NCGOP’s Nix: We are NOT the “conservative” party!

Many of us on the right have seen the GOP running as fast as it can from conservatism over recent years.  (*And why not?  It only encouraged a ton of people to bolt the Democrat Party and turn the NCGOP from an afterthought to a force to be reckoned with.*)

It’s a real eye-opener when you hear the words directly from an actual GOP leader:

Yep, THAT is your NCGOP vice-chairman talking. I bet it’s a real eye-opener for all of you who cheered her when she first ran in the Year of Hassan touting Tea Party, grassroots conservative values.

It’s official.  The NCGOP stands for absolutely anything you want it to stand for (especially if you write a huge check).

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with some party activists.  In fact, here’s one:

Aaaaaand a few more:

Meanwhile, The newly-formed Constitution Party (which wholeheartedly embraces actual conservatism) is holding its nominating convention tomorrow in Charlotte.  They will be on the ballot statewide in November.  

34 thoughts on “NCGOP’s Nix: We are NOT the “conservative” party!

  1. Ms. Nix and Dallas Woodhouse are now the faces of the fraudulent NC GOP in North Carolina. Wow.

    The Constitution Party can’t get here soon enough.

  2. There is an old saying that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Michelle Nix has changed her spots almost as quickly as Renee Ellmers did. I wonder if she is pushing for Karl Rove’s help for congress? That is sad. I thought she was a principled conservative.

    When the party’s platform is conservative, as that of the NCGOP IS, then the party IS conservative. Unfortunately, some of our “leaders” do no grasp that.

  3. Yup. BEEN TELLING YOU ALL FOR YEARS! And she wants to replace Walter Jones? Next Chair of NCGOP?

    You fools created this monster, Haywood Conservative first to see it, but then she tried to Coup Hassan but got blocked by Cottens push for Robin. So to get ahead she joined em! BLAME YOURSELVES…once a snake always a snake!

  4. Then maybe she and her ilk should stop pimping out the conservative brand every election cycle.

  5. It’s just a guess on my part, and maybe it’s a naive one, but I think she meant to say Constitution Party. Notice the capital “C” in Conservative. A friend of mine is close to Michele. She is conservative.

    1. BS. The biggest Con Artist ever been! Ask Harnett who stab him in the back then called around wanting to remove him and become chair! She lies to one county GOP then tells an opposite tale to another group.

      Joanie, she not your friend!

    2. You may be right that it’s a slip, but it’s a ruinous slip, because she’s accidentally telling the truth. A colleague of mine opined that going into 2020, Dan Forrest cannot afford these divisive, vicious clowns running the NCGOP into the ground. I think she may be right, too.

  6. Michelle Nix does more than just run her mouth in favor of the party being more liberal. She also pushes policy to accomplish that. For example at the recent state GOP convention, she sponsored a resolution to let non-Republicans continue to vote in our primaries. Grassroots GOP activists and conservatives have been working for some time to close our primaries so that only bona fide Republicans can vote in them. Nix took the establishment / insider position.

    Letting non-Republicans vote in our primaries recently cost us a solid conservative member of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Beverly Boswell (R-Dare):

    It probably also contributed to environmentalist liberal Bob Steinburg winning the corresponding Senate seat over a conservative.

    Michelle Nix is promoting party policies that make it more difficult to nominate conservatives who believe in the principles of the GOP platform.

  7. Real easy to screen shot FB posts and skew someone’s intent when taken out of context. She has that Trump maverick style and those that work hard to get Republicans elected in every county in NC recognize it and love that about her.

  8. I would love to ask her questions about this but Facebook has me in Jail for my conservative views

  9. I have viewed Nix as a self promotiong snake. She’s an information gatherer and uses it for her own benefit. She’s nothing more than another swamp dweller. What’s funny is neither side of the swamp seems to like her. I think perhaps she’s not smart enough to play their game well.

  10. Move along. Noting to see here. This is just shooting the messenger.

    Your party’s legislative leadership has already sold its soul. Policy is for sale to the highest bidder. That makes us in the hard core environmental movement happy because we can pay lots of green to get our version of green. Tim Moore and Phil Berger are bought and paid for to protect President Obama’s green energy legacy in North Carolina. You Republicans have the best legislative leaders that money can buy.. Thom Tillis was also for sale when he was Speaker and remains so as senator.

  11. Broad-brush labels can mean different things to different people. I’d be more interested in a candidate’s views on major issues… or an incumbents’ voting record. Voting records tell me all I need to know about an incumbent (swamp rat)…

    1. You’re so right about voting records. Pretty words cannot overcome an ugly voting record.

      1. Speaking of ugly voting records, they cannot get much uglier than that of Thom TIllis, who rates an “F” at only 38% conservative with the Conservative Review scorecard. Yet, Michelle Nix has been standing up for him.

