Pedicures: For when you just can’t keep your foot out of your mouth

CIHojkxWwAADnjsPat McCrory never ceases to amaze me.  I have never seen anyone in elected office work so hard to tick off each and every possible segment of his or her base.  Let’s run through the checklist:  the religious right,  Charlotte-area commuters,  fiscal conservatives,  gun owners,  gay marriage foes,  and ObamaCare foes.  Now, he’s aiming for Civil War history buffs:


Gov. Pat McCrory plans to seek a change to state law that would allow the Division of Motor Vehicles to stop issuing North Carolina specialty license plates bearing the Confederate flag, his spokesman said Tuesday.

“The time is right to change this policy due to the recent Supreme Court ruling and the tragedy in Charleston,” spokesman Josh Ellis said in an email to WRAL News.

Soooooo — the Sons of Confederate Veterans tag in North Carolina caused that freak in South Carolina to shoot up that church in Charleston?  (*Um, Riiiiiiiiiight.*)  MORE: 

[…] Long a flashpoint for racial tension, the Confederate flag has seized headlines in recent days after a white supremacist opened fire inside a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., last Wednesday night, killing nine people at a Bible study class.

Since then, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and other politicians in that state have called for the removal of the flag from the state capitol grounds in Columbia, and retailers from Wal-Mart to eBay have said they plan to stop selling items bearing the image of the flag.

The state DMV said it has issued 2,064 Confederate flag plates to members of the North Carolina chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Senate President Pro Tem ‘s office said McCrory doesn’t need legislative approval to remove the flag from the tags, noting DMV is in charge of approving specialty plate designs.conf

Ellis said, however, that state law requires that plates for civic groups must include a group’s name and insignia, which would be the Confederate flag for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. So, unless someone can persuade the group to adopt a new insignia, he said, the law would need to be changed.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans calls the flag an important piece of history and their heritage. Paul Graham of the group’s South Carolina chapter said the flag shouldn’t be conflated with the Charleston church shooting and that removing the image from public places won’t change people’s actions.[…]

Team McCrory is certainly showing its ignorance.  I’ve been to Sons of Confederate Veterans events.  These people are honest-to-goodness history buffs paying respect to their heritage.  Lumping them in with the Klan or this nut in South Carolina is a despicable travesty.

laughWow.  The GOP is certainly living up to George Will’s nickname for it:  The Stupid Party.  We’ve got a gold mine to use against the left — ObamaCare, big government, taxes, amnesty, defense cuts, and weakness overseas.  Yet, here we are scraping and shuffling in embarrassment over the left’s revival of a tired old issue that hits the drive by media every two to four years.

This is just like 2012.  George Stephanopoulous hit Mitt Romney early on with birth control questions.  And that led to the GOP dealing with “women’s issues” for most of the campaign — instead of more substantive things like the economy and ObamaCare.

Why are we letting the left set the table AND the agenda? The Left is using tried and true Maoist tactics of wiping certain things they don’t like off the face of the earth, out of the news and the pages of history.  Yet, here we are, with the alleged party of freedom and individuality falling all over itself to help them accomplish their mission. 

(On the bright side for the SCV, this could be a blessing for their organization.  Everything that “Mr.0-for-4 vetoes” comes out against tends to advance and prosper. )