#ncpol: A “new” waterboy in town.

The N&O has had a long tradition of carrying water for the Democrat Party and other leftist interests.  John Frank and Colon Campbell did it for a while before heading off to less-smelly sewers.  (Rob Christensen has been at it for at least 75 years.)

Now, it’s time to meet Mr. Specht.  Andy Specht (or Paul, depending on what mood he is in).  

Andy / Paul has a piece today that clearly had its origins in a leftist opposition research shop: 

[…] A photo provided to The News & Observer shows Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest at a fundraiser with a leader of a western North Carolina church that’s being sued by a former member who says church leaders tried to beat the “homosexual demons” out of him.[…]

Really? This driveby rag gets sued ALL the time (and loses a few).  Yet (SOME) people still read it.

Are we really going to start individually ID-ing and checking out EVERYBODY who shows up at every fundraiser between now and November 2020?

It’s not hard to get within 20 feet of Dan Forest. (I’ve done it a few times myself.) The guy hits the campaign trail like every other politician. Shakes a lot of hands.  Meets a lot of people. Will Speck (specht?) Andy / Paul and his paper start holding EVERY politician in our state accountable for who gets captured in the background of photos that feature them? 

The father of the guy who shot up that gay night club in Orlando got a prime seat for a Hillary speech.  (Right behind her.)  DID THAT MEAN she approved of what his kid did?

It’s all part of painting the likely GOP nominee for governor as a religious kook.  WRAL agents Bert and Ernie got the ball rolling on Forest.  Paul / Andy appears to be diving in for sloppy seconds.

It’s apparently OK to do this to Forest and other conservatives, but NOT to Josh Stein. 

THIS is one of the many reasons Andy / Paul’s boss, Mr. Drescher, has to send out emails begging people to subscribe to his paper for six months for $13.