#NCGOP Long knives already out for Nix, Harnett

crystal ballI am really starting to look like a psychic.  In a previous post about Hasan Harnett’s upset win in the NCGOP chairman’s race, I talked about the possibility of sore loser-ism setting in with the party establishment.  I predicted tactics similar to what the Dems did to Randy Voller would be put into motion.  It sure didn’t take long. 

A cabal of the current powers-that-be is already looking to shift fundraising AWAY from the party and to Super PACs and other independent expenditures.  What’s really bothersome is that plans are being formulated RIGHT NOW to bleed the  existing state party treasury dry BEFORE Harnett can take office.

ncgopThe money raised by the state House and Senate caucuses flows through what is essentially a pass-through account controlled by the NCGOP headquarters.  (Go to the state board of elections web site, do a search for “NC REC,” — which stands for North Carolina Republican Executive Committee — and you can see all the details for yourself.)  That money flows pretty easily to consultants and legislators and candidates who come in and express a “need” for it. 

I know vice chairman elect Michele Nix and chairman-elect Harnett, as well as people close to them, read this site religiously.  You folks and your supporters need to move right now to freeze the funds in the state party accounts so this sabotage cannot go down.  

Also, plans are in the works to block Harnett from hiring or firing ANYONE within the state party staff.

Today was only half the battle for the grassroots.  Serious monkey business is in the works.  Folks need to step up and say HELL NO, or the Harnett-Nix era at NCGOP will be over before it even begins.

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  1. Oh, Crap! Our guys didn’t win. Hey you got the name of that truck driving school, Truckmasters I think it was. I think I’m going to need that. Crap, what happened?!

    1. This party is not about a person it is about the people in this state that believe in the values in our NCGOP party platform. This convention got it right because the delegates put the values of this party first.

      What Matters Most in Life?

      1. Conservative delegates went RINO hunting, and we bagged our limit!

        From his entrance with his family and the line band to the last vote report that put him over the top, Hasan Harnett’s win was electrifying! There was such an uproar of clapping and cheering, it’s a wonder the racket didn’t knock the doors off their hinges.

        All you conservative delegates who stayed at home missed being part of a stunning grassroots victory! I’m sorry for you.

        Congratulations, Hasan Harnett and Michele Nix. We’re so proud to have you both as our new leaders.

        As James Brown might say, “HEY! I FEEL GOOD!!! SO GOOD! SO GOOD! I’VE GOT YOU!

        1. hey I would not brag too much about RINO hunting cause the environmentalists might have to add a new type to the endangered species list

        2. As one of the delegates who “stayed home”, I, to am sorry to have missed it! I would have been there with bells on if it weren’t for the excessively high poll tax the GOP charged in order to vote. Hasan’s campaign promised no charge for voting…I heartily support that. There are other ways to raise money, and I don’t mind contributing, but the grassroots conservative in me bristles at a blatant “pay to vote” poll tax philosophy.

        3. If the convention didn’t cost so much to attend, some of us could have attended. The cost to put it on vs. the cost to attend was ridiculous.

    2. Darn! We thought we had our guys in at NCGOP. We in the hard core environmental movement paid Stewart and Shumaker lots of Benjamins to get that green energy stuff through the legislature, and they seemed so good at conning Republican legislators to vote for President Obama’s programs, we had every reason to think they could con Republican delegates, too, and put Stewart’s front man in as chairman. I guess maybe Republican delegates are not as easy to fool as Republican legislators. I hope Republican legislators don’t wake up, too, as then we will be in real trouble in getting President Obama’s green energy policies implemented in North Carolina.

      1. Oh hell, just now woke up after a hard night of drinking and had a bad dream that we lost at the convention and the grassroots won. It was a nightmare. Gotta check my mail to see by how much my gangstahs took it by and where the big party is tonight.

