#ncga: Still making deals — with THE DEVIL

montyhallConservatives have been quite dismayed with a lot of the stuff rolling through the House chamber.  Democrats appointed to sweet posts.  A gas tax hike. More regulations. Corporate welfare.  Apparently, someone needs to remind Messrs. Moore, Hager, Bell, Lewis, and Dollar that the reason they are in the majority, and are holding chamber leadership roles, is because the voters fell for the conservative positions in the GOP platform. 

moore1My moles (PLURAL) in the House tell me that Speaker Moore and his team recognize the lack of conservative support for their schemes.  Instead of working to win over conservatives, the plan appears to be to woo Democrats.  That’s why you have a Democrat operative running the speaker’s office. That’s why you have Democrat whip Rick Glazier’s name on so many bills with connected, key Republicans. (and why we’re hearing about special deals being extended to Glazier by House leaders without the knowledge of the majority caucus.)  That’s why you have partisan, active Democrats being appointed to the UNC Board of Governors. That’s why you saw all of these Ds being added to committees just last week.

I am told the next big concession to be made to the Democrats is lifting the individual bill limits for members from TEN — which has been the rule since the GOP took over on Jones Street — to FIFTEEN.

They don’t think they need conservatives now.  I wonder if that will change around November of next year?