#ncga: STILL taking care of (THEIR) businesses

The North Carolina House dealt with a bill Thursday that directly affects the funeral home business.  Representatives Jamie Boles (R), Howard Hunter (D), and Kelly Alexander (D) are the primary sponsors of HB629 — which exempts funeral home owners, their businesses, and their “agents” from any liability related to damages, injuries or deaths occurring during a funeral procession. 

*Funny, I thought that was what liability insurance was all about.*

And, by the way, ALL THREE of those legislators sponsoring this bill are funeral home owners.  It must be nice to be able to ram legislation through the General Assembly that directly benefits YOU and your business interests.  

These guys have tried this during previous sessions, but appear to be having more success this time.  

Every one of us is 100 percent liable for the decisions we make and the actions we take on the road.  That shouldn’t change for certain people who just happen to have a vote on the floor of a General Assembly chamber.