#ncpol: Can you name THIS NC politician?

North Carolina politics has been full of discussion lately about transsexuals and cross-dressers.  This post would fit right in. 

Take a look at this photo and see if you can identify the political figure.  Hint #1:  He’s on the ballot in November.  Hint #2: He’s a REPUBLICAN.   (That’s right.  That’s the correct pronoun.  HE.)

Also, he doesn’t look like this in his campaign ads and literature.

Good luck. 

17 thoughts on “#ncpol: Can you name THIS NC politician?

  1. I can’t put a specific name on “him” . . .err . . it, but I would bet it is one of those homosexual candidates that Woodhouse recruited, and might even be one who attended that homosexual meeting that Woodhouse organized at state GOP headquarters. This is the same Woodhouse who spoke out to the media in favor of surrendering on our bathroom privacy legislation, using his title as NCGOPe ED..

  2. Wow. This is disgusting, please tell me, or at least I hope, “it” is someone in a Democrat leaning district so “it” will not have any say on policy in the Republican House caucus. Enough is enough.

  3. This would be the arrogant Bobby Hanig. His big fundraiser is selling Autographed T-shirt’s. Autographed by him. His bald head is so swollen now, Lord help us if he gains the house seat.

    1. I’ve already alerted my Representative and Senator for both of them to be on the watch out for this “it” and for both to stay very far away from “it”. No Republican lawmaker should have anything to do with “it”. Damn if I’m going to sit on the sidelines to let a cross dresser camouflaged as a Republican control the policy and direction of this state. I wish I knew about this sooner. Albeit what is his Democrat opponent like, are they a conservative Democrat? Looking back at everything we we went through with the City of Charlotte trying to change the bathroom ordinance by trying to grant grown men to enter the same bathroom as my granddaughter, was simply absurd. I wonder what bathroom “it” went into while dressed like this????? This is a culture change that we need to put a stop to.

      1. I am not saying you are over reacting but I think context of the photo is important
        The person in the photo should be givin a chance to comment on it and the circumstances before everyone attacks them

        And with that said I stood strongly against the NCGOP holding a LBGT forum in our state republican headquarters

        But people are innocent until proven guilty and who ever the person is in the photo they should be givin a chance to defend this photo

        1. In today’s political climate, a man wearing a dress and made up as a woman will always raise eyebrows and there is no excuse for it. This is not the era of the old British “fancy dress” parties. It is the era of wannabee women trying to invade the privacy of womens rest rooms and shower rooms.

          That a politician would ever dress this way under any circumstances raises real question about where they would be on LGBT issues.

      2. The purpose of this thread was to attempt to make someone look bad and “immoral”. The fact is it was done to raise money for a good cause. It’s not disgusting or a cross dresser. What a shame.

        1. I have done some research and there is NO information out there whatsoever about Mr. Hanig raising money for charity. So I stand by with what I said. This is disgusting. Personally there is no place in my government for these people to be running it. I’ve already sent a donation to his opponent. Although she doesn’t appear to be much better, at least she won’t be corrupting nor have a say in the Republican caucus. We need to stop these homosexual cross-dressers from controlling our party.

  4. This is from a fundraiser in the Outer Banks.

    “It was the Last Dance: Womanless Beauty Pageant. The concept is simple: men dressed as women raising money for their favorite charity.The first two pageants were in support of the American Cancer Society, a cause that was important to Max Radio of the Carolinas station and sales manager Bob Davis, an early supporter of the pageant. The pageant has grown over the years, largely because of a commitment to the Outer Banks community and how giving it can be.”

    Shame on the Haymaker for this. People were raising money for local charities.


    1. Ah, Bobby Hanig’s campaign manager. Shame on Us? For what? We never said it was Hanig. What’s REALLY shameful is you and your goons claiming that we mock people with cancer. (Didn’t happen. Won’t ever happen.)

      None of the publicity surrounding this event even IDed your candidate as a contestant.

    2. The context of such events today is a whole lot different than it may have been in the past. Nobody even guessed Hanig but you outed him as the crossdresser in this picture. How stupid of a campaign consultant. But since you are from Chapel Hill, I guess this sort of dressing is just par for the course for you. It is not in eastern North Carolina.

      In today’s context with crossing dressing perverts demanding to go into ladies rest rooms, voting for anyone who give credibility to these weirdos is unacceptable.

      About the only thing that might help Hanig with the Christian vote after this bizarre photo would be to publicly promise to support reinstatement of HB2.

      Hanig, however, should have more to worry about these days, like the rotten underhanded deal he participated in with Steinburg to rip off Currituck County taxpayers for a basketball tournament on the other side of the state. That crowd with be lucky if there are no indictments out of that scandal.

      From other photos of Hanig, he also looks more than a little weird when he dresses as a man.

      One other thing, Burton, is that you are a despicable example of a consultant. That last minute smear piece you did against Beverly Boswell with its below the belt personal attacks did not give her time to set the record straight. It might have stolen the primary victory for your client but it is the sort of gutter politics that make many of us Republicans allergic to your candidate in a general election if we lived there. It is good that Hanig is your only client. It is YOU, Burton who are the example of dirty gutter politics.

    3. Mr. Burton, as an active donor to many of these charities in the OBX, please let me know how much money did Mr. Hanig actually raise for charity???? That’s right because he was never one of the participants….. The least he could have done was to sign up to raise money / awareness for a cause. Despicable. His business partner, Doug Brindley, signed up to raise money for a notable charity. Why didn’t Mr. Hanig follow suit???

  5. Mr. Burton, I would like to see the Chairity name and the amount donated from Mr. Hanig please. Or you could provide the name and we the people can look at the donation.
    Hanig: Cross Dresser, in cahoots with Steinburg ripping off taxpayers, Rated a D from the NRA, and ProChoice.
    Perhaps Dare County is getting what they deserve.

  6. I went to a forum in Currituck where Mr. Hanig stated that he held a clothing drive for the local domestic violence shelter. I made inquiries. There was no proof whatsoever. Why would you lie about hosting a charity event? Shame. Self glorification? Pulling on peoples heartstrings, trying to get that feel good mojo going. That’s a DEM TATIC.
    If he lies about something like this, what else has he lied about?

    1. Hmmm! A clothing drive? That must save Hanig the embarassment of having to go into womens clothing stores to buy his outfits. What a scam. And, no wonder such clothes never make it to a charity.

  7. Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t Steinburg put on a cross-dressing tournament and get the Currituck County taxpayers to fund it? Why go to just the other side of the state, but go all the way to the other side of the country, San Francisco. Hanig could be his consultant on cross-dressing, since he seems to have experience with it. It might even attract 6 or 8 LGBT types to vacation in Currituck County. That is surely worth dumping $50,000 or so into Steinburg’s pocket, isn’t it?

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