#ncpol: Uh-oh, Dallas. We’ve got MORE MAIL.

We like to deal in facts around here.  So, if you’re going to send an email that is likely to be leaked to us, PLEASE BE ACCURATE.  (Thank you.)

We reported earlier on an email exchange between Jim Womack, candidate for NCGOP chairman,  and NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse.  Womack was complaining that the state party HQ was not sharing information — specifically convention delegate lists — with him.   Woodhouse replied to Womack with a claim that the state party staff has NO convention delegate lists.

Well — as so often happens — we’ve received an email that sheds some more light on the matter:

Let’s see.  Dallas denied on April 25th having ANY delegate lists.  RIGHT HERE is an email from March 24 that indicates he and his staff have at least ONE of the lists Mr. Womack is seeking.   


10 thoughts on “#ncpol: Uh-oh, Dallas. We’ve got MORE MAIL.

  1. As I stand in awe watching the ongoing problems between the ED and rank and file I have decided that Dallas might not know what is in the sometimes ambiguous and often contradictory NCGOP Plan of Organization. It clearly states that Counties MUST send their list of elected District and State delegates via electronic and USPS mail within 10 days of their Convention to Raleigh and the District lists to the District secretary. A helpful reminder of this is sent out, early in the calendar year, to all County leaders. I suggest he look for a copy of “A Dummies Guide to NCGOP PoO” and study it in the Fox green room before his Monday stints on Fox & Friends. I believe all County Conventions were held in March this year so the lists should be available to him. Now I must ask about the 3 day before rule that has suddenly appeared?

  2. NCGOP doesn’t have delegate lists? How on Earth do they expect to credential delegates at the State convention?

    This just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    1. For the 2014 State Convention, the Credentialing process was upgraded thru some computer software upgrades. Unfortunately, the NCGOP Central Committee (the same folks that got Hasan Harnett canned) requested that the credentialing process go back to paper and pencil. The reason: too much party business got done at the 2014 convention and the establishment wants to give as little time to party business as they possibly can so they delay everything with the credentials process.

  3. More of the same from the E.D. and the NCGOP. I think Mr. Dallas may be concerned for his job. If I were him I would be. Maybe Dallas being on the inside track at FOX News is being considered to take Bill O’Reilly’s spot.

  4. Woodhouse has been caught in a lie. The state party HQ has ALWAYS received the state delegate lists from the counties. They have them and have been using them to send state convention info to delegates and alternates. He is abusing his office to take sides in the chairman’s race.

  5. Dereliction of duty and lying. In the real world those are grounds to be fired. In the NCGOP it’s just another day at the office.

  6. Funny thing! An email went out to delegates from NCGOP yesterday that Chairman Hayes was reminding all delegates and alternates of their district conventions. And Woodhouse claims with a straight face that NCGOP does not have the email lists? It was also extremely inappropriate with a contested race for chairman to attach Hayes name to that email.

    Weeks ago, all delegates and alternates, including people who had not previously been delegates or alternates to past conventions, received a mailing from Hayes about his candidacy. Hayes was clearly given the list to be able to do that mailing while that scumbag Woodhouse stalls on providing the same list to Womack.

    Our NCGOP HQ is thoroughly corrupt and no conservative should give them a dime until there is a complete housecleaning there.

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