#NCGOP: Can’t shut them up? (Then BAN them.)

For a crew that likes to brag about growing the Republican Party, Dallas Woodhouse and his Gramps sure are spending an inordinate amount of time sending threatening lawyer letters to Republican activists:

Hmmm.  Is the race to reelect Gramps as state chairman going so poorly that they are having to target conservative “troublemakers” with letters like this?    Banning conservative “troublemakers” — even those who are duly elected convention delegates — from even appearing on site at the state convention in Wilmington?  (*If only Hasan would have had this tactic at his disposal against dear sweet Ma Cotten or Zan.*) 

I would think they have grounds to do something like this at NCGOP HQ.  They own THAT property.  But I think the tactic is highly questionable for the local GOP meetings and the convention.  The NCGOP is NOT the property owner in either of those cases. (I know there are several ambulance-chasers among our readership. Sound off, folks.  Might they need a court order — something akin to a restraining order — to actually do this in a legit manner?)

This sounds like a great way to fix an election and guarantee a job — and jet fuel! — for Grandpa Robin for two more years.

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  1. If people have been elected by the country party to represent it then I do not know of any way to keep the duly elected representatives out. In 1944 the Us Supreme Court ruled that political parties are not permitted to operate as private clubs, and that the parties must allow all who wish to register and participate to do so. Go and tie them up in court if they treat you any different than any other deligate

  2. Last year stark sent me one of these prohibiting my attendance at the NCGOP convention because I was supporting the duly elected chairman and choose to disregard their kangaroo court. This year I am. It a delegate but received one of these letters virtually identical to this one be. No one has been threatened, libeled or slandered by me. I have audio of a threat made to me by ken Henson the chairman of the HCGOP and I and others witnessed him threaten other precinct chairs and level false allegations of crimes against me as well. Stark has repeatedly threatened lawsuits against myself and others even though no laws have. Den broken. He is a bully and I refuse to take it sitting down.

  3. I am one who received this letter, I know our previous Finance Chair got one also. (I am told there may be more) UPS had left it on my doorstep while I was away. I have been a Republican for 40 years, I registered to Vote at Homestead Air Force Base in 1979, My first vote was for Ronald Reagan. I am a Christian, a Veteran, a Oathkeeper, I took that oath soon after my 18th birthday. I strongly Support the Republican Party Platform. (I wish our leadership did !) I teach adult sunday school class every other week. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer , Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 2008 and after recovering from a Bone Marrow Transplant I took up volunteering for my Haywood County GOP , I served as a Volunteer Precinct Chair for 6 years , worked the poles, volunteered for fund raisers. then I started seeing the trouble these crooked lawyers can cause when a fellow Precinct chair was arrested on false charges for asking Questions to the NCGOP . They charged him with Cyber stalking. (the case was dismissed , but it cost my friend thousands )
    Now a lawyer named Tom Stark , who I have never met, is trying to ruin my name. And I don’t even know what issue he disagrees with me on.
    I am told he wants to charge me with a Criminal Trespass, And remove me forever from attending Any GOP Event, Even in my own County.
    By the Way this Action the NCGOP has taken against me was Done Without the Knowledge, Advice, or Consent of my Haywood GOP executive Committee.
    The Executive Committee Members in Haywood Knew nothing about this.
    I am also told I have 30 days to respond to this Notice or I will By Law be pleading guilty to whatever the GOP said .
    I would like to clear my Good name, but can not afford a Lawyer .
    Any Advice would be appreciated……
    Eddie Cabe
    Lifelong Haywood County Republican.

