#ncpol: ‘Gone Boy ‘. (And off to the Tillis campaign ???)


The moles are chattering away again. They’re telling us that Dallas Woodhouse was escorted out of NCGOP HQ — on the orders of new party chairman Michael Whatley — prior to the expiration of his contract.  



Sources tell us passwords were changed and keys were handed over.  And boxes were supplied to facilitate the packing up of Dallas’s office.


Don’t think this means that you’ve seen or heard the last from the little cartoon character.  Very good sources are telling us Woodhouse is joining the Tillis re-election campaign.



Judging from the photo at the top of this article (and below), he already has the wardrobe for the job.  And judging from this 2014 election eve footage, he seems well-prepared to represent Tillis on-camera during the upcoming primary.



(Oh, and speaking of personnel changes at NCGOP HQ.  We’re hearing John  Lewis is no longer part of the team there.)


8 thoughts on “#ncpol: ‘Gone Boy ‘. (And off to the Tillis campaign ???)

  1. None of that is true
    I am in regular contact with the new chair and finished up some final tasks

    I am continuing to assist with the Transition as needed.

    I am fully supporting our new chair and vice chair anyway I can.

    1. But of course it is. You were not there Saturday to finish some alleged project. Word leaked out about your escorted departure about a week before your contract ended.

    2. This time I really believe you. Mainly because I can’t believe that the complete nobody you rigged the chairman’s race for, would treat you so poorly after all you did for him.

  2. And I have no plans to join the Tillis
    Effort, but would help him anyway I

    1. IT certainly looked that way. The party is not supposed to take sides in primaries, but Woodhouse gave Tillis two speaking slots at the convention, one in a business session and one at a dinner, but the other two primary candidates who were at the convention received no opportunity to speak at all. If that is not taking sides in a primary, then I do not know what is. Then there were Woodhouse’s own comments from the podium about Tillis and the pro-Tillis videos he showed to the business session.

  3. Why would anyone want to help Thom Tillis do anything but pack his bags? Thom has a liberty score of 38 that’s an F. F=failure! Is he still waking up everyday fighting for full repeal of Obamacare? Oh that’s right just another lie from the Tillis camp to get elected. Haven’t heard a word about Obamacare from this jerk since he was elected!

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