N&O’s ‘Toilet Boy’ joins Blinky & Scowly in piling on Plott Hound

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
Martin Niemoller


In the 1950s, liberals protested angrily at what they saw as Joseph McCarthy’s efforts to lump them in with Communists and other enemies of America. In the 1960s, liberals in North Carolina protested mightily — ultimately successfully — against the Speaker Ban on UNC campuses.  All points of view need a fair airing, they argued. 

Fast forward to 2016.  Leftists have a controlling majority in the government bureaucracy, academia, the media and the entertainment industry.  Dare to stray from their party line, and you’ll find yourself denounced, ostracized, blacklisted and likely unemployed.  

The Internet is a great thing. No longer do elites in DC, L.A. and NY have control of what you see and hear.  There are multiple sources to get your information.  You can instantly criticize what elites communicate to you, and even debate them.

You would think — given the arguments put forth in the 50s and 60s — this would be welcomed on the left.  (Nope.)

Leftists can wear their group identity membership on their sleeves like a badge of honor.  Dare to criticize said leftists and you, sir or ma’am, are a homophobe, racist, anti-semite, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

We wrote earlier about Rob “Scowly” Schofield — Ernie to Chris Fitzsimon’s Bert — spewing nonsense about Carolina Plott Hound and some other bloggers being fonts of anti-semitism and racism.  The accusation was based mostly on the word of The Southern Poverty Law Center —  a pack of leftist hacks who delight in portraying mainstream conservative groups as “hate organizations.”  Their unfounded smears of The Family Research Center led to a murder at the FRC’s DC offices in 2012.   Here are some recent efforts by conservative leaders to raise awareness about the SPLC. 

Now comes The N&O’s Colon Campbell to the fray.  You may remember young Colon for his work during the whole HB2 brouhaha.  He managed to inject HB2 into coverage of sports, and even offered his readers an inspection of the restrooms at the Republican National Convention.  His shameful exaggerations and outright misstatements over HB2 brought his employer — founded as a KKK propaganda vehicle and now begging people to buy their paper — to a new low.  

Here’s the headline over Colon’s piece today:

Anti-Semitic article on NC attorney general draws attention to a group that shared the link

And what makes it “anti-semitic”? (1) The word of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and (2) the word of a leftist columnist / blogger with a very loose grip on the facts  and of questionable sanity.

Here is the article in question.  Read it and judge for yourself. 

Young Colon takes things a little further than Schofield did:

[…]The Stein article isn’t the first time that Plott Hound has linked to controversial blog posts and reposted their headlines. Last year, the banner headline on the site called a departing News & Observer editor who is African-American a “doo rag queen” who was leaving the “N&O plantation.” […]

That ‘do-rag’ gem was courtesy of Raleigh blogger BobLee.  It sure would be nice if Colon was honest enough to include the context for the ‘do-rag’ nickname.
But we’ll do it for you:

[…] Linda ordered her reporters to NEVER MENTION the race of “perps” in their crime stories…. unless, of course, they were “white”.  By leaving out any mention of the race of criminal perpetrators, Linda figured N&O readers would not realize the epidemic extent of the problem. Clever Linda…. very clever.

About six months after “the assault that never happened” involving the “rich white boys” there was another sorta similar incident over in Durham.   This one involved an African American fraternity party at which a “white girl” was assaulted by…..

“a young man in his early 20s, about 6’ tall wearing jeans, a sweatshirt…. and a do-rag.

The N&O reporter – handcuffed by Linda’s Rule to NEVER MENTION THEIR RACE ….had circumvented her edict by noting the perp “was wearing a do-rag” which carries the same ethno-racial connotation as “was wearing a hoodie”.   Do-rags and hoodies being uniform of choice for YBMs “on the prowl”.[…]

The most disappointing part of this story is Civitas boss Francis DeLuca kowtowing and groveling to Colon and Schofield:

[…] On Friday, De Luca said the headline doesn’t reflect his organization’s views on Stein, and he said he’ll be reviewing the future of the Plott Hound website.

“The truth is, the person who edits it sometimes doesn’t use the best judgment,” De Luca said. “We’re going to review all the policies that surround it, and we’ll also consider whether it fits into the overall mission of what we’re doing. It may be something that we get rid of or we change what it is.”

