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The Tillis fraud

    US Senator Thom Tillis is once again headed into battle with campaign consultant Paul Shumaker.   Shumaker is a notorious RINO who has worked closely with party leaders to stamp out grassroots conservative types.  His modus operandi lately has been to paint his…

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#ncsen: Won’t debate his own primary opponents. But wants FIVE debates against eventual DEM foe.

    Special Interest cash-whore, gay rights champion,  and border wall foe Thomas Roland Tillis is  not interested in explaining himself to his own party’s voters.  He never got 50 percent of the vote (primary OR general) when he was first elected to the US…

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Showing ID at the polls STILL “racist”

  Apparently,  the OK sign is racist.  (But the Democrat governor of Virginia wearing blackface is NOT.)   In the 1950s and 60s,  liberals got all bent out of shape because people were justifiably labeling them  as Marxists and communists and so forth.  It was…

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More on 2020 filing

      Here’s the final list.   The Libertarian Party actually has a candidate named “Vermin Supreme” who has qualified for North Carolina’s March presidential primary ballot.   While they appear to be abandoning the 2nd and 6th congressional districts,  state Republicans seem to…

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(*SIGH*) Once again, Richard Burr aids Left’s anti-Trump efforts

  It looks like our senior US senator is once again giving cover to Democrat shenanigans in DC:   Senate Intelligence Committee ChairmanRichard Burr (R-N.C.) said on Thursday that he does not think the identity of the whistleblower at the center of the House impeachment…

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NC Supreme Court: A right to privacy for sex offenders?

  Elections have consequences.  And, yes, the last two for our state’s high court have had significant ones — like THIS:   Sex offenders have rights, too, and in some cases the state has been violating those rights, the NC Supreme Court ruled on Friday….

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The ‘Lady Parts’ Brigade sets its sights on the 2020 Governor’s Race

  They got a  Democrat elected governor and a Republican and a Democrat elected senator in North Carolina.  (None of those ended up working out very well.)     They tried to get someone with ‘lady parts’ elected to the Third Congressional District, but THAT…

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Tillis: Being ‘Too Conservative’ is HARD.

  You wonder how some people have the gall to claim  what they claim.  Political uber-consultant Paul Shumaker has this template for his clients where they try to hide their ‘Screw Trump’ track record with a bunch of ‘I LOVE DJT’ babbling.  It didn’t work…

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‘Circle of Death’? (Seriously ????) Drive-Bys, GOPe fight to save Tilli$$

  Never mind the polling that shows he’s got 40 percent support with 30 percent undecided in a FOUR-WAY race.  Or 90% name Id and 45% re-elect numbers.   Never mind his 59% conservative rating from Heritage Action or his 38% rating from Conservative Review….

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Bob Steinburg on the radio: (1) attacks GOP colleagues, (2) channels Elizabeth Warren, (3) lets his inner craziness out for a potty break

  You never know what you’re going to get when senator Bob Steinburg gets in front of a camera or mike and opens his mouth.   Steinburg took to the Greenville-based Henry Hinton radio program on Monday (start at the 31;50 mark) to baffle us with…