NCGOP’s Nix: We are NOT the “conservative” party!

Many of us on the right have seen the GOP running as fast as it can from conservatism over recent years.  (*And why not?  It only encouraged a ton of people to bolt the Democrat Party and turn the NCGOP from an afterthought to a force to be reckoned with.*)

It’s a real eye-opener when you hear the words directly from an actual GOP leader:

Yep, THAT is your NCGOP vice-chairman talking. I bet it’s a real eye-opener for all of you who cheered her when she first ran in the Year of Hassan touting Tea Party, grassroots conservative values.

It’s official.  The NCGOP stands for absolutely anything you want it to stand for (especially if you write a huge check).

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with some party activists.  In fact, here’s one:

Aaaaaand a few more:

Meanwhile, The newly-formed Constitution Party (which wholeheartedly embraces actual conservatism) is holding its nominating convention tomorrow in Charlotte.  They will be on the ballot statewide in November.