Saying Goodbye.

The battle against big government lost a key soldier this weekend.  If you’ve been active in the NCGOP for the last few years, you’ve probably at least heard of Greenville area resident Todd Bennett. Todd passed away at the ripe young age of 48.

Todd was a leader in the 3rd congressional district GOP and was a passionate, vocal ally and defender of congressman Walter Jones.  I could have easily classified him as a Haymaker super-fan. We never met, but we spoke a ton of times online and offline.  We had some policy disagreements, but I tended to focus on the 95 percent of things where we agreed. 

Todd’s sudden, unexpected death left his family — where he was the sole provider — in a bit of a lurch.   Some friends of Todd’s have set up an online fundraising campaign to help out Todd’s family with funeral and other immediate expenses.  The link is here.

Todd’s voice — his input — is definitely going to be missed around here.  But he — and his family — should rest easy knowing that he spent a good chunk of his life on the right side of things.

Todd’s passing also teaches us another important lesson.  Don’t take the things and people in your life for granted.  They can disappear like THAT. 

Rest in peace, Todd.



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  1. Grassroots conservatives have lost one fine frontline warrior, for sure. My heart goes out to his entire family.

    Browny Douglas

  2. Todd was a true American Patriot and a grass roots warrior we all should emulate. He will be sorely missed. I pray that others will join us in contributing to his family’s financial needs at this important time. Thanks, Brant, for sharing this article.

  3. Todd will be missed, prayers lifted for sleekly, their sons and the rest of his family. I heard someone say, at a gathering in Carteret County this afternoon, that his Memorial Service in Farmville Thursday evening may we’ll be the largest gathering of Conservative and Warrior GOP types in NC in several years. I know I’m looking forward to seeing many friends honoring Todd and the Legacy he leaves the rest of us.

  4. I am shocked and saddened at Todd’s untimely death. Todd was a real trooper for the conservative cause, always willing to give generously of his time and money and to travel wherever he needed to go to have an impact.. I remember running into Todd in Raleigh a week or so before the primaries last year. He knew that David Lewis was a leading progressive in the GOP caucus who was a real thorn in the side of conservatives and Todd was organizing to bring some conservative volunteers from down in his neck of the woods to work the polls in the primary in Lewis’ district in support of Lewis’ primary opponent. A principled conservative warrior, Todd will be sorely missed by those of us on the conservative side of the aisle.

  5. I didn’t meet Todd Bennett but twice, bult those meetings and his established reputation qualify him as a great conservative patriot in my book.

    His family needs our help. One way to do so is to donate at the link in the article above. Another way is to simply share the link above wherever you can, so that the appeal for contributions to support Todd’s family can be spread as far and wide as possible.

  6. Todd Bennett worked with him in Raleigh with a campaign to support folks in eastern coastal counties for Commercial Fishing Industries and then other issues at the GOP State Republican office when Not following what GOP Representatives had told folks in east coastal counties!

    Please Donate to Funeral Cost and Assist wife Kelly Bennett and her two boys. God Bless Todd Bennett rest in Peace in Heaven. Funeral is 7:00 PM Thursday September 21, Presbyterian Church, 4149 Grimmersburg St., Farmville, NC Thanks for Donations!!

  7. Services will be Thursday, September 21st, 7pm at Farmville Presbyterian Church
    4148 Grimmersburg St, Farmville NC.

    Todd turned 51 this past June. Kelly & Todd’s son Aaron and Tate (twins age 16) thank you all for your support and your kind words. I thank you as well.

  8. Todd #RIP. He was always a member of the #DaoudCrowd and family to Angie and I. When others were Two Faced in the Liberty Group, Todd always remained a friend and was always had my back. Heaven has gain a warrior.

  9. At Todd’s funeral it was pointed out by Jesse Jane that Todd had switched his political affiliation and registered Libertarian on the 15th. He died two days later on Constitution Day. He had a battle plan. He died fighting.

    Browny Douglas

    1. That battle plan was to run for the legislature next election, but his analysis convinced him that the seat where he lived could not be won as a Repubilcan, hence his switch to Libertatian.

  10. Conservatives lost a stalwart and tireless warrior with Todd Bennett’s untimely passing. We are all a little diminished in his absence.

    I know that Todd is a Child of God, and that we will meet again on the other side of the River of Life, but that scarcely reduces the pain of losing a friend and a dedicated family man who gave the world for his children.

    We must press on in Todd’s memory to give his children and our children the common sense conservative world that he worked so very hard for.

    Thank you Brant, for sharing the fundraiser for Todd’s family and funeral expenses. It has made more of an impact to help them than can be conveyed in words.

    Todd has done more to help and encourage me in my political goals than anybody in the State, and it was literally the least I could do to help them in their time of need.

    The goal that the family had shared with me was $8000. I set the goal at $10,000 to help ensure the $8000 goal. As of Friday afternoon, we have raised $7737.

    Thank you all so much, and I am inspired and humbled by the kind and generous hearts of the conservatives in this State.

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