#ncgop: It’s your party, neuter it if you want to.

jlewisA lot of people read this site.  A  LOT.  We’ve raised the profile of a lot of folks — some in a good way, and others in a way they probably didn’t appreciate. 

We helped introduce you to SOME GUY named Craig Collins who has everybody and his mother endorsing him for state GOP chairman.  Now, let’s meet someone else who really had us puzzled when we first heard his name mentioned as a potential state party vice chairman — John Lewis.  (No, not this guy. Um, I think.) 

No, this John Lewis is the 8th congressional district GOP chairman who a lot of people seem to think needs to be sitting a heartbeat away from Paul Shumaker and Dee Stewart.  Lewis seems to be quite the *go-getter.* Why here’s a web site for the 8th district GOP with its last updates appearing to be in 2013.  And it still says ”coming soon.” Oh, Just imagine what he’ll pull off when he gets his hands on the reigns of the party in Raleigh.

Well, let’s move off the inside baseball and move over to the issues stuff.  Because that’s what we’re about ’round these parts. Check this out from John’s Facebook page: 



Oh, and look who likes his post.

Let’s see:  The Ripon Society AND TR.  We’ve written extensively about the folks at Ripon.  They want to get rid of all the church people and their morality stuff in the GOP platform.  And ol’ TR.  He was a tough looking dude, but he IS Mr. Big Government.  We have wetlands and the Department of Interior thanks to him. 

Oh, and Mr. Lewis is ALSO quite active on Twitter:

cruz birth.fw


Ooooo-kay.  If Cruz is our nominee, and Lewis gets elected VC, THIS will come in right handy around October 2016.  The Democrats could not have said it better. That’s not all Lewis has to say about Cruz:



There must be something in the water around Charlotte that so irritates “Republicans” about Senator Cruz.   Okay, so we have a prospective vice chairman of the NCGOP who has a problem with (1) Ted Cruz’s ethnicity, and (2) those folks who oppose gay marriage. *Nice.*

But wait.  There’s MORE:

lewis cc.fw


Okay, so he likes Common Core.  Let’s stop and tally up here.  On Facebook, he’s called for STANDING FOR nothing.  On Twitter, he’s slammed the core interests of the family values crowd, the homeschoolers, AND Ted Cruz fans.  Boy, this is gonna be awkward when vice chairman Lewis called upon to campaign for GOP presidential nominee Ted Cruz.

Jus’ sayin’.