October trial for Thom Tillis ally Stephen LaRoque? (Wait. There’s an election in NOVEMBER …)

The folks at NCPolicyWatch — who have led the way in reporting on corruption allegations against Richard Morgan and Thom Tillis ally Stephen LaRoque — say that it looks good for LaRoque to hit the courtroom the month before the big general election vote.  LaRoque, a former GOP legislator,  was appointed to head the powerful House Rules Committee by Speaker Tillis.  The charges against LaRoque stem from allegations of mismanaging federal funds by his private business.

If this holds true, the next sounds you will hear from the direction of Jones Street will be a lot of prayers AND puckering of various bodily orifices.

3 thoughts on “October trial for Thom Tillis ally Stephen LaRoque? (Wait. There’s an election in NOVEMBER …)

  1. With Eric Holder’s corrupt and highly politicized ”Justice” Department and its US attorneys, who could realistically expect anything other than a politicized trial date?

    The Republicans who supported Holder’s appointment should be ashamed of themselves. There was already enough sleaze known on Holder that he should have been blocked.

  2. The other big issue is Tillis and his tin ear. This is hardly the first time Tillis has been involved in a massive PR snafu. If Tillis had had any brains, he would have pulled the plug on LaRocque shortly after all of this broke, instead of trying to sweep it under the rug. Now other Republicans may pay the price for the course of action Tillis chose. Tillis has about as much media sense as Todd Akin. We do not need either of them as US Senate nominees.

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