#ncga: WHAT in tarnation did Kelly Hastings do to his desk?


While so many of us Jones Street watchers are preoccupied with the big health story,  I believe there is one hell of a story (with an even better BACK-STORY) that we’re missing.  State Rep.  Kelly Hastings — notorious for shady listings on his campaign finance reports — had this little gem on his Q1 2020 report:



That’s right — $615.25 in campaign funds to “repair and refinish desk damaged at General Assembly.”  Even more curious,  he exported the wounded desk to Lincoln County for the emergency surgery.  (What did he use for a desk while the surgery was going on?  For a bill like that, it’s pretty clear that the repairs were not done in a day.)


I always thought the General Assembly paid for office furniture repair.  Perhaps this damage came about in such a manner that Speaker Timmy and Mr. Lewis told Hastings: “That was so stupid you’ve got to fix it and pay for it on your own.”