“I’m sorry Policy Watch was offended by it, but they’re easily offended. We would never intentionally be derogatory towards anybody or any religion or ethnicity.”[…] 

Killing the web site AND throwing your employee under the bus.  *Talk about a profile in courage.*
I guess this guarantees that the guy over at Triad Conservative, BobLee and his sidekick Agent Pierce, will all join me on the Pope Empire’s blacklist.
Everyone ought to be concerned about this state of affairs.  It’s the same M.O. from the early days of Hitlerian Germany and Stalinist Russia: Authoritarian thugs single out people who refuse to roll over and submit to their agenda. 

I know this site HAS to be next on the thugs’ list.  All I can say to that is: Molon Labe. (Come and Get it.) 

I won’t be as easy a Get as Francis DeLuca and John Hood were. 



9 thoughts on “N&O’s ‘Toilet Boy’ joins Blinky & Scowly in piling on Plott Hound

  1. For those of us who read and followed the original Plott Hound when it was written by someone in western NC, the Pope version has none of the original’s sense. I have watched the Plott Hound become less and less able to identify with the concerns that the conservatives of NC fear. Mr Pope is one of the “big guys” in Raleigh. He will sell the conservative issues down the river in a heartbeat. This is why the Plott Hound rarely “tells it like it is” anymore. Gotta play nice-nice with the big ring leaders of Civitas and the powers that be. Were it not for the change in policy after Art Pope assumed command,I dare say we would not have the mess with the NC GOP that is evident everyday. I do not believe that freedom of the press is evident in the Plott Hound stories anymore. bobLee and Agent Pierce are among the fearless contributors that keep us aware of the real issues and coverups. Thank you, sirs!

    1. Thank you Darlene. I can assure you that BobLee and I aren’t going anywhere. We may / may not get posted on PHound… don’t know how that will turn out yet… so bookmark bobleesays.com just in case.

      BL and I will both be around to dance on The N&Os grave.

    1. You can see it with filling the seats at their conservative conference. It used to be that it would sell out without their having to push it very much. This year, they seemed to be almost begging people to register.

      That is sad because I think DeLuca really would like to be a genuine conservative. The problem with all the Pope organizations is John Hood, who has now been placed over Civitas as well as Locke. Hood grew an ego due to that crappy NC Spin and has been influenced by the liberals he shared the platform with. Hood has been coming out with all means of liberal crap, the latest being political appointment (“merit selection”) of judges instead of election by the people.. Civitas has managed to keep its conservative integrity on some issues, but on the others the problem is Hood not De Luca.

  2. Art Pope is up to his very wealthy eyeballs in the establishment. Espouses “conservative” principles but anything that upsets the status quo is strictly forbidden.

  3. Man, I did a spit take on the Bert/Ernie reference. It is amazing how they resemble the couple. Blinky with his round head and Scowly with his oval head. And Scowly’s demeanor is a lot like Bert’s and Blinky is goofy like Ernie. A better comparison would be hard to come up with.

  4. – Yes, the N&O is horrible and absurdly biased. They have an ideology and agenda, while trying to pretend they dont.

    – From the little I’ve seen, this reporter of theirs fits right in. I admittedly dont know a lot about his reporting, as nowadays the N&O pretty much never places on my list of reading material… but the few times I’ve been exposed… *shrug* yeah, about what I’d expect. Case in point… I agree that if you’re going to cite something like that doo-rag angle, you ought to get your story straight and make your point a lot more fair and truthful than “that”. It’s either lazy and incompetent, or intentionally deceptive, and neither one says much good about Mr. Campbell.

    – Also, if you cite the Southern Poverty Law Center as any kind of neutral or even-handed authority, you’re doing it wrong and I’m just going to laugh at you. You’re not being intellectually honest. They have zero credibility, and treating them like they’re something they arent is just insulting the reader.

    – All that being said… That Triad Conservative article “is” anti-semitic nonsense, and I’d distance myself from the guy who wrote it, post-haste. I largely agree with DeLuca’s comments. That the idiots on the left oppose something doesnt automatically mean it’s of value and positive, cause that’s not.

    I absolutely oppose all of those decisions from our awful state AG that the blog article lists… but it’s not because of “multicultralism” or that he’s Jewish and has some secret and scary “ethno” motivations to “dilute” the white Christian population. That’s garbage.

    1. Citing the far left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as an objective organization is akin to citing the Black Panthers, KKK, or BLM as objective groups. It completely destroys credibility. Maybe they think that just because the SPLC is itself one of the most obnoxious hate groups in the country that somehow makes them an authority on hate groups?

      Maybe the SPLC has been paying some of those millions of doallars they have been caught laundering in offshore banks to some of these journalists for some favorable press.

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