#ncgop: $400K to VA GOP ????

We told you earlier about $35,000 in NORTH CAROLINA REPUBLICAN PARTY funds being sent to the GEORGIA REPUBLICAN PARTY.

It appears now that THE VIRGINIA REPUBLICAN PARTY got a much bigger payout from Team Dallas in Raleigh.  Check this out from the NCGOP’s 2017 semi-annual campaign finance report (click on image to enlarge):

That’s right.  $200K to Richmond in October 2017.  $200K to Richmond in December 2017.  Virginia had a governor’s race in November 2017.   The October payment may have helped there, but the December one would not have.

Again, it all begs the question, WHY is significant NORTH CAROLINA REPUBLICAN PARTY money going to other states?

(*Could this be a bit of currency-cleaning?  OOPS.  There I go again, thinking out loud.*)

10 thoughts on “#ncgop: $400K to VA GOP ????

  1. Sandra, I agree with this to a point, but the problem is alot of individual candidates are giving our money to the NCGOP and it is then being shipped out!

    1. Nobody that I send money to is doing that, or I wouldn’t be sending it to them.

      This is outrageous. I’d sure like to know who is giving them that kind of money.

  2. Start looking HARD at the NC Constitutional Party, an increasingly viable alternative to the through-and-through corrupt NCGOP. At the same time stock up on tar and feathers for that inevitable day when Dallas and his eunuchs take that step one too many.

    1. What is really needed is a conservative PAC in NC working on legislative and other state races, that focuses on conservative principle, not nominal party affiliation, much like the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Club for Growth do at the national level. South Carolina has one in the PAC of the South Carolina chapter of the Club for Growth. Here is an ad they did in the recent primary:


      And here is a general election video ad they ran in a general election:


  3. The NCGOPe knew what they were getting with me. Hey, look at how I handled money and how I talked about it with that pro-Tillis PAC I ran for Karl Rove. The Federal Election Committion even let me off the hook on a tie vote.

  4. Does the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE look over the books?
    Wouldn’t you like to hear the discussion.

    Georgia was a puzzle, but Virginia is easy — mileage and per diem for Morton Blackwell’s consultation with the North Carolina delegation at the GOP National Convention. (Maybe some for rights to the video.)

    1. Really good question considering that one of those Virginia payments was made prior to the November 2017 ExComm meeting and I didn’t see anything like that in the finance committee’s briefing. Not necessarily surprising, though, they make it damn hard to read the fine print and give ExComm members very little time to probe.

  5. We come here, we identify the problem, we identify the actors, and we complain about the behavior, but nothing ever happens. It’s frustrating.

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