Monkey Business Report: NCGOP finances edition

North Carolina Republicans have been subjected to all kinds of rhetoric about the fundraising prowess of one Dallas H. Woodhouse and his grandpa.  Keep reelecting them to run the state party, and they will guarantee — with their awesome skills — to keep the cash rolling in.

Well, the party’s campaign  finance reports, specifically the 2017 semi-annual year-end report, tell a story Dallas and Grandpa may not want you to hear.   (Click the images below to enlarge.)

Shook Consulting is a well-connected fundraising consultancy that specializes in raking in cash for Republican candidates and organizations.  From July 2017 to December 2017, the state party paid Shook over $60,000.  Not bad for six months work with ONE CLIENT.

Hold on. It gets better:

Consilium Connect is also a fundraising consultant.  Between August and November of 2017, this consultant got paid over $35K by the NCGOP.  Again, NOT BAD for three months work for ONE CLIENT.

That’s roughly $100K in “fundraising consulting fees” for the last six months of 2017 ALONE.

This begs the question: WHY do we need Dallas and his grandpa?  ANYBODY can hire “fundraising consultants.”  ANYBODY. 

Fundraising has been this dynamic duo’s main selling point in their campaign to maintain control of the NCGOP.

One more side note.  Greg Fornshell is the long-time accounting director for the NCGOP.  According to the 2017 year-end semi-annual report, he got paid over $900 as “hotel room reimbursement.”  According to the report, Fornshell lives in Raleigh. 



6 thoughts on “Monkey Business Report: NCGOP finances edition

    1. Good luck with that. We tried to clean house in 2015 by electing Hasan Harnett and that didn’t work out so well.

  1. We cleaned house once.
    They threw our guy out and put the old ones back in.
    I registered unaffiliated.
    So, what is the problem?
    Business as usual.

  2. As a former member of the Central committee I can without a doubt promise nothing will ever change in the NCGOP.
    Other then more of the same stale swamp infected leadership it’s going take a membership with “balls” to make necessary changes to succeed.

    However I will not hold my breath.

  3. The state party hiring competent fundraisers to build up its war chest is a positive thing. What reeks here is Woodhouse and Hayes trying to claim personal credit for raising the money. These fundraising consultants are usually paid on a percentage, so the more they are getting, the more the party is getting.

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