#ncgop: It’s your party, neuter it if you want to.

jlewisA lot of people read this site.  A  LOT.  We’ve raised the profile of a lot of folks — some in a good way, and others in a way they probably didn’t appreciate. 

We helped introduce you to SOME GUY named Craig Collins who has everybody and his mother endorsing him for state GOP chairman.  Now, let’s meet someone else who really had us puzzled when we first heard his name mentioned as a potential state party vice chairman — John Lewis.  (No, not this guy. Um, I think.) 

No, this John Lewis is the 8th congressional district GOP chairman who a lot of people seem to think needs to be sitting a heartbeat away from Paul Shumaker and Dee Stewart.  Lewis seems to be quite the *go-getter.* Why here’s a web site for the 8th district GOP with its last updates appearing to be in 2013.  And it still says ”coming soon.” Oh, Just imagine what he’ll pull off when he gets his hands on the reigns of the party in Raleigh.

Well, let’s move off the inside baseball and move over to the issues stuff.  Because that’s what we’re about ’round these parts. Check this out from John’s Facebook page: 



Oh, and look who likes his post.

Let’s see:  The Ripon Society AND TR.  We’ve written extensively about the folks at Ripon.  They want to get rid of all the church people and their morality stuff in the GOP platform.  And ol’ TR.  He was a tough looking dude, but he IS Mr. Big Government.  We have wetlands and the Department of Interior thanks to him. 

Oh, and Mr. Lewis is ALSO quite active on Twitter:

cruz birth.fw


Ooooo-kay.  If Cruz is our nominee, and Lewis gets elected VC, THIS will come in right handy around October 2016.  The Democrats could not have said it better. That’s not all Lewis has to say about Cruz:



There must be something in the water around Charlotte that so irritates “Republicans” about Senator Cruz.   Okay, so we have a prospective vice chairman of the NCGOP who has a problem with (1) Ted Cruz’s ethnicity, and (2) those folks who oppose gay marriage. *Nice.*

But wait.  There’s MORE:

lewis cc.fw


Okay, so he likes Common Core.  Let’s stop and tally up here.  On Facebook, he’s called for STANDING FOR nothing.  On Twitter, he’s slammed the core interests of the family values crowd, the homeschoolers, AND Ted Cruz fans.  Boy, this is gonna be awkward when vice chairman Lewis called upon to campaign for GOP presidential nominee Ted Cruz.

Jus’ sayin’.


20 thoughts on “#ncgop: It’s your party, neuter it if you want to.

  1. What’s the big deal. The two party’s are irrelevant they stand for nothing but who can run the biggest political whorehouse. Choose whichever pimp you want, won’t make a difference. Give the party’s the old fist in crease of elbow, raise high the one finger salute.

  2. Another reason why I would like to see someone like Greg Brannon start a strong Conservative Party.

  3. So does this mean that Carolyn Justice will be having John Lewis as her VP candidate?

  4. I can imagine the decision went something like “ok, who do we know that will do what we want but can get some of those Paultards to vote for him? Oh! John is for gay marriage and those libertarians are all for that so he’d be perfect”

    And now the LiberTea crowd is attacking him.

    And Cruz? No. His role is just to split the Conservative vote. We ended up with Tillis on the ticket because a preacher was recruited to split off the evangelical vote. Don’t fall for it again with Cruz.

  5. Got hand it to you, Brant, you outed this Lewis as a full blown liberal Republican. The Ripon Society was founded by the Rockefeller Republicans decades ago to fight against conservatives. and Lewis’ attacks on Cruz show that he is definite their type, a strident anti-conservative.

    Heck, what is the difference between having this leftwing dude as our vice chairman and just asking the round reverend to take the position?

    Lewis’ leftwing ideology also seems to fit in well with some of Stewart’s other clients.

    Our goal at the convention is to build a Stewart-free party.

  6. This struggle for individual liberty will eventually end with either another “political” party or a very large and effective independent movement gree of the usual political corruption. Go unaffiliated (independent) and stay informed and active.

    1. I cannot think of a surer way to neuter oneself politically than to go Unaffiliated. To win elections, conservatives have to have a vehicle to support candidates. Flawed though it may be, the GOP right now is the only game in town. If there was a conservative Unaffiliated organization to support candidates, it might be a different story, but the fact of the matter is that there is not.

