#ncpol: House Republican caucus poo-poos concept of spending cuts

There are so many bizarre things happening this political season, I am expecting to start hearing voice-overs from Rod Serling.

It wasn’t long ago that General Assembly Republicans were boasting about spending MORE than the Democrats.  Now, we have the House Republican Caucus political operation attacking a Democrat challenger for wanting to offset spending increases with spending cuts:

So, cutting spending is now anathema to the NCGOPe?   The real “Yikes” here is that a Democrat challenger is running to the right of an incumbent Republican legislator (and apparently the House GOP caucus). 

Are we expected to believe that there is NOTHING in state government that can be cut?  How about a good chunk of the stuff on THIS PAGE?

Raleigh Republicans appear to really be scared of this woman.  Not long ago, they released a full-blown opposition research report that revealed personal details about her family and their personal and business finances.

(*The report featured such bombshells as the fact that she got a speeding ticket 12 years ago.*)

Why not raise questions about her and her party’s big-government beliefs?  But that’s tough to do when you yourself (and your party) are warmly embracing some of those very same beliefs and practices. 

Nationally, the GOP — inspired by President Trump and his followers — is thriving while pursuing an aggressive swamp eradication agenda.  Trump has won the hearts and minds of voters who are putting heat on their DC leaders to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, the NCGOPe is focused on the (R) next to people’s names and holding onto their jobs and the public purse-strings.  They may benefit in November from the grassroots goodwill engendered by the Trump movement.  But they don’t deserve it.

But the NCGOPe is, in the end, doing a real disservice to its voters who think they made it clear they wanted radical change in the way business is done in Raleigh.


3 thoughts on “#ncpol: House Republican caucus poo-poos concept of spending cuts

  1. I’ve also been monitoring NC House caucus money movements and yes, they’re scared about the Ross race. A couple other races, too, that should normally be considered GOP-leaning or -safe. Almost next door to Ross’ district, they’re also dumping mailers from helicopters into House district 2, and all because the GOP incumbent there has been polling soft amongst conservatives on a combination of insufficient constituent service and low conservative ranking (see Civitas). Nevertheless, I think Ross and Yarborough will both survive if for no other reason than that the Kavanaugh spectacle is doing a better job of mobilizing the base than NC House caucus ever could.

  2. McAdoo is the favorite of the Big Solar and Big Wind boondogglers. That is the Conservative reason to oppose her, not the crap that is being used.

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