#ncga: Veteran Dem campaign flack running House GOP campaign?

legisIt does make you wonder what’s going on in the lower chamber on Jones Street.

 In 2013, then-speaker Thom Tillis and his team set up a non-profit called North Carolina House Legislative Partners ostensibly for the purpose of defending House Republicans and their agenda from drive-by media bias. The group raised money and ran ads touting the record of the House — coincidentally, we’re sure — while Tillis was gearing up for his US Senate run. 

Legislative Partners has been chaired by former state Rep. Danny McComas (R) of Wilmington — most notable for his allegiance to Richard Morgan in Morgan’s notorious 2002-2006 alliance with Democrat Jim Black. 

If you browse to one of the two web sites out there for Rosebay Development Partners (Here or Here), you can find information on one Neal Orr:

[…] Neal Orr has 19 years experience in governmental affairs and management of political campaigns.  He was the first Southern Political Director of the Democratic legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) in Washington DC where he served as a consultant to 30 legislative chambers throughout the Southeastern United States.  Neal successfully established the first caucus program in North Carolina, served as a Senate Caucus director in Florida, coordinated efforts for Presidential re-election efforts and maintains many political relationships throughout the South.[…]

Okay, now keep that nugget locked in your brain while you browse over to the web site for the Tillis-founded Legislative Partners group: 









That’s right.  The former Southern political director for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is now the point man for the Thom Tillis-founded fundraising and PR vehicle for state House Republicans.

10 thoughts on “#ncga: Veteran Dem campaign flack running House GOP campaign?

  1. It looks like Moore is surrounding himself with Democrats even more than Tillis or Morgan did. This on top of the Democrat chief of staff. This is NOT good. These people will be pushing Democrat policy ideas since they are, after all, Democrats.

  2. Looks like since Thom left the whole place is falling apart. I did not realize he was such a strong leader but evidently those left behind have become blinded to the charms of the Democrats. Those Dems are sneaky and if you are not up to the challenge they will inveigle themselves into your confidence and then you are toast.

    Thom needs to make a flying stop and straighten these guys out! Senator Thom is our hope and inspiration to right this wrong.

    1. Immediately after a Republican takes his oath of office, does the Electrolux man jab a crevice tool in his ear and suck out his common sense?

      Hey, geniuses, how about enrolling in a 12-Step Anti-Inveigling Program, for Pete’s sake? What a passel of suckers!

      1. But is so much easier to fool the Republicans, all you gotta do is show up at election time and say I’m a Republican and I’m against this or that. They’ll even send you checks and vote for you (you can look it up) then after the election go back to doing everything you said you we’re against. It works out great! There’s a suck-ah born everyday. Remember Republican Democrat it don’t mean shi-aaat, we’re all a member of the graft party. Don’t forget it.Thanks for the MAAHHH-JARR-AHHH-TEEE!! Looking forward to doing you again next time. Woot Woot!

    2. ” I did not realize [Tillis] was such a strong leader. . . Senator Thom is our hope and inspiration to right this wrong.” (Jr Cooper)

      Seriously, Jr., seek medical help for your four-hour boner.

  3. I have experimented with the various ED medications but have never had anything last for four hours other than my wife’s scowl.

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