      Plus, I think if the time comes for a new party, it will develop much like the Reform Party in Canada did, when much of the infrastructure of the Progressive Conservatives in western Canada defected en mass to the Reform Party. If that happens, it is much better that conservatives be within the infrastructure of the GOP. Building a new party from scratch is not an easy task, although it can be done (ask UKIP in England or Alternativ fur Deutschland in Germany).

      For 2016, we have some RINO’s we need to replace in GOP primaries, starting with Renee Ellmers, and we need conservatives working within the GOP to do that.

  7. Let me say I have known John Lewis for several years now here in Concord and found him to have been more than capable as Cabarrus Party chair and as much so as GOP 8th district chair. With that aside I do not share some of his opinions as far as immigration, common core and the direction of the GOP as whole in appeasing the liberal media. I have seen personally Mr Lewis go to bat for an loyal Republican staff worker for the Vince Coakley for congress campaign when this worker was told he was not going to be paid after the election. In fact this particular worker was the only one on staff that was was NOT going to be paid and also was the only staffer that was Caucasian. The mgr of that campaign for Coakley for congress is now running for Chair of the NC GOP. When Mr Lewis heard of this he phoned the Campaign mgr and ended the conversation and I quote..” I let me remind you..I am an attorney”. The staffer was paid the very next day.
    So my point is …yes we may not agree with Mr Lewis on some very important issues…but let us not convict him as a pseudo Republican either.

    1. Thank you…maybe if this reporter went to the correct FB page he would see there was a posting on it yesterday…and the website is currently being updated and worked on by current 8th district leadership. Under Mr. Lewis this website has been up and running for two years.

    2. When someone opposes the Republican positions set out in the platform, and instead supports Democrat positions, then, YES, he is a pseudo-Republican or as some would phrase it, a RINO.

  8. The ideology of this ”Republican” John Lewis does not seem much different from that of the Democrat John Lewis you picture. He is a walking contradiction of the Republican platform on a variety of important issues. That is NOT someone we need in high office in the NCGOP. Of course, the affinity for the leftwing Ripon Societey should be enough to tell you that all by itself.

    Lewis’ support of homosexual marriage allows one to start connecting dots on the earlier reported info that one candidate was going to be attacked for ”hating homosexuals”. Vicious and often false attacks are part of the usual game plan of Dee Stewart. In this case, that attack would be used to try to deflect conservative disgust with Lewis’ ultra liberal position on homosexual marriage. Lewis is out of step with the GOP platform on that and many other issues.

    The attack will come from Stewart and be directed at one or both of the other vice chairman candidates, most likely the stronger one. Stewart may base it on some flimsy distortion, but his history shows that he is not above making it up out of whole cloth.

    Stewart may have a personal reason to address this issue, and it has to do with two of his own close friends, who have also at times been key political allies, both of whom have ”sexual preference” issues. One is a current elected official who name came up in some of the stories on that Florida GOP congressman who had a homosexual scandal some years ago with a young boy.

    The other is Stewart’s political mentor going back to the time both were in College Republicans, and who was instrumental in helping Stewart get set up in North Carolina politics when Stewart moved down from Iowa. Stewart’s mentor was a close associate of Richard Morgan and thanks to Morgan was a committee chairman in the House, which put him in a position to throw some financial bones to Stewart. As a legislator, there were always rumblings about the sexual preference of Stewart’s mentor, but after he was defeated in a primary by GOP regulars, his lifestyle no longer left any doubt.

    Not that he is one himself, but Stewart would have some deep seated personal reasons to want to defend homosexuality and attack those who find it distasteful. Still, with Stewart, he will find any disapproval of homosexual marriage or of the homosexual lifestyle to be ”hating homosexuals”.

  9. Hey, this John Lewis guy sounds great. He agrees with us progressive Democrats on so many top issues. Electing people like him in Republican Party positions will help us get Republicans to cave in even more to President Obama’s progressive agenda.

    I see lots of other issues mentioned, but does anyone know if Lewis loves Polar Bears – and solar farms (mustn’t forget our green energy buddies)? I know that since our hard core environmental movement bankrolls Stewart, we could just ask him, but with Stewart he bills you for every little thing, and I thought maybe someone here could tell us for free.

