#ncgop district conventions roundup: Dallas, YOU have a problem.

It was not a good day to be Dallas (or his grandpa).   In the First Congressional District, Thomas Hill — who, in 2013, guided his county party to endorse Greg Brannon over Thom Tillis in the 2014 US Senate primary — got elected district chairman.

In the 3rd district, Ma Cotten’s sweet, sweet little girl was replaced by Carl Mischka — a friend of The Haymaker. So, it was a good day for the grassroots.

So, we now have at least two guys in senior party offices who are not fans of Dallas and his grandpa.  (They replace two folks who HAD been big fans of that mess at the Raleigh HQ.)

Even more interesting news from the 3rd — Robin Hayes got hit with the kind of boos you’d expect to hear Patriots fans hitting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with.  Also, the 3rd held a straw poll for the state party chairman’s race.  Hayes, the incumbent installed via coup last year, got NO VOTES.

The 1st and 3rd districts include an awful lot of the folks upset with Hayes over his involvement in the state’s punitive regulation of the commercial fishing industry. 


13 thoughts on “#ncgop district conventions roundup: Dallas, YOU have a problem.

  1. O.K., so it was a few party people who rebelled that cost Pat the race……..Now that we have exposed the rat in the woodpile, we realize the past Gov. drank the koolaid. Again, you can fool the fans, but you can’t fool the players. Bye, bye, Pat. Now, eveeybody…..bye, bye, Robin, and your henchman. Meanwhile, over in the House, John Bell, and Jimmy Dixon are upset I called them RINOS. I don’t mean anything particular by it, but they may get a 2 for 1 at a tattoo parlor getting it stamped, forever, on their foreheads.

    1. John Bell and Jimmy Dixon are good progressive Republicans who strongly support President Obama’s green energy agenda and are on board with our solar and wind friends. They also support President Obama’s LGBT agenda as shown by their voting for Roy Cooper’s bill to repeal HB2.

      With progressive Republicans like Jimmy Dixon and John Bell, we can advance President Obama’s legacy without even needing Democrats

      You may call them RINO’s but I prefer to call them progressive Republicans, or Obama Republicans, if you will,

      Please do not primary them. We need to keep them to protect President Obama’s legacy in North Carolina.

    2. .Fisheries are hardly the only issue where Dixon and Bell have shown themselves as flaming liberals. The one major issue that is the acid test is the repeal of HB2 where Dixon and Bell jumped on Roy Cooper’s bandwagon and wantonly betrayed the Republican base on an issue of major importance. The term I have heard recently that sums them up better than ”RINO” is ”fake Republican” which is exactly what Bell and Dixon are. Both represent conservative districts, and local GOPers need to find some real Republicans to take these fakes down in the primaries.

  2. Two Fighters for Truth, Honor and Integrity on the central committee for the next two years what a blessing this will be and a BIG CONGRATS to both of them. They are people that are not trying to build their own power and prestige but a party of honorable conservatives in this state and that is a welcome change

  3. Truthfully, Hill invites ALL candidates to Gates. The ones that show up even once win the county. No joke. Thomas never takes sides. He only provides open access to venue and message. The supporting cast in Gates should get the praise. They want to be heard.

  4. Hmm. Thomas “Take no prisoners” Hill on the same central committee as Zan. This ought to be interesting.

    1. Assistant GOP Treasurer Zak Crotts elected. He is a County Commissioner in Davidson County. Establishment aligned with Hayes, etc. Loyal to the goup that ran Hassan out of his position. I think he was unopposed.

  5. Those pot smoking Ron Paulers and tea baggers are ruining our GOP. Time to call in my buddies for state convention and have free ice cream and beer socials.

  6. Poor Garry Terry. He knew how to masquerade as one of the grassroots peons and as a conservatives, but he always took orders from us in Raleigh. He was always our guy as district chairman. There was that little incident where he resigned, but we told him just to act like he hadn’t and go on with being chairman. This time, he had reached finished his third term and had promised to only serve three terms, but we told him to go on and run again anyway.

    It is too bad that we no longer have a yes-man as 1st District chairman.

  7. I got forwarded a copy of Garry Terry’s whining email about losing. He blamed weighted voting at the convention. That system of weighted voting at district and state conventions has been in place since forever to prevent a chairman from skewing a convention by calling it at a location close to his own strongholds so it would be easier for him than an opponent to turn out delegates. It is all about fairness. I wonder what it is about fairness that Garry Terry does not get? Of course, he did not get much about the concept of fairness in the Stalin-style show trial to purge Hasan Harnett, either.

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