        1. WHAT THE F{{{{BEEEEEEPPPPPP}}}}}}}K, WE GOT OUR A{{{{{{BEEEEEEP}}}}}ES KICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I came to this convention for one reason, to make sure Collins didn’t win. Not to hear Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or anybody else. I supported A.J. Doud. When he dropped out, no way I was supporting Collins. Everybody in that room felt the energy of the PEOPLE taking back the NCGOP. The question now is what’s next?
    Do you think McCrory & the leadership that supported Collins is going to give Harnett a big hug and welcome him? Nope. They are going to do everything possible to see to it he fails.
    Do you think Stewart & Shumaker are going to go away and leave all that money they were making from a Collins victory? Nope. They will badmouth Harnett and start up PAC’s to make their money.
    The people have spoken and conservatives won the day. But if we don’t demand the change we voted for, it won’t come to pass.

      1. Failed logic. Moses wasn’t a very good public speaker but all in all a pretty good leader.

        1. Maybe Michelle Nix will be his Aaron. Looks like it turned out pretty good the way it needed to turn out. The big winners are the people.

      2. Were you there? Did you hear his whole presentation including the line band, the family, the apolitical insights? I was there, 2nd row. And very impressed. District Vice Raleigh

        1. Yes I was there. He sounds like he’s making #@!@ up as he goes. If he is that unprepared for such a huge event, we are in for a world of hurt.

      3. Personally I will go and have gone up to the mic and bumble all day long for the good of the party because I am very willing to risk personal embarrassment while fighting to maintain a Strong Republican Party

        1. And look what Bush gave us: a government-orchestrated “terror” attack, no weapons of Mass-Destruction, and a perfect pathway-paving for Mr. Obama. So, okay….

      4. Have you ever heard the old saying? People of ACTION don’t worry about SPEAKING.
        Public Speaking may be apart of politics for years but people are waning from it and watching Actions, like the way they vote. Grassroots are learning that a good speech is great but a mover and shaker is the greatest. Watching people’s actions (Voting) it taking the forefront if Grassroots want to change politics.

        1. Unfortunately, you can’t see the actions behind closed doors, just the sheep’s clothing on the outside.

  3. My cousin, the County Chair, gave it to me like this…..a lot of County Parties voted 100% for Harnett, and they didn’t do it just to elect a Chair and Vice Chair…they’re thoroughly incensed with their high-handed governor, a newly liberal Speaker Moore, and a thoroughly out-of-touch Richard Burr and they were intent on sending a message.

    The Establishment tries any of that crap and there’s a very good chance the Party rank-and-file, led by a lot of County Chairs could absolutely explode just in time for Election 2016 in Battleground North Carolina.

    I’ll stress again that a lot of Counties voted 100% for Harnett and Michelle Nix won in a landslide. Expect at least a number of mid-level leaders to circle the wagons around their new State leadership team.

    Wish I could attend tomorrow’s Executive Committee meeting as it should be interesting.

    1. It should be the best executive committee meeting that I will have ever attended. And I personally have served on the executive committee under at least 6 different chairman and today was not a win for a person it was not a win for a chairman or vice chairman it was a win for every delegate in that convention hall even the ones that were upset around me and the ones I got to happily explain that this was a win for them also. It is a win for every republican in this state that supports our party platform and the values that we hold so dear in our heart for the future of this the greatest nation in the world

    2. There was no love at Sundays Meeting, and guess what there was no progress on the platform or resolutions. We spent 20min on standing or secret vote. Were told #4 was mote because of the bill in the Gen Assembly, even thought the chairman of the Resolutions Committee said there could be no 4 without passage of #3. Passed 5 and time ran out. Let me tell you campers were not happy when it became evident they were not going to get any father there than they did at the convention . After Ben Carson and Chad Connelly spoke they did not stand a chance.

