#ncpol: Is Dallas STILL sorry?

DallasWe got an emotional, somewhat heartfelt apology from Dallas Woodhouse some time back for using his party position to favor one candidate over others in a primary.  He PROMISED he learned his lesson and would not do it again.  Yet, he did it again.  And apparently, he’s done it ONE MORE TIME:


OK.  Apparently, Dallas is flashing back to his glory days at Carolina Rising.  Gov. Pat has two primary opponents for the March 15th vote.  Previously, Dallas was nailed for pumping Richard Burr down our throats — while Tricky Dick has THREE primary opponents for the March 15th vote.

If the first part of the letter hasn’t caused you to lose your lunch, brace yourself for the grand finale:


feuding-brothers-800The LAST TIME I checked, Pat McCrory does not have floor privileges or a vote in either chamber on Jones Street. It IS interesting that the man is being given credit for something pushed through by the veto-proof GOP majority.

I guess Dallas is feeling extra comfortable and cocky.  The chanting, David-worshiping fools in NCGOP leadership gave Dallas a vote of confidence a few weeks back despite: (1) failing to live up to fundraising promises, (2) various PR mishaps, (3) allegations of campaigning in primaries in violation of party bylaws, and (4) the spectre of an IRS probe over his role in Carolina Rising.

Hell, Dallas could probably kick puppies and run over some old ladies and STILL get wet kisses from Joyce Cotten and that Zan person. 

The electorate is screaming for results. And here Woodhouse is promoting individuals and the letter ‘R.’ 

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  1. Should not these letters be signed by the chairman and not the executive director

    This job seems like nothing more then a grand opportunity for someones personal self promotion

    1. You are absolutely right. I can never remember an ED sending out this type of letter in the past. All an ED would normally send out was something technical like convention details and the like.

      What we have is an ED prancing around pretending he is the chairman, and self-promoting. The problem is that thanks to the sore loser caucus on the Central Committee, Woodhouse IS the de facto chairman, the pretender to the throne, and the de jure chairman refuses to do anything about it.

      Dallas is only a hired hand, not a party officer, but he prostitutes that position so much to push his preferred primary candidates perhaps we should call him Dallas Whorehouse.

      1. The Executive Director title needs to be changed to something like Operations Manager

        The time for this position currently does not correctly describe the power that should come with the position

        If anyone has other Idea feel free to share and if someone wants to right up a resolution to try to get passed at district conventions and district conventions feel free to write something up since I am so terrible as it

        But I think changing the title with make for a better party this is not about one person but about the future of the party

  2. If Dallas is for a candidate I am against that candidate.
    Can Dallas give his opinion of giving drivers licenses to illegals? Is the NCGop supporting this?
    How about the solar lobby who is providing the GOP and Dallas money only to increase utility rates for the rest of us and will ruin this state’s business climate by making utility bills unaffordable. I am sure he is all for it because they are paying HIS bills.
    How about the governor’s staunch support to remove southern herritage from license plates? and let’s not forget McCrory and his counterparts who completely bowed down to liberals and demonized our Southern Herritage? Is Dallas even from NC?
    Moreover, The GOP’s staunch support for the education lottery? With all 3 branches of government couldn’t they do away with it?
    Furthermore, the fact the GOP has failed to address landlord-tenant laws in this state that are as anti business and archaic as the state itself is shameful, To my knowledge the only thing they have done in this area is double court costs landlords pay for eviction and increase paper work with more layers of bureaucracy. Hence, the GOP hasn’t done a thing with wage garnishment for monies owed and has the most tennant friendly law’s in the country. Everyone of these elected RINOS told me they were personally going to champion wage garnishment and modernize land lord tennant laws similar to the rest of the country. And unfortunately they have made it worse for small businesses and landlords.
    How about the voter id bill that has been watered down and mis handled by his counterparts David Lewis etc.
    And, one of the worse facts about Dallas is he is a staunch supporter of Thom Tillis who is the worse Republican Senator this state has ever seen.Just look at Tillis’$ voting record.
    Thom Tillis, Mauzey Burr, David Lewis, Paul Shumaker and the rest of the RINOS are disingenuous and will say and do anything to keep the money flowing from their cronies to their coffers on the backs of hardworking North Carolinians.
    And they sure as heck want stand up for small business, cheaper utilities, fair elections, or southern herritage.

