#ncgop: Bob Luddy and his DEEP POCKETS endorse an ED candidate

luddyA deep-pocketed businessman is currently shaking things up nationally in the GOP.  There’s another one making his voice heard LOUD and CLEAR here in North Carolina.  Bob Luddy has been well-known for donating generously to conservative politicians and causes for years.  He made news earlier this year by announcing he would witthold his regular contributions to the GOP caucuses in The General Assembly and give THAT money to AFP instead to fight some of the less-than-conservative things coming out of the GOP-dominated legislature.

Well, Luddy is now stepping forward to endorse a candidate for the  senior staff position at NCGOP HQ:

Members of the Central Committee,
Our party needs conservative leadership and I highly recommend Johnny Shull for the Executive Director position (resume attached). Your support for Johnny is critical to achieving the goals our voters demand.
The leading Republican candidates for President are all outsiders because the voters are disappointed in the results from Congress.  This is a strong market signal that cannot be ignored by our party.  
The Executive Director is responsible for daily operations of the party, essentially acting as a chief operating officer who works for and supports the Chairman and Central Committee. Johnny is the ideal candidate for this role, given his diverse background in operations and management.  Johnny has been a small business owner, elected official, college professor, and most recently a collaborator with the Koch Foundation and other Koch-related organizations. 
During his many years of experience, Johnny has managed hundreds of people, raised and managed millions of dollars, and has been responsible for multi-million dollar projects in business, government, and non-profit organizations.  Johnny is the only candidate who has a real tactical plan for building a solid fundraising apparatus for the party, as well as a plan for building a platform to engage our grassroots.  Many people can talk about these things, but Johnny knows how to build the real infrastructure necessary to make it happen.  ncgop
I highly encourage that you consider Johnny Shull to lead our party as Executive Director. Thank you for your consideration.
This must be the second finalist.  We heard earlier that Dallas Woodhouse was ONE of TWO finalists being considered for the executive director post. The hiring decision is expected this weekend.