#ncgop: A pile-on for leadership races

clownWhat started out as a runaway by SOMEBODY named Craig Collins and a re-anointing of Carolyn Justice as vice-chairman has evolved into a crowded circus atmosphere featuring vile rumors, physical threats, draft campaigns, and celebrity cameos. (Sheriff Brody, in the accompanying photo, is correct.) 

Let’s start from the beginning.  At first, we were told this Collins person — endorsed by everyone down to the GOP elephant itself — was going to be the new state party chairman.  Carolyn Justice — looking just as radiant as she did during her days at Richard ncgopMorgan’s right hand — was going to be force-fed to us for a second round as vice-chairman.  Then, we hear about Vince Coakley ally and Tea Party activist Hasan Harnett entering the chairman’s race.

Then, we hear Justice is OUT of the VC race. Then, we get Lenoir County’s Michelle Nix into the VC race.  A draft campaign for AJ Daoud to enter the chairman’s race is out there.  We’ve also heard that former Guilford County chairman, and perennial state party candidate, Marcus Kindley has verbally committed to entering the race. 

Now comes word that Justice is BACK IN the story as a chairman candidate.  So, for chairman we have: Collins, Harnett, Daoud, and Justice.  For vice chairman, we will have at least: Michelle Nix and Marcus Kindley.    Sadly, I don’t think we’re done. 

Oh, and let’s go with the rumor mill.  Someone is trying HARD to disseminate allegations that ONE candidate has actual organized crime ties in their family.  We’re not talking the legislature, here.  We’re talking THA’ MOB.  (For what it’s worth — as a recent hospital patient — I have no comment one way or another on THA’ MOB.  THAT is all.)

Another interesting one that has come over the transom suggests that at least ONE specific candidate “hates gay people.”  That sounds like someone trying to drop a match in a pool of gas at the NCGOP.  It sounds like oppo research you might hear during a general election with Democrats.   

I don’t know about you.  But I can’t wait for June to get here.