  3. We have been through this a few weeks ago. Dallas has complete job security and protection from dismissal as ED. What makes the Haymaker think he will stop from doing anything unethical. Mr. Woodhouse is the NCGOP’s greatest threat from success in the 2016 election. One outcome will be that Pat McCrory is going to be a one term governor. However this may not be a bad thing. If we can just make sure that Dan Forest remains Lt. Governor.

    1. I had planned on holding my nose and voting for McCrory again. But the toll roads, and unnecessary bond referendum are making me lean towards a blank ballot.

  4. The NCGOP does not endorse or weigh in on primary races.

    However, it has been standard practice for decades that the Party does not go silent on relevant news items that involve our elected officials. This email was About school choice, an important achievement by the GOP.

    The party does not provide assistance to
    any primary campaign. We make all GOP data available to all candidates.
    I meet with and answer questions to any of our primary/general election candidates.

    However the POO does not and has never required
    the party to refrain from ever mentioning the names of our office holders.
    It would be political malpractice to go “completely dark” during the primary season and act as if our Governor, US Senator and other duly elected officials don’t exist.
    What a gift that would be to the Democrat party.

    No state party in this nation that I am aware of, has a ban on speaking about or
    defending the governing actions of republican office holders during election season.

    As I have noted before:
    if it is your expectation that the NCGOP refrain from
    ever using the name of our Governor or senior US Senator
    between now and March, I fear you are bound to be

    1. Maybe you should REREAD your own press releases because they look like endorsements in how they are worded

      A real press release from the party would be apologizing to the voters in NC for two Republican senators from this state with F ratings are conservative review

      The State Party needs to stand up for our platform principles and not push people in or out of the election cycle

      1. Exactly Patrick, Dallas should start off by apologizing for the fact that his GOP cohorts have done nothing to stop out of control federal spending, to the tune of 19 trillion $, Illegal immigration, OBAMA CARE, the clean energy fiasco that will cause utilities to skyrocket, 100’s of judicial/federal appointments, the IRAN nuke deal, OBAMA TRADE, and everything the socialist party can dream up. As a matter of fact the GOP has championed this liberal agenda, wholeheartedly.
        Just look what Dick BUrr and Tillis have cost the people of this state through federal spending and OBAMA CARE, alone. The GOP is supposed to be the opposition party, but they have failed to oppose anything through the power of the purse. But my biggest problem with the NC GOP is they have failed to speak up the last 7 years while this country is being destroyed. Why not censure TIllis for his latest omnibus vote instead of acting like he is some kind of hero? Tillis has not opposed anything and bent over backwards for the socialist party. Dallas, Burr, Shumaker, Lewis, Elmers, Foxx, and Tillis are the most liberal in the entire party. They would literally ruin a 2 card parade.
        Defund the GOP and their cronies! Maybe they can find some UNION support since they just exempted the UNIONS from their OBAMA CARE Cadillac tax while DOING Nothing to help small businesses with their skyrocketing health insurance cost. Under Dallas Woodhouse The GOP is a pro immigration LA RAZA type organization, solar subsidizing, Obama Care loving, bunch of crony Cspitslist. And where the heck is Hasan?

    2. Some of us were born at night, Dallas, but it wasn’t last damn night!

      Whether any political message is targeted to the general election voters or instead to primary voters depends on to whom it is directed. If Woodhouse had targeted lists of ticket splitter Democrats or of other general election swing voters with his messages, then he might have a leg to stand on arguing it was for general election purposes.

      Instead, Woodhouse sent his messages to the GOP’s in-house lists, facebook friends, Twitter followers, and such. These are NOT general election swing voters but instead GOP base voters for the general election. They are voters who are up for grabs in the primary, however.

