#ncga: Um, “mystery” solved?



The drivebys and their Democrat buddies are in quite a tizzy.  Legislative Republicans are heading back to Raleigh, and some liberal spidey-senses are a-tinglin’.  Colon “Toilet Boy” Campbell — (AND a co-author !!!)ponder the GOP’s “mystery agenda in today’s N&O. 

Senator — and hyperactive attention whore — Jeff Jackson is feeling a bit butt-hurt:

Well, when in doubt, go straight to the folks who DO KNOW.

I rang up a couple of amigos / moles who happen to have floor privileges on Jones Street.  They tell me GOPers are being called back under the pretense of getting ducks in a row for the upcoming election.  Seeing who has a tough race, and who doesn’t.  Figuring out campaign funds distribution.  That kind of thing.

My folks tell me something significant could get voted on. But one of my moles, who gets in the room a lot for leadership huddles, said the campaign stuff is the most significant item GOPers in both chambers have been told about.