NCGOP’s RNC rep: Why are Cain’s women issues a problem, but Gingrich’s are not?






Dr. Ada Fisher, one of North Carolina’s two representatives to the Republican National Committee has sent out an email raising an uncomfortable question for the political establishment and the alleged mainstream media:

To The Editors, bloggers and voters:
Are you and the media willing to allow Cain to be driven from the race because of allegations of sexual misconduct while trumpeting Gingrich who has vastly more serious proven incidences of sexual misconduct?  Are conservatives guilty of being hypocrites’?  If we are going to judge, then judge all men equally.
We need to grow up and appreciate that personal character matters.  If it doesn’t then the rash of sexually inappropriate actions alleged against Penn State, Syracuse, Catholic priests, etc. will also be explained away in the name of preferred party, sacrosanct institutions or democratic favorite sons such as the JFK, Clinton and Teddy Kennedy escapades or the witnessing of others being given plumb TV assignments despite being caught up in extramarital affairs.  What are we saying to our daughters, sisters and other women?  If it doesn’t, don’t claim moral superiority in condemning human rights violations, for women are 51% or more of the total world population.

Some things aren’t as important to me or don’t carry the same weight as the exploitation of women and women’s self devaluation in having affairs with married men which says something sad about my gender and our continued treatment as chattel property.  Such behavior cheapens the institution of marriage which we are so vehemently trumpeting with our Marriage Amendment.  I have no tolerance for the sexual exploitation of any gender in the name of saving an institution or in electing public officials.

Ada M. Fisher, MD, MPH
NC Republican National Committeewoman