    1. God Bless you for telling the truth about the corrupt leaders in GOP. Remove all like this. Good Luck

  4. First of all, if you truly are a journalist…get the whole story. These so-called activists are nothing but bullies and spend their time harassing Volunteers in NC GOP. They have a pattern…and have been doing it for years. Ask this source, for the rest of the letter . When letters like these go out, they’re usually accompanied by the reasons why this particular action has taken place . When these don’t get their way, they start these vile tactics. When you disagree, tou become am evil Rino…They have been sexually harassing folks and calling it entertainment. They have been using suggestive and lewd comments on pictures that have been posted. I could go on and on and on. At least Robin Hayes cares enough to take a stand against their vile Behavior which is a lot more than I can say for Jim Womack. These are all his supporters that are doing this mess and at least one of them is a volunteer of his that contributes a lot of time to his campaign…so, Womack refuses to condemn their actions. You can whine about Robin and all you want but at least he’s a man that will stand against vile and disgusting human beings. I’m not going to deny it, I supported Jim, at first, but I am going to the convention to cast my vote for Robin Hayes. There will come a time when Jim disagrees with these guys and they turn on him…. the NC GOP does not need the distraction… it will cost us midterm elections in 2018. Anyway, my point is if you’re going to criticize everybody else at least get your facts straight!

    1. Lynette
      Thanks for being someone else’s mouth piece, but you are from Caldwell County, I am from Haywood County…
      I have never saw you at a Haywood Meeting!
      You get your information from the same place Tom Stark does. And what you posted above are lies . you bear false witness.

    2. How do you know He doesn’t have the facts straight? It’s not like the NCGOP counsel has bothered to inform the Executive Committee of anything pertaining this action. And as for Hayes, he’s already lost the Executive Mansion AND the NC Supreme Court, so now you’re going to help Hayes get another term so he can lose the legislative super-majorities too? Brilliant.

    3. Your post shows one thing, that there is a bitter factional dispute in Haywood County, and that personal attacks seem to be a big part of it. Is it correct that the only time one of these personal attack allegations made it to court, the court shot it down and dismissed it? That would also seem to say something about the accuracy of those personal attacks.

    4. Yes, get your facts straight Lynette. People involved in this for a long time you do not know anything about what you speak about except what you have been told by the people who choose to do harm.

    5. First off Dont Drag Jim Womack in the Middle of This Lynette. When You do then You Also Become The Same Disgusting Slime As You Deem The Folks Who Receive Those Letters!
      Simply Because Any Person States They Support This Candidate Or One May Support That Candidate Does Not Then Draw Either Candidate Into The Middle Of A Dog Fight. If You had One Ounce of Integrity You would have Remained Neutral On The Candidates Running!

      1. Preach it Susannah Preach it

        There are fights going on in counties all over this state but most people took a different approach than the Haywood people they just changed their voter ID from a “R” to a “I” and walked away.

        Now from my limited understanding I do not think either side has handled themselves proper but I have to give the Haywood Patriots a little credit for trying to stand up for what they believe and not just packing up their bags and walking away like people who used to be “R”s have done in the rest of the state

        This party is broken the country is broken and Trump winning has proved this cause for a lot of people a vote for Trump was a vote of anger against both parties

        It is time to try and save the NCGOP at this years convention and that will not happen by voting for the same old same old country club politics and policies that have driven so many way

      2. So all those people that have I back Womack signs and are working for him and take his side has no integrity…gotcha By the way, these are NOT just supporters of Jim Womack…they are key people working on his campaign. Jim has had ample opportunity to condemn the actions yet chose to work with them. Jim needs to stand up…he knows who they are and what they do!!!! He made his choice…

  5. By the way, they are NOT delegates to any convention…. nor do they hold any seat on their executive committee in their County or District. They were in the past committee members comma however comma they did not win the elections at their Precinct conventions this year.

    1. Let’s do keep our facts straight. This is a “blog”.
      And calling, or implying, someone is a journalist amounts to slander these days.

    2. “By the way, they are NOT delegates to any convention…. nor do they hold any seat on their executive committee in their County or District.”

      Which makes it even more absurd that the NCGOP General Counsel would ban them from the convention.

