#ncgop: Party disloyalty and, um, “the tale of the tape(s)”

The NCGOPe is seeking to revoke party membership from five conservative activists on Saturday on grounds of “party disloyalty.”

But some of the accused aren’t taking this laying down. They’ve released a video containing audio of comments reportedly made by the county party chairman and the county party secretary that sound mighty disloyal, if you ask me.

A voice, reportedly that of county party chairman Ken Henson, saying that he’s not that fond of GOP county commissioner Kevin Ensley, won’t vote for him, and would recommend to people he knows to not vote for him.

Another voice, reportedly that of county party secretary Linda Bennett, proudly proclaims herself a “Never Trump person” and vehemently protests the presence of Trump’s name on election day palm cards to be handed out at the polls.

It looks like this matter has been dealt with at the county and the congressional district level.  WHY is it headed to the state level?  (Is an example being made of these folks?)

I can understand the move against Richard Morgan.  He subverted the results of the election and threw the NC House majority to the Democrats.

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  1. I’ve been aware for some time that the Haywood conservatives were going to face this action but I also know that most Executive Committee members were only just informed TODAY, 48 hours before the scheduled meeting. The NCGOP staff have been particularly duplicitous in the scheduling of this event, knowing full well that many members are veterans who will be observing Veterans Day events and cannot be there. For others whom might be inclined to oppose them, they kept their intentions secret to limit attendance and manage the outcome that they intend. Much like Hasan Harnett’s removal, they will brazenly break party rules, to secure the desired result, which is why several of the Haywood conservatives have correctly predicted that the outcome is pre-ordained. As a number of county parties are becoming increasingly alienated by NCGOP’s behavior, I’m predicting more of these disloyalty hearings will be forthcoming.

    1. I agree. This smells much like the Hasan Harnett outrage. The people currently at the helm of the NC GOP lack a moral compass to guide them. Sad.

    2. they can feel free to add my name to the disloyally list #ConservativeBeforeRepublican

      Facebook, YouTube, MSM is already a big enough enemy of conservatives and their beliefs we do not need to NCGOP acting with the same tactics the leftists are already attacking patriots with

      *This is message straight from Facebook Jail

  2. Lynda Bennett claimed to Becky Johnson a local newspaper reporter that she was only playing devils advocate. But at least a half a dozen people present at the meeting said that was not the case.

    We had also listened to drone on about never Trump stuff dozens of times before and for anyone that cares to see them I have screenshots of never Trump material posted on her Facebook page.

    These people are the most dishonest people I’ve ever seen and I’ve asked the district leadership numerous times to sit down and look at the evidence I have that will prove that.

    I get no response. Why in the world wouldn’t they at least sit down and look at it?

    I can expose the Haywood county Swamp and don’t mind calling these people by name.

    I have witnesses and evidence and people willing to stand and testify but they will never be heard because a dishonest system has propped them up for some reason.

  3. Please read my comments re: NCGOP and crew (oops forgot to include Burr) in “Ol’ Pat to Civitas”.

    I? repeat with emphasis: THEY ARE SIMPLY THE WORST.

  4. Party Disloyalty? Does that refer to a Republican who does not adhere to the values and principles laid out in the Party Platform?
    If so, when will the Central Committee vote to censure all those politicians who disregard those values and principles on a daily basis?
    As a registered Republican, I remain so simply because of those values and principles. I am disgusted beyond words though with elected officials and their enablers who thumb their noses at the Platform and those who hold elected officials accountable. And, I do believe that the majority of Republicans feel the same way. The GOP should continue to disregard that faction of the party at their own risk. #2018 elections are going to be a disaster for the party if they don’t make some bold changes and soon.
    Perhaps that’s the goal…

    1. The party disloyalty that ought to be charged is against the elected Fake Republicans who go against the GOP platform, whether they are in the US Senate, the State Senate, or the State House.

  5. Iredell County’s GOP excom treasurer was/is a never trumper too. Time to investigate her as well I suppose.

  6. As a Conservative I started the last presidential primary season supporting Ted Cruz but when Donald Trump clearly demonstrated his outstanding ability to energize voters I supported him from then until now and I expect my party to do the same.
    If staffers are unwilling to follow rules of fair play they should be terminated unless they can show evidence that someone above gave them direction.
    If candidates* appear to be Republican but clearly act contrary to our platform (RINO’s) they should be censured or removed from their office &/or censured.

    * – for party or public office

    OR the Party should dissolve I. E. commit suicide by breaking up into several parties ala Europe: Constitutional, Conservative, Un affiliated, Socialist, Alynsky-Socialist

    OR the Party could undertake an education program to popularize the consistency of our rights of Life, Liberty, and Property with examples at the national, state, and local levels and bring people into committed adoption of these principles.

    1. This charade clearly shows that the party badly needs a new General Counsel and a new Executive Director, preferably ones who do not channel Stalin like the current ones do.

      The party does not need another Stalin Show Trial, and this smells very much like what is intended here.

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