        I am so ready for Mark Meadows or another good conservative to primary Tillis so we can get someone who represents our principles in that Senate seat.

  12. Why would anyone think Michelle Nix is conservative? She is nothing less than a vote whore who will say and do anything to promote her sorry fat ass. She will even pander to a convicted child sex-offender (Harvey Lee West) to get support from Al-Pam. I am so glad I am in longer in NC and dealing with this corrupt leadership.

    1. See if we are honest your post does not make a good argument for people on the Conservative side of the isle that are upset with her post. Making attacks on ones personal appearance makes you look like the one in the wrong no matter what else you say that might have merit

      It seems that NC might be better off that you went away.. Where did you go? so if we also leave NC that we do not end up following you. Please say you moved north

      1. She is a vote whore and she does pander to Al-Pam and Harvey West who is a convicted child sex offender (look him up on the NC sex offender website)… and those are facts Patrick.

        1. hey she de-friended me on Facebook today I am not a big fan either but that does not change the fact that language you used does not help fight against the statement she made that it is the republican party and not the conservative one

          I am not saying what you said does not have merit but no one will get the chance to see the merit by the personal attack you made in your previous statement

          so where did you move now that you left NC

  13. Michele Nix is the best bumper sticker the new Constitution Party could have. Interesting that no GOP official has repudiated her statement.

    1. Repudiate it? We in the NCGOPe wrote it for her. She has been our mouthpiece for some time.

    2. You’re right. I haven’t heard a chirp from any state party officials either.

      Also, where is that 2018 party platform? Some of us are trying to figure out if there is enough left in the GOP to try to fight for.

    3. If proponents of The Constitution Party don’t learn better reading comprehension, they’re going to continue to have major problems attracting even true conservatives. “Interesting that no GOP official has repudiated her statement.” What do you want the GOP official to repudiate? That the party’s name is NOT The Republican Party and is, in fact, The Constitution Party?

  14. What is being described in the Nix statement is the “Big Tent” philosophy; that a party should include everyone and have a philosophy that is mush. The biggest tent I know of is a circus tent, and that is exactly what that philosophy turns a party into – a circus. A relatedly strategy is the “run to the center” strategy in general elections, which one or two of the establishment consultants in North Carolina push in any campaign they are involved in.

    Running to the center also does not work so well. It is why McCain and Romney who followed it lost, and Trump, who did not, won. It is why Dan Forest won and Pat McCrory lost.

    One can also see the impact of running to the center or running to the right in the record of center-right parties in recent European elections.

    In the UK’s last election, the Conservative Party had a consistent and significant lead in the polls until Prime Minister Teresa May released the party manifesto which moved the party decidedly leftward from its traditional positions. A manifesto is the equivalent of a platform and May had written it with two close advisers rather than having it worked on more broadly by the party. As soon as the manifesto was released, the party poll numbers started to spiral downward as party activists expressed dismay. On election day, lost her majority and had to cobbler together a coalition with a protestant party from Northern Ireland to stay in power. Running to the center snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.

    Then there is Austria, where a young conservative firebrand, Sebasatian Kurz took over the country’s main center-right party, the Austrian Peoples Party, brought down the governing coalition with the larger center-left Social Democrats by calling a vote of no confidence, and then took his own party farther right than it had ever been in the ensuing election. He won a resounding victory by running to the right, clobbering the Social Democrats who tried to cling to the center. Kurz formed a oalition government with a populist party even further to the right and is now the world’s youngest prime minister, with a very comfortable majority in parliament.

    Then there is Italy. The three parties of the center-right alliance, moved much farther right in the recent election and won a boatload of new seats emerging as the largest block in parliament. Meanwhile the previously governing center-left Democrats, who tried to cling to the center were routed in the election, losing every region of the country except Tuscany and finishing third of the major blocks behind the center-right alliance and an anti-establishment populist party which had also done well due to its hard line against illegal immigration. The Democrats lost about 70% of the seats they had held due to trying to play to the center. The result is that Italy now has a government pledged to deporting every illegal alien in the country and willing to stand up and tell the EU where to get off, as well as pledged to introduce a flat tax instead of a graduated income tax.

    One could also talk about Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and other European countries where the same dynamic prevailed. Running to the right is a more successful electoral strategy than running to the center.

    1. Conservative in the UK is nowhere close to conservative in North Carolina let alone the United States.

      1. Agreed, but that is not the point. The point is that by moving to the center, Teresa May damaged her party in the election.

        Those on the continent who moved their parties to the right, on the other hand, gained lots of ground in the elections.

        1. Agreed. Same thing as POTUS stateside. There’s a lot of people that are fed up with the status quo and being dictated to.

          Is Nix really running for Congress?

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