#ncga: Still making deals — with THE DEVIL

montyhallConservatives have been quite dismayed with a lot of the stuff rolling through the House chamber.  Democrats appointed to sweet posts.  A gas tax hike. More regulations. Corporate welfare.  Apparently, someone needs to remind Messrs. Moore, Hager, Bell, Lewis, and Dollar that the reason they are in the majority, and are holding chamber leadership roles, is because the voters fell for the conservative positions in the GOP platform. 

moore1My moles (PLURAL) in the House tell me that Speaker Moore and his team recognize the lack of conservative support for their schemes.  Instead of working to win over conservatives, the plan appears to be to woo Democrats.  That’s why you have a Democrat operative running the speaker’s office. That’s why you have Democrat whip Rick Glazier’s name on so many bills with connected, key Republicans. (and why we’re hearing about special deals being extended to Glazier by House leaders without the knowledge of the majority caucus.)  That’s why you have partisan, active Democrats being appointed to the UNC Board of Governors. That’s why you saw all of these Ds being added to committees just last week.

I am told the next big concession to be made to the Democrats is lifting the individual bill limits for members from TEN — which has been the rule since the GOP took over on Jones Street — to FIFTEEN.

They don’t think they need conservatives now.  I wonder if that will change around November of next year? 



9 thoughts on “#ncga: Still making deals — with THE DEVIL

  1. You see, we’re offering more to our friends in the business on the left to keep them happy and quiet. They’re the ones we like to characterize as “the opposition” to keep the masses confused. In doing so we can maximize the booty we can plunder and divide up amongst us and personally gain from. Best part, it’s your treasure we’re plundering. What you thought piracy ended my head rolled and they sunk my boat? It’s a business, don’t take it so personally.

    Edward Teach
    but some called me Blackbeard

  2. What’s the point? We give our hard earned money and work our butts off for the conservative cause and they elect RINOs to leadership positions and cut us out altogether. Obviously we’re not fighting just the Democrats and the media, we’re fighting our own party.
    Really, what’s the point? I think I’ll just throw in the towel and become a Democrat. At least I get something for my money (e.g. other people’s money).

  3. [Pre-formatted talking points for Republican elected members and party leaders. Remember to personalize by inserting local names accomplishments that members of your party in your state will identify with. It is important that you remove the instructions and the insert here notations and brackets before releasing publicly]

    Dear party faithful, WE DID IT!!!! AND YOU HELPED US!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work and just as the most important reminder, keep sending in those checks.

    Sure we’re putting progressives, liberals, and Democrats in leadership positions since we got the majority and the [Insert recently won Republican office here] Governor’s mansion, [and here] and the legislature, but it will be different next election we promise, we’ll change, [insert ask for vote and promise change here] it will be different just vote for us one more time. [Patronize volunteers and urge them to do more here] Party workers let me assure you, you’re NOT cut out the decision process at all in fact you have the MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS by far. [Insert request for more money here make them feel part of the process here] Will you write a check to further enable us for $25, $50, $100, or $1,000? Will you knock on 10, 50, 100, or 1000 doors this next election to further enable us to appoint more liberals and Democrats? We’re counting on you to do so.

    [Insert the guilt trip to do more here] These are important decisions that you will make and be sure to send in your check to remain a Republican in good standing with the party. [Insert threat of not being a team player here] We can’t assure your position in good standing with just the work, we’ve got to have your check sent in too.

    [Re-emphasize accomplishments here] Your checks and hard work have helped us beat the Democrats and liberals.and enabled us to appoint those same Democrats and liberals to important state leadership positions and boards but it will be different next time, we promise. Trust us. [Emphasize team spirit here with heart] Goooo Republican!

    [Close with a folksy warm story as a reminder as to why it is so important to elect more Republicans here]

    As our newly elected Republican Governor, the standard bearer and Common Core and Agenda 21 czar of the New South has said of the former leader of the state’s Democrat political machine:

    “Jim Hunt is a hero of mine, he’s a mentor of mine, and the state has been so fortunate to have him in leadership in so many different ways,” he said. “From the day I came in office….he’s been a great adviser to me.” https://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=6952

    Certainly you can do a little more and write another check to help the future of [Enter your state here] North Carolina. You can see how vitally important it is that you respond immediately!

    Best Regards,

    I. Are Elected
    [Enter Name Here]

  4. Just because someone has a “D” behind their name does NOT mean that are not qualified for positions in government. They were elected too. If you have a problem with a Democrat holding a spot on a committee or introducing a bill for the people of this state then you should make the case about whether they are qualified or justified, respectively, in doing so.
    You probably should be asking about Duke Power’s big contribution to the Republican Governor’s Fund (10 times their previous contributions) right after the Duke Coal Ash spill. Seems like they more appropriately used that money to clean up the toxins that they were spilling into the Dan River.

    1. @JBP

      Wait, didn’t Duke Energy basically fund the DNC in Charlotte? Seems a bit hypocritical to me in you comment.

      1. They sure did. BUT that was well before the Coal Ash disaster and having their man in the Governorship.

        1. Yes, BUT that was after the DNC pledged not to take any corporate money to run the convention. Yet they took a “loan” from Duke and used Duke’s offices and space for the whole thing. I guess it all just depends on what your definition of is is.

          You know what the difference between Democrats and Republicans is? NOTHING. They both just want to divide us so they can rule us properly.

  5. Hang on everyone; the real fun is yet to begin. I hear more than 80% of my CPA’s clients have to pay NC taxes this year; these folks have traditionally received refunds from the state. I also understand the 80% number is fairly consistent across the board. AND, so much for small business: the first $50,000 income exclusion is history.

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