#ncgop: 3rd CD’s Mischka blesses Womack; former legislator Avila jumps in 2nd CD race



Craven County GOP chairman Carl Mischka, a leading candidate for the 3rd congressional district GOP chairman’s seat, has stepped out and endorsed Jim Womack’s campaign to unseat Robin Hayes as NCGOP chairman.  (Kim Cotten West is vacating the 3rd district chairmanship.)

Over in the Second congressional district, the chairman’s seat is being vacated by Kim’s mama Joyce.  It looks like a marquee candidate is stepping into that race:

Avila ran up a solid conservative voting record in the legislature.  She lost a close race in November, but has remained at the legislature as an aide to the House speaker pro tem.  She was first elected to the House as an Art Pope-endorsed candidate in the  2006 political duel between supporters of Pope and Richard Morgan.


8 thoughts on “#ncgop: 3rd CD’s Mischka blesses Womack; former legislator Avila jumps in 2nd CD race

  1. Carl was a solid Trump supporter from Day One! He is a business friendly guy with solid conservative values.

    1. Will you forgive us if we were solid Cruz supporters until the time Trump won the nomination and then Voted Trump #MAGA #AmericaFirst

  2. Not impressed with Mrs Avila. Before redistricting she was my legislator. Contacted her office in regards to several issues and concerns. I never heard back from her. I was not the only one. I was not surprised when she lost. Half of the job is to listen to the concerns of the residents. She did not do it.

  3. I did not plan to go to state convention UNTIL Womack entered the race for State Chairman. Might have to go now.

  4. I like her personally, though I’m not sure she was exactly a conservative firebrand when she was in the Ledge. On the other hand, she was one of the few people I ever saw working to resist the Zanbie apocalypse, so that’s a point in her favor.

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