An “Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence”???? (Holy crap.)

Let’s see.  The GOP still controls state government.  They still dominate the UNC governing boards.  Their appointee, Margaret Spellings, is STILL president.  So, what is the deal with creating positions like THIS?

Oh, I looooooove how the salary range is “dependent upon qualifications.”  So, we rubes are not going to be clued in on just how much this far-left claptrap “job” is going to cost us?   In case you were wondering, HERE is the job description:

Hmmm.  This passage  from above is interesting:

“[…] When we refer to diversity, we include ethnicity, race, age, gender, whether a person has physical limitations, religion, country of origin, and veteran’s status.  We also mean much more than that.  In defining diversity, we include people with a range of philosophical and political perspectives so that our school, and other schools this position may work with, offer a big tent where many points of view are expressed.  This is particularly important in the current US climate where people may view campuses as only homes for liberals. […]”

*Oh, yeah.  Ask a UNC-CH College Republican about all of the tolerance, understanding, inclusivity, and LOVE they feel on campus.  Go ahead.  Ask them.*

If I didn’t know the UNC system as well as I do, I would believe this is a major turning point.  But, sadly, it is more likely to be a misdirectional, distraction tactic to fool Jones Street and the Trump administration so they can slip YET ANOTHER race-baiting, man-bashing statist onto the government payroll.   MORE: 

Aha!  “Work closely with staff from Diversity and Multicultural Affairs.”  There’s not a single conservative among THAT CREW.  “Work closely” means keep your mouth shut and do what the, um, “multicultural”  race pimps tell you to do.  (*Don’t try any of that “content of their character and not color of their skin” nonsense with them.  Nosirree.*)  MORE: 

These people come moaning to the legislature every year about how they’re starving for cash, and then they appropriate funds for THIS kind of stuff.  If there are any conservative cojones at all left on Jones Street, the next time one of these UNC types comes begging for cash with hat-in-hand, they’ll hand them this job announcement.

It’s not just going on at the collegiate level.  The edu-crats are sneaking nonsense like this into our local school systems and community colleges as well.  (Our local community college hired a ”vice president for diversity” not too long ago.)  

The kids in the classroom come first — well before the leftist propaganda and social engineering.  Hands down. Case closed.