    Of course, since Collins and Lewis are in Dee Stewart’s pocket, and Stewart is in the pocket of our hard core environmental movement, thanks to all the Benjamins we pay him, it should be a no brainer, but it is always good to make sure.

  10. Did this John Lewis get mixed up on which party to register in? Looking at his issue positions, I see lots of liberal ones, and absolutely none on the conservative side. Maybe he is one of those Obama Republicans?

  11. Your screen shots of Lewis’ tweets show another typical Stewart ploy – accusing your opponent of your own candidates flaws.

    These Lewis tweets show him viciously attacking a major GOP presidential contender in very demeaning terms, but no attacks on Democrats like Hilliary or Obama. They also show him getting very shrill on issues, but shrill in supporting the liberal side!

    Stewart and his surrogates want you to believe that it is Mrs. Nix who attacks Republicans and makes shrill statements on issues, but those screen shots of Lewis’ tweets clearly show it is Lewis that has that problem.

    This reminds me of one of Stewart’s dirty tricks in the State Senate race where he back RINO Tommy Tucker, who got the lowest NRA rating of any GOP legislative nominee in the state, against leading conservative former state Senator Fern Shubert. Stewart mailed out a postcard at the last minute, too late to answer, accusing Shubert of having used her legislative office to move the location of a certain major state highway in Union County to benefit the value of her own property. The true facts were that the state had longed planned four laning that highway and had bought the right of way. A group of local Democrat politicos tried to change the route to go through property they owned which would have benefited those Democrats, and had the Democrats hacks then running DOT going their way. This would have delayed the four laning and cost the state a lot more money. As a legislator, Shubert went to bat to stop this scam and keep the highway on its original route where the right of way had already been bought, and she succeeded. Shubert was the hero in this episode, but Stewart’s lying postcard called her the villain, and since that had happened a number of years before this primary, many voters had probably forgotten the details of who was on which side. Tucker, it seems had played some minor role on behalf of the Democrats. This is just one example of the dishonest dirty tricks that are the hallmark of Dee Stewart, and it is why the party needs to avoid any candidate for party office connected with Dee Stewart..

    Oh, and Tommy Tucker was the arrogant Senator with the ”I am the Senator, you are the citizen, Shut up” outburst.

  12. I have known John for many years, and what I can say about him above anything else is that John believes in civil liberties for all people – not just those who score 100% on your imaginary republican purity test.
    As for all of your screen shots – you are not giving the full discussion that followed. I can see there were comments and people who liked the discussion, so, just because John isn’t promoting your view doesn’t mean that he is out of touch with the GOP. I know John will be able to speak to various groups and form strong coalitions that will support republican candidates.

    1. It is not about supporting any individual’s personal view. It is about supporting the party’s positions as set out in party platforms. John Lewis on major issue after major issue supports the party positions of the Democrats and opposes the party positions of the Republicans.

      I do not want 5th Column ”Republicans” forming coalitions with Democrats. I want Republican leaders who will lead on the Republican positions. That is not John Lewis.

      Dee Stewart, I am sure, loves liberal Republicans like John Lewis, since Stewart is now selling out for cash money to liberal special interest groups, and having liberal party officers would protect his flank.

  13. I got an email from John Lewis today, and I have never seen a candidate for state party office whine and try to claim victimhood like he did. It was embarassing.

    Lewis claimed he was ”attacked” on his record on issues. I am on all the candidate email lists, and I have not seen either of his opponents mention Lewis’ liberal positions on issues. They should, but they haven’t.

    What happened is that the New Media, such as The Haymaker, has EXPOSED John Lewis as a flaming liberal. Even his friends who come on this site do not deny it. What exposed Lewis was his own use of New Media like Twitter to push his liberal positions on issues.

    John Lewis reminds me of Mattress Girl at Columbia Univerity, trying to falsely accuse someone else in a pathetic ”pity me” tantrum.

    If Lewis had not been proselytizing for his liberal ideology, he would not have been exposed. He can blame no one but himself. His false implication that other candidates were ”attacking” him is itself an unwarranted political attack on those candidates and he needs to apologize.

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