#ncgop: Oh, look! Unpaid bills.

mo-300x166We wrote earlier about some heartburn within the NC House GOP Caucus about campaign finance practices.    Roughly $250,000 in unpaid vendor invoices were found tucked away in a drawer.  Also, a pile of money ended up with a legislator instead of with a media firm contracted with the caucus. 

Now, it appears the North Carolina Republican Party is having some bill-paying issues.  We found this on file with the state board of elections:






Of course, Mr. Morse was kind of enough to supply details about the debt in question:




Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s a dozen unpaid invoices from September 4 through October 14 of last year.  If my math skills are still up to snuff, that’s $66,495.68 in *SURPRISE* 2014 debt for the party.  Discovered in March of THIS YEAR.   (Show of hands.  How many of you out there would still be walking around — out of jail, unmolested by lawyers, cops,  collection agencies, or bat-wielding thugs — with that much debt SIX MONTHS IN ARREARS?) 

6 thoughts on “#ncgop: Oh, look! Unpaid bills.

  1. Any normal law abiding citizen would have already been thrown in jail and they would have thrown away the key as well.

  2. Is it the party’s fault or the listed candidate’s fault that the bill hasn’t been paid? I don’t know how that works.

    seems to me that if it is the fault of the candidate, then they are just handing a campaign issue to their 2016 opponent but maybe this happens all the time.

    any experienced folks care to enlighten me?

  3. I wonder if this is just the same group of unpaid bills that came up in the House caucus. They are designated ”coordinated expenses” and the NCGOP maintains the funds for both House and Senate caucus in its own accounts.

    The one on the list that jumped out at me was the only one listed for The Stewart Group, which is liberal establishment consultant Dee Stewart’s operation. The candidate attached is Chris Malone. Chris Malone is one of the five despicable jerks who went against the GOP platform to save the Renewable Energy Mandate, which gives millions in corporate welfare to a corrupt crony capitalist industry that is riddled with liberals and causes an increase in consumers electric bills. Dee Stewart was higher by those liberal crony capitalists to get them that sweatheart deal, and now it turns out he was the consultant for one of the jerks who voted with the liberals on the set of bills that benefitted the liberals.

    Malone should be primaried and defeated, and conservatives should shun any candidate connected to liberal consultant Dee Stewart. Oh, and Stewart is also behind radio ads trying to prop up liberal Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. He is exactly who one would expect to be doing that. Another one of Stewart’s candidate who should be shunned is Craig Collins running for NCGOP chairman.

    1. Since it is now established that Malone was a client of one of the pushers of the corrupt legislation that raises our electric bills and distributes many millions to a corrupt crony capitalist industry mostly run by liberals, Dee Stewart, I wonder how many of the other ”High Electric Bill Five” who stabbed conservatives, Republicans, and consumers in the back on both pieces of legislation – Watford, Bradford, Hastings, and Dollar were also Stewart clients.

      Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker were the ringleaders of this treachery, and I would never give a nickle to any candidate who uses either of them. All conservative contributors should shun their candidates.

      1. John Bradford is a Tillis protege from his hometown of Cornelius. He will do as he is told.

  4. Amended reports are aways allowed In campaign finance, indefinitely. This appears to be invoices submitted by candidates for reimbursement after the fact. Sloppy but legal and allowed.

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