NCGOP once again meddling in local politics?

ncgopAre Republican power-brokers in the state trying to manipulate party organizations at the local level? It’s starting to look that way. 

We reported on US Rep. Renee Ellmers issuing an endorsement via email prior to the vote for Cumberland County GOP chairman.  (That race featured multiple candidates, by the way.) 

It appears that state senator Mike Lee (R-Wilmington) is following in Elmers’s footsteps: 



Interesting.  It’s very interesting that we now have TWO major political figures injecting themselves into intra-party debates in their jurisdictions.  Both figures endorse specific people via mass emails originating from their reelection campaigns. I am willing to bet this is not the last example of this type of thing we’ll see this month — when all of the counties are having their party conventions. 

A couple of years ago, we were bombarded with complaints about NCGOP staff — and allies of then-House speaker Thom Tillis — meddling in local party affairs.  Certain candidates were being hand-picked and promoted from Raleigh.  Hardball tactics from Raleigh were being used to reverse policy decisions at the local level.


7 thoughts on “NCGOP once again meddling in local politics?

  1. Raleigh meddling in selection of OUR legislative candidates is awful enough. That is the job of local parties under the Plan of Organization, not anyone in Raleigh. Meddling in county conventions is worse.

    1. Speaking of Tampa, those rules imposed by the RNC are still in effect. Maybe it’s time to fire back at the RNC this summer by refusing to change our POO like they want us to.

  2. The so-called power-brokers can only influence the locals if the locals are pliable and malleable.

    Strong local leaders would tell them to take a hike. Weak local leaders allow themselves to be persuaded.

    It is just like marriage.

  3. Little Mikey Lee is considered a local leader, even though his Senate seat was handed to him by Thom Goolsby upon his mysterious departure from the NC Senate. It’s unfortunate that many in New Hanover Co are swoon-ready when a senator calls or send them a letter. And the Establishment stays in power there because of it. Pity.

  4. “Republican power-brokers . . . trying to manipulate party organizations at the local level?”

    Why? Did they run out of things to screw up in Raleigh?

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