

      If people don’t stand up to these Political Correctness terrorists there will be danged near nothing a formally free people can do that will not only be frowned on but will actually be illegal.

      You PC policemen out there: Get a life, read a book, but mostly mind your own business.

      1. The organization can keep their logo. It is just State “endorsed” messages that the Governors are addressing.

    1. The funny (or sad) part is that McCrory has had Primary opponents before when he looked unbeatable. Now that he looks vulnerable and his polls are sagging, where did all those challengers go?

  8. JBP: To educate you, the SCV logo has been around since 1896. Our stupid governor acts like it was created yesterday. NC law requires our logo to be on our license plates. McCrory cannot change that–unless he now thinks he’s Obama.

    1. Good for the SVC logo. Unfortunately, terrorist groups/members of those groups like the KKK started using it to represent them, though not it’s “logo” as such, well before 1896

      1. The KKK also uses the US flag and there are photos out on the internet with their activites with dozens of US flags but not a Confederate flag in sight. They also use the cross. It is discriminatory and hypocritical to treat the various symbols this despicable organization abuese differently. Of course, I am sure that you liberals would love to get rid of the US flag and the cross as well.

        1. I don’t much care one way or the other. I do know how people in other parts of the country associate this flag symbol with a variety of bad traits. THAT is what the SC and NC governors are attempting to address.

  9. JBP: All kinds of weird and crazy individuals have misused the Christian Cross–for centuries. Is McCrory going to demand its banishment as well? Do you see the lunacy in McCrory’s and the radical left’s position?

    1. The Big Difference is that the public as a whole DOES NOT associate the cross with terrorism. Someone who is not from the south, driving behind a car with this flag displayed will have a VERY different impression than driving behind a car with a cross displayed. The State’s image/”brand” is what the governors are hoping to affect.

          1. What ruins a state’s brand with many is being a nanny state of leftwing political correctness, and that is just the way McCrory is taking NC with this attack on our heritage.

  10. It was bad enough watching Nikki Haley doing the weak kneed Republican twist in the wind to the liberal PC police beat. But the spectacle of watching the phony conservative, carpetbagger Governor McCrory running like a track star to catch the PC train was truly a disgusting sight.

  11. Everytime McCrory opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. He did it again today. He now says he will let the Sons of Confederate Veterans keep their plates, but that he won’t issue any new ones. Problem is, McCrory has no authority to refuse to issue new plates. Both the law as written and a court order allow the issuance of plates to new SCV members. So the governor would be in violation of law–just like his buddy Obama usually is. Who is giving this man legal and political advice? He’s making a fool of himself. It is too painful to watch.

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