  6. Comrade Hayes thinks he is Back in the USSR. American politics are not supposed to work that way. But I guess when one owes his current position to a Stalin show trial against his predecessor with made up ”evidence”, the Soviet way of thinking becomes pervasive in his mind..

  7. Beyond outraged at this point. If Hayes is reinstated because of this, for county organizations that care about integrity, it’s time to seriously think about severing association with the NCGOP and operating as independent entities or forming coalitions with like minded counties to create a conservative rival organization to the NCGOP like the legislature has done under HB 373. New York has a Conservative Party with 300,000 members and ballot access the last time I checked. North Carolina conservatives should pursue the same.

    1. I think it’s time to start building up the NC Constitution Party. I am not Representative David Lewis, btw. Yet. 🙂

  8. they will charge you, they charged Monroe Miller with False Cyber Stalking Charger for simple sending a email full of Questions to the NCGOP leadership. Hired what has been described as an unemployed Shoplifter to do the Dirty Work… Of Course it was thrown out of Court BUT it cost my friend thousands of dollars to clear his good name

    read about it here
    CyberStalking Case Dismissed. 3/24/2015. 4/2/2015…

  9. Eddie and Jerome, Let not forget this got started when VC Nix started on Haywood. Funny…the letters go out after Nix calls Dallas to bitch. BTW delegates in Charlotte and Raleigh got the Ban Letter. HEY…how come Haymaker given pass on Woodhouse memo pushing Nix!!!

  10. There’s obviously more to this story than is printed, and having been around this stuff as long as I have, there’s ALWAYS reasons for these letters going out. I’m leaning Womack, but this actually is pushing me towards undecided. I’m no Hayes fan, but this whining is amateur bullshit, especially if those receiving these letters are NOT delegates.

    And where’s the REST of this letter?

    1. Rick, the rest of the letter will show you no more than you have seen here – a bunch of flimsy allegations that are unsupported by factual evidence.

    2. Rick:

      Stark has proven to be willing to play the part of “legal bully” without substantive cause. Go look at http://hayrep.com. That organization was actually threatened by Stark, who alleged trademark infringement for having “Republican” in their name and an elephant in their logo. That is merely one instance of such behavior.

      You just can’t make stuff like this up.

    3. Rick, Exactly!!!! The childish antics are ridiculous. Another thing is.. notice all the anonymous people posting. My bet is it is the same group of people. I may be from Caldwell County but I can guarantee you that the allegations I made I have proof. As for the sexual harassment, It is Well documented and just because the people posting the pictures and videos say it is just entertainment doesn’t make it less sexually harassing. Paul Yaegar…you do not scare me or bully me…you are irrelevant. You have sent me plenty of emails threatening me…do what you want…try to sue me for slander….you will be laughed out…but if you have money to waste…go ahead. As to Eddie, what exactly did I bear false witness about? If you’re going to make an allegation, be clear about it. What exactly did I lie about? Toxhandler, you are irrelevant since apparently you don’t even have a name and you’re hiding behind anonymity. I can guarantee you there is no one named ToxHandler on any delegate list. GUWonder, if this were only about Haywood County why is everyone making out about Robin Hayes? Rest assured, there is a much bigger picture here. Also, I don’t see your name on any delegate list either… stop hiding behind anonymity. My comments are based on facts that I can back up and not personal attacks just because I don’t like someone. Paul, since they are not delegates…nor are you…why do you care about them being banned? Y’all have started up your own opposition party in the county and made no secret that you want nothing to do with the GOP in your county. So, Focus your energies on your own party instead of trying to destroy others. By the way, thanks for the recent text… the level of immaturity that you guys are showing is really embarrassing.

  11. Precisely why I left the GOP after what I saw at the Greensboro convention with Hasan. They are no better than the Dems. They all love big govt. They just fight to b in charge of it.. Wouldn’t it b great if Woodcock and Granpee showed up at the convention and had the place to themselves!!!! Washington warned us about the dangers of faction and parties. I believe he was right!!