      1. secret vote or no secret vote set the issue aside the process was working better then a slate of people pushed down our throats… That is when the process was going to be changed again I stood up to keep the process moving like it was. When I learned we were getting kicked out of the room
        Then I conceded and understood the process needed changing

        but the real problem was that they did not book enough time for the meeting I guess figuring things were going to happen as they did in years past with no real conversation from the floor. With the “This what is going to happen and you are going to say YAY” to it attitude. So yea the old leadership did not book the room long enough because they thought they were going to keep ball running controlling the party. The board needs to step up demand we have enough time for future meeting and board members need to know it can be a long day and be willing to sit and participate until the work is done for the day

        So any way I look at this meeting it was progress but the board has to keep fighting because this board is the power in the party when the convention is not in session. not the central committee or the chairperson or the executive director… They all work for the board and the board works to uphold what the convention desires when the convention is not in session

        if someone thinks I have this wrong then please correct me

  4. So could we expect to see some changes at the Executive Committee meeting tomorrow? Rules and whatnot to weaken the Chair’s power?

    1. no changes like you mention are needed the Executive Committee is the most powerful body of the party when the convention floor is not in session.

      It is everyone’s duty being on the executive committee to represent the party platform the convention passes and not the wishes of any one person

      The Chair and the Central Committee work for the Executive Committee so it it is not a issues of anyone’s power. Hopefully the only change will be more more transparency in communication between these branches or groups with in the party structure

  5. Harnett needs to get hold of the party account statements first thing Monday morning. In fact, it might be smart to spend all next week at party HQ getting a full handle on things.

    As to party employees, the Executive Director is hired by and responsible to the Central Committee under the PoO, and other party employees are hired and fired by the ED. The only time a party chairman has had the power to hire and fire employees has been when he is also ED, like Hawke or Flaherty,

    While the ED is hired by and responsible to the Central Committee, traditionally the Central Committee has given great deference to the chairman’s recommendations. As a practical matter, that has usually meant a much greater role for the chairman than the Central Committee in the actual hiring process. Actually, one of the things that Pope did that promoted a more open party was to heavily involve the Central Committee in all stages of the hiring of the current ED, much more so than any previous chairman. Of course, when Hastings was chairman, he stalled on hiring an ED because he wanted someone from out of state, which the Central Committee adamantly did not, so the Central Committee just went around him and hired an ED on their own without Hastings involvement. The Hastings situation was also unique in that the meeting where that happened, Hastings had asked for and was given a leave of absence due to his indictment for tax fraud (later dismissed), so there really was a big need to move forward and do something to fill that position and not just leave it hanging until Hastings came back after resolving his court problems..

  6. There are three major streams of outside money that run through the NCGOP. Two of those are the campaign funds of the House and Senate caucus, and the caucuses derive more benefit from the party holding those than the party does. Still, it would be beneficial for Harnett to ask for time to address the legislative caucuses at their next meeting to smooth over any hard feelings there.

    The other stream is the important one, and that is the Victory Fund, which is connected to RNC, and needs good relations with the major party candidates, because supporters of those candidates who have maxed out are some of the best sources of funds for the Victory committee. Harnett once worked in an RNC funded position, so I would think he would have some connections there to head off any monkey business with that fund. The same would be true of any RNC grants to NCGOP, Indeed, Harnett should put RNC on his travel plans in the near future.

    One also has to remember that David Lewis, the National Committeeman from NC gave the nominating speech for Collins. It would be an incredibly nasty piece of sour grapes for Lewis to use that position to undermine the state party because his guy lost for chairman. And remember that Lewis comes up for reelection again at the state convention a year from now. Our National Committeewoman might be a better person for Harnett to rely on.

  7. McCrory has been repudiated by the party faithful. That was the message of Saturday’s vote. Who knows whether or not he will get the message. Probably not. Anyhow, now is the time for all the party faithful to unify and work together to elect conservatives across the board. With or without McCrory, we all have work to do.

  8. If they do pull this monkey business, with the funds (like Nevada, Iowa, or Alaska), the answer should be for the grassroots to spike McCrory’s re-election bid. He should be threatened with that ahead of time too; not by Harnett, but by county chairs and EC members.

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