NCGOP’s very own Helen Keller

Spoiled brat adults being paid millions for playing a child’s game were disrespecting, from coast to coast and around the world, the very country that allows them to do that.  Conservative, red-blooded Americans were up in arms over this outrage.  NFL personalities were busily attacking our Republican president. 

Meanwhile,  NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse was all smiles as he patronized the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. (Personally, I don’t think even Anne Sullivan — The Miracle Worker — can help him.)

A quick check of the NCGOP web site found no evidence of any statements of outrage about the National Anthem protests.  Blasting these spoiled brats — and their Democrat defenders — for disrespecting their country on national TV and overseas sounds like a real game-winner for the NCGOP. 

Granted, the Panthers were one of the few teams that did not show their butts during the anthem.  (Though Mensa member Julius Peppers did admit to a super-duper secret protest he perpetrated all by himself.)

16 thoughts on “NCGOP’s very own Helen Keller

  1. Really? After you just posed something about wanting your sports back?

    Whatever you think of my professional work, it seems a little much to attack a father/son trip planned long before all this other stuff.

    I am a Dad and put that before all this other political stuff.

    1. I remember many years ago that your old friend, the former Chairman of the First Congressional district stated that loyal Republicans stay away from this disreputable blog. I’m guessing he knows you well. ?

      1. Given Dallas’ involvement with Tillis, that is a very valid question. Why is he suddenly being so quiet? The NCGOP needs to put some space between itself and Tillis to try to avoid Tillis being a drag on the ticket next year.

        1. Exactly!! so far Crickets
          Someone also wake up grandpa and ask him about Tillis being a sellout also


  2. The NCGOP needs to get a competent chairman back to be our spokesman. I cringe when I hear a Woodhouse statement coming up in the media. During this regime, the NCGOP has been MIA on lots of things or even promoting the wrong side, like when Woodhouse was promoting the betrayal / climbdown on HB2 for many months before it even happened.

  3. Im no fan of Woodhouse but this carries personal slander to a new level and does absolutely nothing to promote anything other than the politics of destruction at any cost.

  4. When I read this website’s story suggesting that wind turbines caused the crash of a life flight helicopter, I thought I had read the dumbest thing ever. Then you go and put out this and you prove me wrong. I eagerly await the comments from Michele (GUWonder) and John (John Steed) and see just how crazy this will get.

    1. Still playing that guessing game, I see, but not very well. Michelle is way too tight these days with Dallas to be criticizing him.

      Let’s look for Susan Byrd. There are 20 of them registered to vote in North Carolina according to the SBOE, none of them in the northeastern part of the state. Two are political contributors, one of those an office assistant at NCSU who gave in a judicial race (Rand for Judge) and the other in Boone who gave to the Wautauga Democrat Women. curiously, NCSU happens to be where a major institute promoting ”green energy” is located.

      As to these tall and dangerous wind turbines contributing to a helicopter crash, that makes good sense except to a Big Wind fanatic. An earlier medical helicopter crash in eastern NC involved the copter running into an unlit cell phone tower, but it is not necessary to actually hit the tall structure for it to be a contributing cause of the disaster. Getting into the middle of a maze of many of these giant wind turbines in a helicopter can create a challenge to get out of, especially if the turbines interfere with the electronics on the copter. Wind turbines interfering with aircraft electronics has been a concern expressed in Europe.

      1. Let’s look for GU Wonder

        I can’t seem to find you according to the NBOE. Wonder why? Maybe Russian?

        1. I would put the odds higher of you being Russian since you are the one who follows their agenda of trying to thwart our oil and gas industry, which is in competition with theirs. They fund environmentalist groups like anti-fracking, and pushing inefficient and expensive screwball energy methods like wind and solar, in competition with oil and gas, would be right up their street. They would love for us to ease off of fracking and put our effort into this rubbish.

          Also, Russian fakes love to use American sounding names

          But then again, you might be Chinese since that is who builds most of these wind turbines and solar panels and provides the key raw materials to do so, which is an environmental horror story itself:.

      1. Interesting article. It explains, as told by a veteran EMS helicopter pilot, how the turbulence of spinning wind turbines can crash a helicopter without the copter ever striking the wind turbines and how an air corridor a mile wide between turbines is not even safe for a helicopter.

        Good catch!

        I wonder if this latest accident will be whitewashed?

    2. Preach it, sister! Nothing to see here. Move along.

      Wind farms are politically correct. Saving the polar bears is what matters, not anything to do with the humans.

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