#ncpol: Win a date with David Lewis


It took 30 pieces of silver to get Judas to do his dirty deed. Apparently, all it took last Saturday, was to dangle presidential debate tickets in front of some rubes. ¬† (FYI — we hear Lewis is putting on the pressure to get the names and contact info for everyone who signed the impeachment petition against him. *Hmmm. ¬†Wonder what he wants with THAT? Are they gonna get debate tickets, too?*)

It was interesting, to say the least, to see so much photographic evidence on Facebook of the characters who spearheaded the rescue of Messrs. Lewis and Woodhouse last weekend hugged up to those two at last night’s event south of the border:






4 thoughts on “#ncpol: Win a date with David Lewis

  1. I hate that there are so many enemy’s in our party but thanks for pointing them out.

    Keep up the hard work

    1. That “rube” is none other than the NC GOP assistant treasurer. He’s fallen in tight with that bunch in very short order.

      1. yep that is him he told me that every time I stood up in the Ex Com meeting I made everything worse and he said some of my ideas are good but most of my ideas are bat shit crazy

        I’m a Bat Shit Crazy Conservative! Will you be one also ?

        I will tell you what is really CRAZY

        Crazy is passing a budget without members of the body getting to hold it in their hand and look it over

        Crazy is calling a meeting without a proposed agenda included

        Crazy is wanting transparency and openness in the state republican party

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