Saying Goodbye.

The battle against big government lost a key soldier this weekend.  If you’ve been active in the NCGOP for the last few years, you’ve probably at least heard of Greenville area resident Todd Bennett. Todd passed away at the ripe young age of 48.

Todd was a leader in the 3rd congressional district GOP and was a passionate, vocal ally and defender of congressman Walter Jones.  I could have easily classified him as a Haymaker super-fan. We never met, but we spoke a ton of times online and offline.  We had some policy disagreements, but I tended to focus on the 95 percent of things where we agreed. 

Todd’s sudden, unexpected death left his family — where he was the sole provider — in a bit of a lurch.   Some friends of Todd’s have set up an online fundraising campaign to help out Todd’s family with funeral and other immediate expenses.  The link is here.

Todd’s voice — his input — is definitely going to be missed around here.  But he — and his family — should rest easy knowing that he spent a good chunk of his life on the right side of things.

Todd’s passing also teaches us another important lesson.  Don’t take the things and people in your life for granted.  They can disappear like THAT. 

Rest in peace, Todd.