Of beams and splinters

Hypocrite! First cast out the beam from your eye, and then you will see clearly to cast out the splinter from the eye of your brother.
—  Matthew 7:5


We had a sermon based on this verse in church on Sunday.  Basically, it means clean up your own house before casting aspersions on someone else’s.  That’s a principle we try to live by here at The Haymaker.   If we’re going to make the case for the GOP, we need to weed out the charlatans who make the GOP look as bad — if not worse — than the Democrats.

The NCGOP will likely have its chestnuts pulled out of the fire thanks in no small part to Donald Trump and his movement.  Oh, sure there will be some unfortunate losses in November.  That crowd certainly deserves worse. 

We’ve got a state House GOP caucus putting one of its more ethically-challenged members out front to attack the ethics of Democrats.  We’ve got GOP legislators basically laundering gifts from lobbyists and big special interest donors through their campaign war chests for personal use.

Nelson Dollar is one.  He is one of the biggest reasons health care costs are so high.  He has a mushy liberal voting record.  And he’s pocketed quite a pretty penny personally from his caucus colleagues and the state party during his time on Jones Street.

Jason Saine is another.  Though, he will be a harder get.  His Lincoln County district  keeps sending him back despite waves of embarrassing stories.  He’s clearly put himself up for sale to the highest bidder in Raleigh.  He’s lived off of his campaign fund which is stocked by people who have business before the House and his committee.

On the Senate side, we have Bob Steinburg.  His misdeeds have been well-documented here.  The nasty tactics against other Republicans.  Selling out to Big Solar.  The indicted aide.  The sketchy use of per diem money.  And that really sketchy basketball tournament.  Oh, and the squishy center-left voting record too.  

Some people have surrendered to all this and decided to “vote for the lesser of two evils.”   Why bless misbehavior???

Leaving the ballot blank for a particular choice sends a powerful message to Raleigh.  You’re not voting FOR the Democrat.  And you’re not blessing a shifty corrupt Republican.