#ncgop: A pile-on for leadership races

clownWhat started out as a runaway by SOMEBODY named Craig Collins and a re-anointing of Carolyn Justice as vice-chairman has evolved into a crowded circus atmosphere featuring vile rumors, physical threats, draft campaigns, and celebrity cameos. (Sheriff Brody, in the accompanying photo, is correct.) 

Let’s start from the beginning.  At first, we were told this Collins person — endorsed by everyone down to the GOP elephant itself — was going to be the new state party chairman.  Carolyn Justice — looking just as radiant as she did during her days at Richard ncgopMorgan’s right hand — was going to be force-fed to us for a second round as vice-chairman.  Then, we hear about Vince Coakley ally and Tea Party activist Hasan Harnett entering the chairman’s race.

Then, we hear Justice is OUT of the VC race. Then, we get Lenoir County’s Michelle Nix into the VC race.  A draft campaign for AJ Daoud to enter the chairman’s race is out there.  We’ve also heard that former Guilford County chairman, and perennial state party candidate, Marcus Kindley has verbally committed to entering the race. 

Now comes word that Justice is BACK IN the story as a chairman candidate.  So, for chairman we have: Collins, Harnett, Daoud, and Justice.  For vice chairman, we will have at least: Michelle Nix and Marcus Kindley.    Sadly, I don’t think we’re done. 

Oh, and let’s go with the rumor mill.  Someone is trying HARD to disseminate allegations that ONE candidate has actual organized crime ties in their family.  We’re not talking the legislature, here.  We’re talking THA’ MOB.  (For what it’s worth — as a recent hospital patient — I have no comment one way or another on THA’ MOB.  THAT is all.)

Another interesting one that has come over the transom suggests that at least ONE specific candidate “hates gay people.”  That sounds like someone trying to drop a match in a pool of gas at the NCGOP.  It sounds like oppo research you might hear during a general election with Democrats.   

I don’t know about you.  But I can’t wait for June to get here.

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  1. Gotta update you here. Justice ultimately declined to run for anything, and a third candidate, District 8’s John Lewis, has announced for Vice Chair. So each race is now a 3-way.

    1. The Lewis dude sent out an email with a link to a website. The whole thing was clearly consultant packaged, which makes him obviously the new Dee Stewart stooge. Of course, as with any Dee Stewart material, it is hard to tell which parts are true, which are exagerated, and which are just made up.

  2. i hope no one votes for Collins. He and his staff have no clue who is a republican or going to the convention. We have gotten expensive post cards, a letter asking for donations, robo calls from everyone in the party and last night got invited into the phone town hall. We are both UNA and didn’t sign up for
    any convention ever. What an idiot the manager is.

    1. That ”staff” would be Dee Stewart and his minions, and yes, anyone who Stewart is inovlved with should be opposed.

  3. Michele Announced 5 Days Before Justice Bowed out. Strength, Unity, Victory. Consistent original slogan & message.
    She is not aligned with any one faction. Winner!

  4. I’m going to this convention to vote for CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES Hasan Harnett for Chair and Michele Nix for Vice CHAIR


  5. If that slimeball Dee Stewart is involved in a campaign, then vile, and usually false, rumors will be a feature of it. The most important thing in this campaign is for the NCGOP to emphatically say NO to Dee Stewart by defeating his candidate.

    Dee Stewart may not himself be involved with THA MOB, but he is the closest thing to a mobster involved in this race.

  6. We need leaders who will support the party nominee and not someone who will go off on some whacko tangent.

    1. While Mrs. Nix’ desire to serve as the Vice Chair is admirable and her passion is unquestioned, don’t start the coronation just yet. I’ve seen her “in action” both in person and in her frequent pronouncements on social media. It seems to me she spends more time hammering Republicans than she does Democrats. Is that what a Republican leader does? It doesn’t seem to have helped her (or Republicans) in Lenoir County where she is the Chairwoman. But on social media is where she shines – blowing up on issues both major and otherwise in a bombastic way that does little to attract the fence-sitters or unaffiliated voters that are critical to winning. She may think she is preaching to the Republican choir, but she is off-key and on the wrong verse. I’m thrilled that others have joined the contest.

      1. Is that you, Dee Stewart, picking up another username from over at Talking About Politics back when it was a viable discussion site? Anyone who followed that site would see that your leftwing position is nothing like the Reaganite who was active over there. Sort of like the new distorted version of Rino Hunter. Next you will probably post as Choo or Dap621 or anon? Probably not, as you seem to prefer user names that falsely imply that you are a conservative.

        A ”Reaganite”, you are not. More like a John Andersonite.

        Lewis is hard left for a Republican. Nix believes in the principles of the GOP platform. I see that you establishment types want to exclude all conservatives, but that will not get you a united party. It will get you the 3 million Republican voters staying home on election day that destroyed Romney (and for the record, I was one who held my nose and voted for Romney, just as I did for McCain).

