#ncpol: Shumaker driving NC govs protest of amendments?

The state’s drivebys are captivated by the fact that all living former governors came out against TWO of the proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot.  Now, it appears the man behind the curtain on this gubernatorial protest is none other than uber-consultant Paul Shumaker — the mastermind of the 2018 congressional campaigns of Scott Dacey and Robert Pittenger.

Shumaker is also known for his work with US senators Burr and Tillis, and many other GOP heavy-hitters.   Tim McKay, according to our research, is a political consultant with a group called Media Partners, Inc. — with offices in Raleigh and Lynchburg, Virginia.

4 thoughts on “#ncpol: Shumaker driving NC govs protest of amendments?

  1. Is this the same Paul Shumaker who advised the judicial idiot Bob Edmunds to lose the Supreme Court race?

  2. Shumaker is a political whore who is probably taking Democrat money on this. He is documented by Civitas as taking natioinal Far Left money to push the crony capitalist wind and solar energy boondoggle in North Caroline. Shumaker also gave the disastrous advice to Bob Edmunds, first on the nutty “retention election” and then on the Democrat-favored non-partisan election, that cost Edmunds his Supreme Court seat and the GOP its majority. It would not surprise me at all if Shumaker was taking Democrat money to give Edmunds that politically fatal advice..

  3. Schumacher intentionally creates problems, just so he can be paid to solve them. His ancestors probably sold ammo and horses to both sides during the War of Secession.

  4. I don’t have a problem with his clean energy business pursuits but when you actively take out after your own side, because you don’t like what some of them did you only hurt everyone. You’d think a big wig like him would be smarter. What a mercenary back stabber. Did you see McCrory trying to amend the damage he did on joining Democrats to attack HIS OWN PARTY by saying some tough stuff on Silent Sam hooligans? I smell a moment of self awareness and realization of his aforementioned stupidity. A political two step commonly referred to during his four years as the McCrory Ooops! Then you have Governors partial walk back. Here’s a suggestion if you cant stand with us, or be silent, GO AWAY or change parties.

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