      Both the timing of these messages and the list to whom these messages were sent clearly show that without a doubt, Woodhouse is trying to influence the primary result, not the general election result. That is outrageous and it is way out of line.

      I call bullshit on Woodhouse’s pathetic excuse for his actions. Isn’t there any adult supervision available to ride herd on him?

      1. One thing we can be pretty certain of is that the Delegates at the Convention in Raleigh in 2015 would most likely never voted him Executive Director but this is just my opinion but you are free to share it will me

        I can also be pretty certain of one more thing that the Delegates to that convention would be very dis-pointed in the progress of the NCGOP since the convention ended

    3. This item got discussed by us early arrivals at a campaign meeting last night, and the consensus was that Dallas Woodhouse is lying. A couple of those in the conversation did go back decades in the party, and only three instances of the state party getting involved in a primary could be identified; 1) Woodhouse’s intervention, 2) the Fetzer endorsement in a Congressional runoff, and 3) an open endorsement by the party in an Attorney General primary several decades ago where an avowed white supremist had filed in the GOP primary and it was felt that it would hurt our whole ticket if he emerged as the nominee.

      The consensus was that the last instance (#3) was justified but the first two (#1 and 2) were not, and that heads should roll when those things happen.

      Woodhouse claims what he is doing has been done in contested statewide primaries in the past in NC. If he has any specific examples, he needs to cite the specific race and specifically what the party did. I expect we will hear crickets on that since Woodhouse is clearly lying.

      1. Woodhouse reveals himself as a liar. He was challenged to cite any example of his claim that the NCGOP had done what he is now doing in any past contested primary. The NCGOP regularly monitors this site, and Woodhouse’s silence in response to that challenge is deafening. He knows he told an Obama (a lie) and he is lying low. He has no facts to cover his false statement.

        Dallas Whorehouse was a front man for Karl Rove in the last election, so I guess we should expect this type of behavior, but so should those morons on the NCGOP Central Committee when they hired this dork as ED.

  5. Dallas talks, we hear excuses. He has zero integrity as does the central committee and many GOPe apologists on the excom. DefundTheGOP

  6. It is rather strange to see someone like Mr. Woodhouse who has never been involved in the GOP party organization until a few months ago, and then only as a paid employee, trying to pose as an expert on what the party has or has not done ”for decades”. He seems to be making this stuff up as he goes along.

    In fact, of our previous two incumbent governors, Holshouser was term limited and could not run for reelection, and while Jim Martin did have a reelection campaign, he did not have a primary opponent in it. So there are no precedents coming from the gubenatorial side of things.

    Former Senator, Jesse Helms never had primary opponents after his first race, and John East did not run for reelection. I do not recall Lauch Faircloth or Elizabeth Dole having primary opposition when they ran as incumbents.

    I cannot recall the GOP organization ever doing the things Woodhouse is doing in any contested primary. If there is not a contested primary, then the incumbents are already the nominee and there is no problem promoting them as soon as filing closes and it is known that there will not be a primary.

    Unlike some states where party organizations make formal endorsements in primaries, North Carolina has always had a practice of the party organization staying out of primaries. What Dallas Woodhouse is doing in this primary goes against that practice, but it is not the first time. Former state chairman Tom Fetzer did something that is rather similar when he made a public endorsement in a Congressional primary runoff in favor of the second placed candidate in 2010. What Woodhouse is now doing is in the same vein as Fetzer, even if not exactly the same and will justify any GOP official now jumping into any primary. An indirect endorsement like Woodhouse is doing is little different than a direct endorsement. There is plenty of time AFTER the primary to promote those who win the GOP nomination, especially this year when the primary comes early.

    What Woodhouse is doing creates bad blood within the party that becomes a threat to those nominees, just as the GOP lost that targeted House race after Fetzer inappropriately jumped into the primary. When the votes were counted in November, the Libertarian candidate, who often becomes a substitute for ”none of the above” for disgruntled GOP voters, received much more than the usual LP vote and that allowed the Democrat to win. I hope that Woodhouse’s blunder does not set up a similar scenario for 2016 but it well might. He may well be doing more ultimate damage to those he is trying to help than good.

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