    In Liberty,


    1. JT, yours is the only post on this page that makes complete sense. Why anyone wants to associate with liars and thieves is a mystery to me.

  12. Is this the same Tom Stark who ruled that the impeachment against David Lewis could not be heard due to improper notice, when Lewis was sent a certified letter to the address where he was registered to vote, and then actually appeared at the executive committee meeting, but then turned around and ruled that the impeachment against Hasan Harnett COULD be heard based on a regular first class letter sent to his home address at a time he was known to be out of the country, and when Harnett was NOT present? The very same Tom Stark?

    Is this the same Haywood County where the party general counsel ruled that 2/3 of the executive committee for impeachment purposes meant 2/3 of all members, but then Tom Stark turned around and ruled that as to Hasan Harnett, it only meant 2/3 of those actually present? The very same Haywood County?

    Conservatives need to remember that the General Counsel seat occupied by Tom Stark comes up for election at the executive committee meeting on Sunday after the convention. So does the election for the Treasurer who signed off on that grossly improper Shareholder Report mailing at party expense promoting Hayes. So does the party secretary, whose husband is a business associate of Ken Robol, the man who concocted the cock-and-bull story about Harnett and hacking.

    1. Why is it always the same 15 people just bitchin all the time? If we worked this hard as we bitch about the past, we should be in charge for the next thirty years. You guys are playing the oldies and people who will just need to forget about it. I hope Jim wins or we have four years of blaming people.

    2. Those elections are on Sunday as you’ve pointed out. But on Saturday at the DCCA mini-convention, the Secretary is running for DCCA Chairman or so I’ve been told. Which is also a Central Committee position. Musical chairs among the swamp creatures, it seems.

  13. Someone needs to be very careful.

    “They have been sexually harassing folks and calling it entertainment.”

    This is a very serious allegation, and probably rises to the level of slander unless backed with solid evidence.

    “These are all his supporters that are doing this mess and at least one of them is a volunteer of his that contributes a lot of time to his campaign…so, Womack refuses to condemn their actions. ”

    Sure, that is the only *possible* reason, right? It couldn’t possibly be that he, like many others, sees the absurdity of your allegations? Have you *bothered* to *ask* Jim, or have you just constructed a self-serving narrative, as good liberals everywhere do to achieve their goals?

    “There will come a time when Jim disagrees with these guys and they turn on him”

    Really? Is your crystal ball available for rent?

    “I could go on and on and on.”

    And you probably will. I’m making popcorn right now. Watching idiots blither can be quite entertaining.

  14. “Ask this source, for the rest of the letter . When letters like these go out, they’re usually accompanied by the reasons why this particular action has taken place . ”

    It would provide no new information, as it is just more of the unsubstantiated crap you have been spewing.

  15. I see the minions are carrying out my best laid plans to remain in control of the NCGOPe. Dallas Outhouse, and Tom Shark you guys really outdone yourselves with this one! When I set my eyes upon total control of the RNCe I will remember your efforts and place you in charge of the NCGOPe.

  16. Just when you think the GOP and NCGOP can’t go any lower, they continue to prove us wrong.

    The whining about needing to be protected from fellow Republicans is proof that the party loyalists/enablers in need of spaces are nothing better then whining liberals. The NCGOP is more interested in courting democrats and eliminating conservatives these days.

    2018 is going to be a bloodbath election for the GOP for these reasons. Combined with the Swamp Dwellers refusal to advance 7 years of campaign promises and this nonsense, voters are unenthusiastic and will not go to the polls. Meanwhile the left are super organized and motivated. Orgs like NCGOP will own this election.

  17. ” needing to be protected against fellow Republicans.”
    Makes me wonder if it was Ch Hayes or his bodyguard Harvey West who was the reason for uniformed law officers being stationed at the door of an AL PAM meeting on April 6.
    So I was told, that is.

    Browny Douglas

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