#NCSEN: Fox News says Hagan 41, Tillis 36

sock puppetI am willing to bet they are binging on Tums and Pepto-Bismol over at Tillis HQ.  ANOTHER GOP-leaning poll shows Hagan leading the US Senate race.

Fox News surveyed  the main US Senate battleground states.  They found the Democrat and Republican candidates in Iowa TIED 41-41 in the race to replace retiring senator Tom Harkin (D).

In Kansas, incumbent Republican Pat Roberts is leading left-leaning Independent Greg Orman 40-38.  The Democrat, who dropped out, is drawing 11 percent.

In Louisiana, incumbent Mary Landriew (D) is trailing Republican Bill Cassidy 35-31.

Here is Fox’s take on the situation in North Carolina:

Click here for the North Carolina poll results.

Most Democrats back Hagan (81 percent), while most Republicans back Tillis (76 percent).

Independents pick Tillis over Hagan by 12 points. Hagan also lost independents to Elizabeth Dole in 2008 — but just like then, today she benefits from the fact that more voters in North Carolina identify as Democrats than Republicans. And that’s what gives her the lead in this race.

Both Hagan and Tillis supporters have a fairly high degree of vote certainty (81 percent each). Overall, one in five may change their mind (19 percent).

The poll shows that 46 percent of women support Hagan. That’s down from the 55 percent she received in 2008 accortillis listending to the Fox News exit poll.Men back Tillis by 44-35 percent.

Hagan tops Tillis among seniors, a group she lost to Dole six years ago.

Like in the other battleground states, Obama is under water in North Carolina: 39 percent of likely voters here approve of the job he’s doing, while 55 percent disapprove.And a 53 percent majority feels he hasn’t made the country better.

On ObamaCare, 49 percent say it went too far vs. 20 percent who feel it didn’t go far enough. Another 23 percent say it’s about right.[…]

5 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Fox News says Hagan 41, Tillis 36

  1. Kay Hagan and the Democrats have controlled the debate since day one. All I hear about is Thom’s dismal legislative record. It seems the entire race is a referendum on Thom and the NC General Assembly. No wonder he is losing.

    I also think the biggest factor in Kay’s surprisingly large lead is due to the Moral Monday rallies. Rev. Barber has lead his group across the state and I think he got his message across about the damage the legislature has done.

    Of course we all know this race was lost in the primary. Thillis’ record was a target too easy for the Democrats to miss. Looks like Rove did not quite figure North Carolinians to be so smart. Maybe Rove will pack it in and give the Republicans a chance in the future. I sometimes think Rove is secretly in the Dems employ.

    Either the Democrats are real smart or the Republicans are real dumb.

    1. You are spot on. As long as Mr Barber and his cohorts ramble about the state fomenting discontent and spreading lies the votes will go for Hagen. I am a registered Independent voter and can not support ANY of the contenders. This cycle I’ll do as I said I would do in the last elections…I’ll stay home. I have lost faith in the entire system. When the GOP folds (as it will due to Karl Rove and Rince Prebius) perhaps the voters will be able to select candidates that might be honest and true to constitutional principles….MAYBE??

      1. This is one of my fears of TIllis at the top of the ticket. There are OTHER races, in which conservatives need to go to the polls and vote, even if you cannot stomach TIllis. Go vote for conservative legislators and judges and county commissioners even if you leave US Senate blank or write in someone. That actually sends a stronger message about how you feel on the US Senate situation than staying home does, because a significant voter dropoff and/or write in vote will make it clear where the problem was. Don’t allow the liberal media to speculate that it was something else.

  2. The real problem is Tillis is playing “rope a dope.”Rove and the worst campaign manager in NC history Paul Shumaker think if they just don’t make any mistakes Hagen will lose because Obama is weak.Of course they will walk away with millions in their pocket regardless of win or lose.Have you heard Tillis run any ads about immigration,Obamacare,terrorism,unemployment,jobs,etc.92,000,000 do not have any work,the borders are as porous as a sieve ,Obamacare is destroying our healthcare system and small business,high taxes and regulations have all but stopped small business and job creation and all we hear from Tillis are crickets and birth control should be sold over the counter when birth control cost $6.00 or $12.00 per month now.This sounds like stupid time to me.

  3. Normally an incumbent at 41% in late September means an incumbent in serious trouble, but when you look at Tillis’ numbers, it is clear that many voters don’t want either one of them. Just imagine where we would be if we had a solid conservative candidate as nominee like Lt, Gov. Dan Forest or former Ambassador Jim Cain.

    Karl Rove, the NRSC, and the US Chamber of Horrors really did a number on North Carolina Republicans when they force-fed us Thom Tillis as a nominee. Any moron should have seen how flawed a candidate he was, especially with polls in the primaries consistently showing Tillis as one of the weakest general election candidates in the GOP primary field. Tillis has lost 10 of the 12 US Senate races he has been involved in, and it looks like NC this year will make it 11.

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