    2. Hammering Republicans for supporting Republican principles is something delegates should vote against. John ”Lefty” Lewis’ tweets expose him for doing exactly that, and no conservative and no Republican loyal to party principles should even consider voting for him.

      I have known Michele Nix for some time and attended party meetings and fundraisers with her. I have NEVER heard her say a negative word at any time against a loyal Republican elected official.

      On the other hand, when opportunists who get elected on the GOP ticket start acting like Democrats, they very much SHOULD get called out for going off the reservation. It is these opportunist politicians who betray the GOP platform who are guilty of party disloyalty. Party leaders who try to expose their disloyal ways and force them back into the fold should be commended, since these opportunist politicians are damaging the GOP brand.

      A good example is John Boehner and his constant cave ins to Obama. Polling just before the Speaker’s election this year showed that 60% of Republican voters did not trust him and wanted him replaced, while only 18% of Republicans wanted him to stay Speaker. Supporting the GOP grassroots position (and that of NC Congressmen Meadows and Jones) of dumping Boehner would be the right position.

      Of course, Dee Stewart, who is for sale to whatever liberal cause wants to pay him money as he has clearly demonstrated with the green left, does not like party officials who value loyalty to party principles as that might interfere with his making money. No wonder he supports a phony like Lewis who supports so many Democrat causes.

    1. I am not sure if that post was sarcasm or not

      The liberal media will find ammo against any conservative that stands up for conservative principles. The fact that someone would stand up for conservitive principles is all the ammo liberals needs cause liberals do not fight with truth. They fight with what ever they think is right at the time they say it.

      When choosing a Chairman and Vice Chair we need to choose people that will fight the conservitive fight and not worry what the liberals say… This is a fight against evil and we need someone realizes this so they can be a great leader in the fight

      1. There are at least two people out there in the cyberworld with the username Rino Hunter. One used to post from time to time over at Talking About Politics, back when it was a viable and lively discussion site, something it has not been in several years. That Rino Hunter was a conservative grassroots type and went after the RINO’s.

        The second Rino Hunter, who has sometimes posted on this site, on the other hand, seems to want to hunt RINO’s so he can kiss up on them. That one has been accused by others of either being Dee Stewart or one of Stewart’s boys (see the Twitter exchanges Brant put in his article, for example). From the posts of that Rino Hunter, he is more a RINO than anything else.

        The implication here is that there are going to be some vile attacks on one or more of the conservative candidates, and that is pure Dee Stewart style. Also, with Stewart, we have to realize that whatever the attacks are, there will be a high probability that they will not be true.

        1. Thanks Raphael your comments here are always helpful and constructive to the topic being discussed

          1. Patrick, your observations about the liberal media are spot on. Big Media is little more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, and polls show a huge decline in the media’s credibility with the public. We do not need party leaders who will cower in front of liberal media, afraid of their own shadows. We need leaders who will go after them and put them in their place.

            NC once had leaders like that. Jesse Helms wore it on his sleave that the media was against him, and he won again and again.

            Calling out the media for its bias works in elections, as the Conservative Party in the UK just demonstrated in their upset victory. In the lead up to the election, the Conservative Party strongly and loudly called out the BBC for its political bias.

  7. “reaganite” misses several points to ponder. Michele Nix declared early and after Carolyn Justice dropped out was the sole candidate for a month. She’s been on the road to conventions and events all over the state. Her platform is Strength, Unity, Victory. She’s a “loud, proud, bold, bright red Republican” that will USE social media to help win races and has a plan in place to involve youth and minorities in the process. She is involved in Tea Party, NC Republican Liberty Caucus and 3 terms as County Chair in a county that spans 3 Congressional districts. She can help bridge the gap between the party and the grass roots. That is how we win. Her FB site is Michele Nix for NCGOP Vice-Chairman.

    1. John, what we have here are two (maybe one?) people who have picked up user names of conservative posters (Rino Hunter and Reaganite) from another political site and are misusing them to post from a liberal perspective on this site. Having read many posts over the years from the real Rino Hunter and Reaganite, it is very clear that this is not them.

      These people / person are / is using the common Dee Stewart tactic of accusing the other side of their own candidate’s faults. It is John ”Lefty” Lewis who has the bouncing off the walls crazy – and liberal – positions that he spews on social media. It is John ”Lefty” Lewis who shrilly attacks good Republicans like Ted Cruz on social media but does not seem to attack Democrats like Obama or Hilliary. Just look at the screen shots of Lewis’ tweets in this article:


      Those screen shots also reveal that John ”Lefty” Lewis hates conservatives. Not only should he not be elected vice chairman, but some way should be found to remove him from the 8th district chairmanship. This leftist dude should not be sitting on our central committee.

      1. No worries Raphael, he’s been removed as the Chairman of the 8th District. Word is he didn’t even show up to his own Convention this year and left the Vice-Chairman in a scramble to pull it together. Hopefully the Delegates to the State Convention will reject the liberal leadership style of John “Lefty” Lewis like their counterparts in the 8th District.

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